Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wildcard Weekend

This Saturday the NFL wildcard playoff weekend begins.  The Green Bay Packers meet the Minnesota Vikings for the third time this year.   (technically last year/this year blah blah blah).   

Nervous?  Um yeah.  I HATE losing to the Vikings.  I really really really do.  So hopefully the home field advantage will be just that, an advantage.  PLEASE!!!

Oh and for the very first time I used polyvore.   I actually wanted to do this post (with the Packer gear) in September when football started, but yeah,  huge procrastinator!  

Wildcard Weekend

$62 -

$115 -

$34 -

So....are you an NFL fan?   If so did your team make it to the playoffs?  Who is it?  I really hope it isn't the Vikings.  


Anonymous said...

The Colts are my team & they made the playoffs! Yay! I am hoping they beat the Ravens this weekend!

The Packers are my 2nd favorite team, so I hope they win too. Love the shirts! Cute..

Erin said...

OMG! You have to check out my post from today now haha. I loveeee football and just talked about "you might be a football fan if" and you def qualify ;) I'm a Bengals fan through and through so I'm a nervous wreck about our game Sat. Best of luck to your Packers!!! :)

Carly Ann said...

oh girl, you KNOW my Hawks made it to the playoffs!!! I can't lie though I'm fracking nervous. I get nervous before every game though, so hopefully we can stay on this winning streak against the Redskins. It's rookie QB vs rookie QB though, so it should be good!

Suze said...

I love football, but the Rams sometimes leave something to be desired. :)

Holly said...

I'm a Browns fan til the end, even when they stink more than a dead fish ;)

Melissa said...

the packers are so, so amazing. i hate the vikings. onto san fran! :)

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