Monday, October 7, 2013

So Many Clothes

So it was a good weekend for Packer fans.   They beat the Lions at home continuing a big record of winning against them at Lambeau.  

Now they are 2-2.   Not exactly the perfect standings but hopefully we continue to win....hopefully.

In other football news, my Fantasy team.   I can't do anything right.  

My first pick this year was Tom Brady.   Score, right?  No.  He's been letting me down week after week.  Yesterday he didn't throw any touchdowns (breaking his streak)   and threw an interception.   Personally I don't like him but I can't deny he's good....usually.  

Also Anquan Boldin.   I put him on the bench, he puts up like 25 fantasy points.   When I play him?   One week he got me 2 and this week less than 10.   So it's safe to say, I'm not doing so hot.

Today I wanted to share some Packers gear.    I posted this last year for Wildcard weekend (post here) from Polyvore.

These are some of the things on my wish list this year.
(Click picture for link)

I love me some hoodies.

I love all things comfortable.

And just something that blows my mind.  I mean, I usually love all things Packer/football but come on.  A toaster?   For 40 bucks!   I think I will save the $40 and eat my toast without a G on it thank you very much!

Well have a good one lovies.   Linking up with the fab Kristine today!

Living Barefoot and Crazy

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Anonymous said...

I am loving all the clothes they have for nfl! Even though I only wear like one outfit every Sunday, haha. I benched stupid Kapernick this week and put Matt Ryan in... Let's see what he does for me :/ as I typed that, he just got sacked. F word.

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