Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That's So June ! ! !

So, remember when I went on vacation?

  Yeah, at the beginning of June? 

Well I did, and I went to Branson, Missouri.   

It is a very touristy town but it's not too bad. My parents have a timeshare there and my parents love all the antique places.
  The first time I ever went there I met Lee Greenwood in a sports bar, watching football.

Anyways, this post is mostly to show you where we stayed.   We stayed in this little village thing that kinda seemed like munchkin houses.   The homes were really nice, separate, they had a pool where they screened movies outside once a week, etc. 

The bad?  You had to pay for wireless and it sucked.  Horribly.   And at 9am one morning they were weed whacking.    ugh.  

Other than that the place was really cute.   Pictures below.  (Sorry for the not that not-so-exciting post today)   I'm just getting back into things.  ;)

This is actually downtown at Branson's strip mall thingy, but I thought it was pretty cool picture.

The "blue house" as Mason calls it.  He still asks about going back.

Our balcony...hello neighbors.

Mason & I had the entire upstairs.   A full bathroom (that I wish I really had) and a huge room with a King Size bed.

The main clubhouse and lighthouse (that you can actually walk up)

The mini bridge.

Waterfall....and yes that is Mason in there.

A teeny tiny cute house.


View of part of the village. 

The room Mason & I shared - he is such a bed hog.

Kitchen/Dining Room/Living Room...I didn't really get a picture of the kitchen.  To the left is the main bedroom with a bathroom attached, that is where my parents stayed.

--- Ok.   Thanks for reading and enjoying this riveting blog post.   I thank you for paying attention.  :) ---

Peace, Lovies.

Monday, July 15, 2013

He's Going To Make Me Rich One Day

Well hello.  

It's been awhile, no?

Here's an excuse reason.   

The last 2 summers Mason & I have barely appreciated the weather.  The first year he was a baby so he didn't really do much, his second summer I babysat a baby...same thing.  so this summer...we are doing stuff.  We have gone to the beach, park, fishing, etc.   Having literally 6 months of winter here in Wisconsin, we need to get out the house.   Especially for my sanity.

So a few things -

* Today was the day my mom was supposed to have me.   However I came 10 days late.  
So what's funny is today is actually my first niece's 14th birthday.   I was 14 when she was born and she was born my due date.   

* After this week, I am jammed packed with things to do.  Guss takes his vacation around the same week every year.  It will be our 7 year anniversary and my birthday.  Plus it's my BFF's birthday (same day as our anniversary) and we spend most of our time relaxing, eating horrible things and day drinking (and hoping no one takes our kid away)  :)  

* Speaking of our child, he is practically/officially potty trained.   He still wears a diaper at night because he is still in a crib.   Where I am going to keep him until he finally figures out how to escape...or learn to drive.   Whatever comes first.

Below is pictures of Mason's  T-ball skills.   We hope to move on to baseball and hopefully someday make his parents lots and lots and lots of money.   No pressure.

Well, there you go.   Long time no see huh? 

(Linking up with Leeann today!)

P.S.  I babysat a 3 year old (my son), a 2 year old, and a 1 year old for 3 days.   Really makes you think twice about having more than one child.  No lie.

*FYI - his dad dressed him that day*

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