Friday, December 30, 2011

Weekend Words . 7 .

It's back!  I took a week I did with blogging in general (ok...longer than a week).  But here it is.  This week is a bit more light-hearted.  

Welcome to Weekend Words!  Where I share some quotes that will last you the weekend!  Some are funny, inspirational, serious, etc.  It is just a little bit of everything!  If you want, link up and if not please just enjoy!!! 

Hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve & Day!!!
My Mother-in-Law is watching Mason so the husband and I can enjoy it.

...And TV quotes.  (and Jim Gaffigan quotes)

Especially when I hold the door open for them.

...And I wish it would stop!

I do it all the time.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It been awhile...'s been soooo long.  And I am so sorry.  I have taken a break like a lot of bloggers.  I just haven't had any time plus we finally are getting un-exhausted (word?).  Do you want to know how exhausted my son was from all the festivities?  Well here is his sleep schedule.

Dec 24:  Midnight to 7am (he doesn't like sleeping out of town)
Dec 25: 11pm to 9am
Dec 26: (back home) 7pm to NOON!  you heard right...noon!
Dec 27: 8pm to 10am  - I was extremely jealous for this one because I had to get up at 6am to babysit my cousin

Here is the run down of Christmas and below are all the lovely pictures from the weekend.

Christmas Eve Eve:  My husband, Mason, and I had a nice home-cooked dinner  and then opened gifts.  Mason got into the opening of presents this year so it was way more fun, but posed a problem the next few days where he was trying to (and succeeded) in opening everyone else's gifts.

Christmas Eve: Dinner and Gifts at my Mother-in-Law's.  Guss's brother was there with his 4 year old son, and 11 month old twins.  Add Mason and it is child chaos.

Christmas:  We spent the day at my parents house where we opened gifts and our annual Spaghetti dinner.  Then of course it was a great Christmas with a Packer game (and win!)  More child chaos with Mason once again, my sister's daughter, and my other sister's 5(!!!) kids.  

Lastly, today is my husband's golden Birthday!  Happy 29th Birthday on the 29th baby!!!

My parent's Christmas Tree

Mason's big gift from us :) 

Opening a his awesome (nerdy - so says my husband) Christmas outfit

1. Nieces and Nephews galore
2. My beautiful niece Juliana Rose
3. Mason absolutely loves my niece Abby, and has ever since he was a baby

All my nieces & nephews.  From left to right.  Ryan (1), Molly (12), John & Bill (more twins! - 9), Juliana (10 months), Abby (11), Mason

I have probably mentioned this before but Mason has never slept anywhere but his crib/pack and play (and occasionally car seat) so you can tell how tired he was this weekend when he fell asleep in a highchair!  Then when he woke up he snuggled with Aunt Melissa.
P.S.  So I got like one question for the ask me anything...*sad face*.  But that's OK.  I will give it 2 more weeks with a few reminders and then I give up.  :)  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday with Words (plus: ask me!)

Sorry about the slowness of the blog around here.  There was no post yesterday...probably won't be one tomorrow.   I also haven't had time to read a lot of blogs or comment.  I wasn't feeling well yesterday but thankfully feeling better now.  Every Christmas I get sick sometime so hopefully that was all of it.  Plus I am the designated gift wrapper (for my parents) so I have a whole lot of presents to wrap.  I have some of them done but I procrastinate.  I believe my best work come at the last minute. :)   Also here is your first reminder to ASK ME ANYTHING.  Since I haven't been asked anything yet you can just leave your questions on this post.  That would be spectacular

Mason's new favorite activity, coloring.  Also he just got some puzzles as gifts and he loves them!  So much so that he didn't want to put it down in the car, despite being crazy tired.
My son treating Ally like his personal body pillow.  Thank goodness she is too lazy to get up.  :)  Or she just loves him.
One of my favorite photos.  Once again snuggling/torturing (depending on who you ask) Ally.  He looks so comfy!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh Hello Monday

So I need to tell ya'll (no I'm not southern but I tend to say ya'll) about my amazing, crazy, exciting weekend.  

Saturday? My husband worked, then we did some shopping to get my son some new onesies, and then watched SNL.

Sunday?  Well I watched football, then drank some beer, then read some magazines!  Wild right?  Please...try not to be jealous.

The three biggest points of the weekend.
1. Saturday Night Live.  It was pretty great because some old cast members showed up (Jimmy Fallon was the host)  Some of my favorites like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Tracy Morgan, Horatio Sanz, Chris Kattan.  
2. The Packers lost.  I take losses very hard.  My family actually knows not to call me the day after the Packers lose because I will still be dealing with it.  It's really not that big of a deal but I was really hoping for an undefeated season to show those Patriots that they aren't the only ones who can do it.  (Dolphins did it back in the day but they didn't have as many games in the season then.)  The worst part about it?  My cousin is a Chiefs fan and pretty much has been rubbing it in my face ever since.  But you know what I say?  Packers are definitely in the playoffs and the Chiefs don't even have a winning season.  Suck it.  

Sorry for that.  And for the football rant.   I get pretty worked up.

3.  The Dexter Season Finale.  Holy Crap.  I won't give anything away because I don't want to ruin it for someone.  I don't like surprises and usually read the end of the book before I start it because I want to know what happens.  But I know not everyone is a weirdo like me.  Also some girl posted what happened on Facebook last night...and if I hadn't watched it yet I would be pissed.  Anyways - last 2 minutes?! Blew. My. Mind.  There is soooooo many ways it could go, so my head has been going over a million different scenarios for the next season.  We only have to wait 9 FREAKEN MONTHS!!!  Why oh why do they do that to us?!  If you saw it and want to discuss...please talk to me!
*Warning* These photos contain (fake) blood.  (this season was all about faith - hence the poses)
So this post is way longer than it was supposed to be and I hope I didn't bore you too much but there is a purpose.  I am hopping on that train of "ask me anything".  I literally will answer any question.  But since I'm sure it will be a little slow out there this week, I will leave it open until next Tuesday. (Don't worry...there will be plenty of annoying reminders.) Then I will answer them!  However there will be no vlog.  I am what someone (me) might call a Vlog-aphobic.  Skype sometimes even freaks me out.  Someday maybe I will do one. So...

ASK ME!!!!!!!! (please)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekend Words . 6 .

Welcome to Weekend Words!  Where I share some quotes that will last you the weekend!  Some are funny, inspirational, serious, etc.  It is just a little bit of everything!  If you want, link up and if not please just enjoy!!!

Today has a little bit of a theme.  They are about yesterday.  And how yesterday is the past and you can change how you feel and what you do in just a day.  I really connect with these quotes lately.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fill It In

So it's been a while since I have linked up with Lauren for "Fill in the Blank Friday" but I am back for this Friday.  Just call this the week of link-ups!  But I have some good posts week!  So make sure you come back! 

1.   My most favorite "little thing" is     my son walking up to me just to give me a hug.   .

2.   I give anything to   go someone nice and warm right now      .

3.  I can't believe    someone i used to call my best friend isn't really acting like one right about now    .

4. The one thing I'd like to achieve today is    folding and putting away the laundry...ah the life of a Stay at Home Mom    .

5.  The last thing I want to do today is    fold and put away said laundry above :)  .

6.  If I were writing my own blank today, it would say:   ...the thing you can't get enough of is ________   .

7.  My favorite candle scent is    lilac (especially in the winter) or birthday cake from Kohl' friend calls it the Birthday Sex candle...I actually have no idea why  .


So today I am doing another link-up.  Sorry but this is a new one and seems pretty great.  It's from Jenn at Perfectly Imperfect.  I will be back next week with some non-link-ups - even though there is nothing wrong with them...just figured I should give them a break sometimes! :)  So...Currently.

current book(s):
I have had my cousin's book 'The Help' forever now and I really need to start reading it.  I have heard some great things about this book and also some people saying they couldn't get into it.  I guess we'll see.  Did you like it?

current playlist:
Lady Antebellum - 'Just A Kiss'
Bruno Mars - 'It Will Rain'
One Republic - 'Come Home'  (this is an older song but Faith Hill did a remake - sorry but I think it is horrible - but I love the song so it is making a comeback on my iPod)

current color:
Grey.  I wear this color all the time...practically all of my cardigans are grey. Plus I have fallen in love with grey eyeshadow and nail polish.

current drink:
Have you ever eaten at a 'Texas Roadhouse'?  Well it is a restaurant but they have this awesome margarita called the Jamaican Cowboy. 
 1/2 oz Malibu Rum
1/2 oz Peach Schnapps
1 oz Tequila of choice
Equal part Pineapple Juice and Orange Juice
Serve on the rocks or blended...It is delicious!

current food:
It's my grandma's recipe and pretty simple.  Noodles and a can of tomatoes. I add a lot of pepper, salt, and garlic seasoning and it is pretty good.  

current favorite show:
Well the two shows I have been talking about the most.  "Revenge" and "How I Met Your Mother".  How much do you love these shows?

current needs:
*Money, Money, Money, Money, Mooonnneeeyyyy* (don't we all need it?)

current triumph(s):
We have been cooking at home more.  We need to keep doing this!

current bane(s) of my existence:
A certain baby (that is not mine) that I babysit.  Trust me...if you knew this baby you would understand.  And the two that do know her...sorry. :)

current celebrity crush:
Ryan Gosling.  I know, I know he has been on a lot of people's list lately but I have loved him since "Murder By Numbers" with Sandra Bullock.  So I am not new to the Ryan train.

current #1 blessing:
My son.  I have felt a little down lately but when he runs around the house like crazy and babbling, I can't help but laugh.

current indulgence:
Pumpkin Seeds.  I don't know if they are an indulgence but I have been obsessed lately.

current outfit: really don't want to know.  It's some bad pajama's.  So here is one I wish I had and could wear tomorrow.  (Courtesy of Pinterest)

current excitement:
Christmas of course!!!

current mood:
Tired.  Fo Sho.

current favorite holiday decoration:
The classic Christmas Tree.  I wish I owned this one.

current #1 item on your wishlist:
A beautiful camera.  Just like the one I wanted on my other wishlist.

current new year's resolution:
Yes...I am going to say it.  The ol' resolution (I actually prefer goal) of losing weight.  I want to lose it to be healthy and back to how I was.  However I am using my High School reunion as motivation.  Oh man...when will the world stop using their weight as their number one resolution.  I am such a sucker.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Just so everyone knows I now have a Facebook page!  So if you are interested you can visit me here!  And I also have a like button on the left side of my page. :)  

Have a great day lovies!

Oh How Pinteresting!

Linking up again with Michelle for 'Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday'!

Today I am showing off how cute my favorite kind of dog breed is!  The Golden Retriever!

The last two make me feel Christmas-like!  How adorable are they?!
Well I'm going out of town today so hope you guys have a great Wednesday! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Right Now...(OK Last Night)

So I am jumping on the "Right Now I Am" train (which I got from Lindsey's blog The Pleated Poppy)  Oh, and this was written "right now" as in last night around 10pm.

right now i am…

watching:  Rizzoli & Isles - glad it is gives me something to watch during the winter break for all the other shows
eating:  nothing right now...but had Thai food for supper.  And it was delicious!
drinking:  a Miller Lite
wearing: Packer pajama pants, a white T-Shirt, and a Competition Cheer Zip Up Sweatshirt from 2001 (wow that's a long time ago)
avoiding:  wrapping Christmas presents.  I wrap the presents my parents give to my whole family (except mine).  And if I didn't they wouldn't get wrapped and that just isn't Christmas!  But there is a lot!
feeling:  like a Debbie Downer about life right now.  hopefully it will be gone by the morning.
missing:  the Internet on the phone I had to give up today to save money.  I have had it for 5 years and relied on it for so many things!  Facebook, twitter, email, being able to check a football score, look up restaurant phone numbers...OK I am just depressing myself more haha
thankful:  for a husband who loves me, a son who learns more everyday, and great family & friends...cliche I know but totally true
weather:  It's a warm December night at around 30 degrees...and that is warm in a Wisconsin winter
praying:  for safe pregnancies/deliveries for some family members
needing:  to clean the house.  Whenever we go out of town for the weekend we come back and throw everything on the floor and relax the rest of the day. still isn't picked up.
thinking: about bills that need to be
loving:  all of the Christmas lights when it's dark outside...makes me happy.  hugs from Mason.  meaningful gifts from someone special.  a warm house. sweet comments from readers. 

Target Tuesday

It's been awhile since I have linked up for Target Tuesday, but I'm back!  So go visit Tara and do the same! 

Today I am featuring things that are very similar!  Rings & Pajamas! maybe not that similar.  
Love the tri-colored look
Brown is one of my favorite colors so I like this new look of the brown diamond (or fake diamond in this case)
Cute doggies :)
Options for winter and spring
And of course some PJ's for my Mason.  It even has a cape!  I had Superwoman PJ's when I was little that had a awesome red cape...

Well that's it!  Go visit Tara and see what other people picked for Target Tuesday!
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