All About Me

(yes i am drinking beer in my is the best i could come up with for right now but that will change in the future)

I'm Miranda.  I am in my mid-twenties and I live in Western Wisconsin with my son Mason, my husband who I like to call Guss (or Wally, depending on my mood), and our 2 Golden Retrievers, Bailey and Ally.  

My husband and I met in 1999, started dating in 2000, got engaged in 2005, married in 2006, had our first child in 2010.  There were some rough parts in there but we like to pretend they didn't happen.

I apologize in advance for all of my bad grammar.  I loved Reading but not so good at the English part.  I sometimes forget to capitalize my 'I's and I am always using the (...).  Whatever you call that.  

Things I enjoy are Baseball and Football, especially my home state teams Milwaukee Brewers and Superbowl Champs Green Bay Packers!  I enjoy art, art history, painting, reading, and love love LOVE TV.  I am sometimes ashamed that I watch so much TV.  I love all kinds of music...anywhere from Johnny Cash, Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons, Tim McGraw, Eminem, and Christina Aguilera.

I need to exercise more and eat better (but I love bad food, and beer, oh, and wine!) and I need to spend more time outside.  The doctor also says I need to work on the ol' cholesterol. (runs in the family)  I also have some anxiety and must check the locks on the doors every night. 

I know German...kind of.  I am really good at the basic stuff and I studied in Germany for 4 months where that is pretty much all I spoke but when you leave the classes and the country, you lose some of the language and slang you used everyday.  Actually the address of my blog 'diesunddas' -> dies und das -> this and that, in German.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to email me, read this blog of course, and read these 10 random facts about me.  

Lastly, my blog will obviously be biased since it is coming from just my opinion but it will not be close minded and will welcome any opinion or comment as long as it just isn't plain old rude.  Let's be nice. :)

if you ever want to contact me here is my email :)
mlco5775 (at) gmail (dot) com
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