Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well Well Well ...

I was thinking about starting this post off with one of those cutesy things about being gone so long like...

"is this thing on?"

"remember me?"

"oh hey i used to blog here."

Then I decided against it.   Kinda.

Updates on my life: 

- Mason was Batman for Halloween.   I actually used a 6-9 month costume for $5 and cut out pieces for him to wear over his jacket (cape is on the back).  The mask was $2.    Not too bad.

- I went to a Monday Night Packers game.  We lost but it was pretty awesome and I got to go with my BCF Katie.

- Right now Mason is sick (he missed school today and Tuesday) and I am afraid he has given it to me.   I'm thinking healthy thoughts.

- We had our first snow yesterday.   We meet again bastard.

- And probably the biggest thing that has happened to me is that I got a job.   It's only the weekends about 4am-7:30am.     Yeah I know...crazy   

- And this is the part where I promise I'll be back soon.    I don't like that kind of pressure but I do want to be.   I still read all the blogs and comment but when it comes to writing my own I get lazy.  I really hate it because like I have said a MILLION time before, I have so many drafts in my folder.   I actually have things to write, they just aren't finished.     Ugh.    Problems.  


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