Friday, November 30, 2012

Sometimes you just need coffee...and a break.

Insomnia, Short Break, Cleaning.

This post talks about all of these things.  Riveting stuff I tell ya.

I'm not going to be posting next week but I will still be reading all of ya'll's (i can't believe that's a word) blogs.  

Lately I have been neglecting my home.  Sure I have been picking up, doing laundry, etc but deep cleaning hasn't been going on.  My shower is well...let's just say it needs to be cleaned before my son catches some kind of fungus mold disease.  Ok well it's really not that bad but my mom is not impressed.  
I couldn't help myself.

And my basement and closets are all places to store junk.  So in order to be a better housewife (yah right) I need to clean that crap up.  

And insomnia.  Oh man has it been horrible lately.  Last night I went to bed at 12:15 and literally tossed and turned for 2 hours before I fell asleep.  Like some people I don't like getting up and trying to watch TV or read to fall asleep because that just seems like starting the process all over.  This is what my night last night looked like.

- Lay in bed.
- Try and get comfortable
- Ouch.  What the hell?  Yep just rolled over on a goldfish cracker.
- Ally (the dog) starts to have a dream, throw shirt at her.
- Try counting from 100 to 1.
- Trying counting in German from 100 to 1.
- Almost there when my husband starts snoring loudly.  Awesome.
- Try a relaxing technique where I am laying on in inter-tube in the water, slowly rocking back and forth.
- Start to think:  what if there's a shark? what if I drift too far away and no one can save me?  what if I fall in the water and drown?  Yep, that's my weird way to thinking.

Finally somewhere in there I fell asleep.   Ugh.  One thing I am going to try doing is not playing a game on my iPad before I go to bed.  And actually try reading a book...not on a tablet.

Wish me luck.

P.S.  I'm really not a big fan about talking about potty training (no weird pictures of my son on the toilet here) however I have to brag just a teeny bit.  Today Mason told me he had to use the bathroom (and usually he just tells us after he has went in his diaper) but he hadn't and so we took him to the place of business and he did both!  It's so weird the things that get you excited about after you have a kid.   

P.P.S.  I will be back the following week for a really fun link-up!  Check it out below.  I actually did a lot of decorations this year and so excited to show them off!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Scrambled thoughts, not eggs.  Even though I am hungry now.


* Jessica Simpson pregnant again?  
 Oh no, what about her million dollar contract with Weight Watchers?
  Big Deal.  She's a person. 
 She can get pregnant again if she wants, even before losing all the weight from the first time. *gasp*
  Or maybe it is all just a rumor.
This is obviously not her now.  

* Anyone watch X Factor? 
 So I really like the all-girl group Fifth Harmony, however I'm skeptical.  In today's world I don't see an all girl group making it.  They are really good but anyone remember P. Diddy and Making the Band?   I liked Danity Kane but that did not last long.

* Dancing with the Stars.  
I am so happy Melissa won.  I love Shawn Johnson but come on, we needed a new champion and Melissa definitely earned it.

Weight Watchers.  
Yeah I did it.  
Now if only I could actually get used to keeping track of everything that I eat and drink.  Ugh.

Baby Fever.  
My cousin just had a baby girl, Lily, the other day.   And Mason is almost 3.  That itch has started again.  However I really want to lose some weight before I try and get pregnant.   I had Gestational Diabetes with Mason and I know it will be coming with the next pregnancy so I need to try and get healthier for my sake and the baby's. 

* My son.
He has actually been liking to go to time-out lately.  He thinks it's a fun game.  Help me.

* Power ball?  
I didn't win.

And finally, 

* I wish I was taking a nap right now.

--- I'm Out. ---

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Laugh It Up Clowns.

Because today, I'm linking up with Michelle.   And I have some funny things to show you.

Gotta love Tom. 
Totally agree.
Ha.  Yeah.
Great game.
I can just hear Monica saying next "Nestle Tollhouse?!?!" (you Americans always butcher the French)
Ain't it the truth!
Oh Betty.
A little late for Thanksgiving but I just love the Slap Bets.

Well I really hope you guys laughed.  I would find it hard to believe if you didn't.  My pins were pretty awesome today.  Just sayin'.  :)

Have a great Wednesday.  I am finishing up my Christmas decorations and starting my gallery wall.  Can't wait to share it with all of you!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Winner & Cougar Town

Hello to the new week!

The winner from the giveaway is KATIE!!!  
This was done randomly by rafflecopter to insure no one thought it was fixed.  

Anyways, kind of random, but who watches Cougar Town?  The show premieres on TBS January 8th and I am so excited!  

I am so happy that TBS picked it up after ABC canceled the series.  They drink a lot of wine (a show after my own heart) however there have been tragedies.  Such as Big Carl.  

My goal in the next few months?  Get my own Big Carl.  They are actually pretty cheap.  

Ok.  That's all I got for today.  Weird I know.  Hope your Monday doesn't suck!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Day !

Well I'm sure most of you are with your families celebrating.  If you aren't, still have a great Thursday!

Hope your day is filled with limited family fighting, great food, good company, and football!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adorable Kitties (W-ish W)

1) Leave my blankie alone.
2) I've got a good grip on it.
3) Ok, maybe I'll share a little.
4) Nah...never mind.

My parents kitten Mr. Butters (yes that is his real name) stole a scarf from my bag and was totally styling.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Late Night Leaders: Leno vs. Letterman

So lately I have been thinking.  Do you watch Late night shows after your local news?  Or have you not really gotten into them?  Well today, I'm asking you,  who does it best?

Jay Leno vs. David Letterman


Some hate one or the other, and others don't care.  Me?  I have a mad deep love for Jay Leno.

I find him way funnier than David Letterman.  He hasn't had any *ahem* scandals, and he is a genuinely nice guy. 

How do I know this?  

Exhibit A:  Adam Corolla was on his show and he told a story about how they were in Vegas together heading to catch a flight.  Adam just walked right past all the fans but Jay stopped and signed a autograph for everyone.  

Exhibit B:  Guss & I actually went to a taping of The Jay Leno Show in 2005.  An hour before the show, Jay comes out and asks if anyone has any questions.  The next hour people raise their hands and ask to get a photo with him and he obliges.  

I don't know.  Just something about him.  I also find his interviews more interesting.  David Letterman goes off on these tangents and even starts talking about himself.  

I do find this Superbowl commercial from awhile back funny though.

Other Notes:   

I hate this guy.  I'm sorry, it's so horrible to hate someone, especially if you don't know them, but he just annoys the heck out of me.  When I hear him talk/laugh (promo's on TV or if someone I really really like is on the DLS) it's like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Of course there are many people who are against Jay Leno because of the Leno vs. Conan - Late Night debacle.  I like/d Conan O'Brien but he just didn't cut it at that time slot.  He reaches a different demographic than Jay Leno.  However, he is pretty funny.  I especially liked one of his monologue lines when all this was going on.  

"And I just want to say to the kids out

 there watching: You can do anything 

you want in life, Unless Jay Leno wants

 to do it, too.

Other Late Nighters I approve of?

Jimmy Fallon:  I actually started out not liking him.  He just seems like this hyper crazy man child.  But then slowly, he has grown on me.  Especially when he hosts SNL.

Craig Ferguson:  I actually don't watch him often but when I do, he is so freaken crazy, it's hilarious.  Plus I love "The Drew Carey Show" so my like for him started early.

Do you watch late night TV?  If you do, who is your favorite?  Anyone who especially bugs you?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Yep, Yep, Giveaway ! ! !

Hello all you beautiful people! 
How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good.  The Packers won.  (we won't talk about the game...we'll just say they won).  

Anyways today I have an awesome giveaway for you! The lovely Diane from   Blue Bird Bride has offered my readers a chance to win a $20 Giftcard to her shop.  

Here are some of my favorites from her shop.  (I also plan on buying that first necklace very soon!)

The Giveaway ends next Monday so enter now!  

However, if you don't win or would like even more from this great shop, enter  FALL2012 during checkout and save 15%!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, November 16, 2012

Change of Plans

So I had a post today about  my bucket list and what I had crossed off it but I actually went to bed last night at 10pm and got up at 10am when Mason got up.  

And I have mountains & mountains of laundry, blah blah blah, all that good stuff.

So all I have to say today is come back Monday for a giveaway from an awesome Etsy shop, (one entry will be guessing what the video is of on yesterday's post),  and Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Always An Awkward Thursday

Like I have said before, when I participate in Awkward and Awesome Thursday I always have an abundance of Awkward.  But in some ways I look at some Awkward things as pretty awesome too.  

***Like this song we used to sing when I was studying abroad in Germany.

"Frühlings Pause in meiner Hose, Aprikose Soße ist auch da."

Translation:  Spring Break in my pants, apricot sauce is also there.    

Doesn't flow too well in English but it is very fun to sing.  I promise.

I bring this up now because one my friends from Germany brought it to our attention again and it has been stuck in my head ever since.  

Just in case you needed a visual.

***Hearing this on the news made me laugh so hard.  

A deer being chased by a dog ran into a window at the first college I attended,  University of Wisconsin Stout.  It ran around the building then eventually went out some automatic doors.  The funniest thing about it though?  A guy being interviewed said this...with a straight face.

Keep your dogs on a leash so they don't chase deer into buildings.

I will keep that in mind.  
I mean if it weren't for deer chasing I wouldn't even have a leash for my dog.

Read more about it here.  And photo of damage below.

 Lately I have been hearing/seeing crazy things involving animals. This was a recent status of mine.

  That same night on my way home I see a deer walking on the sidewalk in a residential area.  Like a human.  I thought I was hallucinating!  

Finally, I have a little contest for you.  I want to see if you can guess what the sound in the video is.
  I call it a contest but I can almost guarantee you, you won't figure it out.  But when I reveal tomorrow what it is and you go back and listen to it again, you WILL laugh like crazy.  You can't not (hello double negative.)  Just ask Katie...but don't spoil it for anyone else lady!

So there it is...another awkward Thursday.  I beg of you to guess what the video is of, then I will also say what other people guessed.  FYI ... it's nothing gross (aka sexual).

Happy Thursday Lovies!!!.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cutest Lion Ever

So as Momma (that would be me) was checking off something on her bucket list (more coming on that Friday) Mason went trick or treating for the first time.

  I'm not a huge Halloween person, I actually hate trick or treating.  So his costume was last minute so he could go with my sister and her sons, while Mom & Dad stood in line for over an hour.

  We went to Once Upon a Child and found a lion costume for $4.80 and it was 50% off.  So for less than 3 bucks Mason had a super cute costume!  And we are getting our monies worth, Mason has been wearing his costume this whole past weekend.   

After seeing how freaken adorable he was in his costume and the roars he yelled, I may have to change my mind.  Maybe.   

But I'm not a horrible mom, I promise, he can always go with friends or family.  

Here are two videos of him roaring.  Cuteness overload.  The first video he did good, but the second he got kinda of sick of it but Dad was really into.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are you nominated?

:: post 11 random facts about yourself ::
:: answer the questions the blogger who nominated set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to ::
:: choose 11(okay 12) bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post ::
:: go to their page and tell them about the award ::
:: no tag backs! ::

Edit.  I really don't read directions well do I?  I didn't list 11 random facts about myself.  Oops. 

I've participated in the Liebster award

 before (see here)  but it has been quite


I was nominated by Sarah who is a

 fellow Wisconsin inhabitant with an

 adorable baby boy!!!

{Questions from Sarah}
1. What's your favorite dessert?

I would take an appetizer over dessert any day!  But if I had to chose it would be Brownies or Cheesecake.

2. What did you think about the ending to Lost?

Never saw it.  Just couldn't get into that show.

3. What's your favorite talk show?

Ellen or Jay Leno.

4. Tell me a joke.

Knock Knock

Who's There?
Kathy Who?
Kathy You Again?
(lame right?)

5.  What is something you believe in?

Being friendly even if you are having a bad day.

6. What is something you don't believe in?


7. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? (Or some other coffee chain?)

LOVE Dunkin Donuts!  The coffee is so smooth!

8. Do you wear leggings as pants?

Not in public.

9. What would you eat as your last meal?

My grandma's fried chicken, my mom's spaghetti, and Chinese from my favorite restaurant.  

10. What is something you are obsessed with?

TV.  It's addicting.

11. Do you have a loyalty to a certain brand? 

Definitely Kraft Mac & Cheese, I prefer name brand cereal.

Hate the stuff in the bags.


Katie Katers Potaters

Monica Amazing Times To Come
Nichole Casa de Crews
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Christine A Day In The Life...

My Questions

1) What was your favorite TV show as a child?

2) If you won $5,000 would you use it responsibly (for bills/debt) or shopping/vacation?

3) Mario or Luigi?

4) What do you wish was real?  Santa or Characters from your favorite TV show?

5) What do you think would be your ideal state/location to live?

6) Would you ever get your significant other's name tattooed on your body?

7) What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

8) What is the chore you absolutely hate?

9) Is there a sport you absolutely hate and can't understand why people watch it?

10) If it was legal (and safe) what animal would have as a pet?

11) Why did you start blogging?

Please answer because I am so curious to see your answers!  And if anyone of my followers want to answer them, please do!

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Cause Close To My Heart

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month.
Epilepsy is something that haunts my life.

In 2004 my father-in-law (boyfriend's dad at the time) was working out of town.  When he didn't show up to work, his boss was worried because Shorty (aka John, aka Guss's dad) was a hard worker and always showed up early.  

At the time I was working as a Manager at my hometown's McDonald's.  We were about to hit transition, which means we were switching from Breakfast to Lunch, when I got a call.

Guss asked me if I could get done early, because his dad had died.  The moments after that I don't remember.  All of a sudden I was in the Managers office and then my mom was there to pick me up.  Fate also had my dad show up at the same time where he had been at an auction.  They took me to Guss's.  We literally sat there all day just doing nothing but crying or staring off into space.  Shorty's parents arrived and they were devastated.  Besides their son passing, many  years ago they had a daughter pass away from an illness.  So much pain for a family to bare.  

As an autopsy was preformed we learned the cause of death.  Guss's dad had been epileptic.  He had suffered a massive seizure and that was his cause of death.

Guss and his dad.

About 3 or 4 years ago my sister and parents came up to my town because we were to celebrate Easter.  The day of, we were at my Grandma's when my sister started going around in circles but was unresponsive to us telling her to stop.  My grandma literally tackled her to the ground where she started foaming at the mouth and her lips turned blue.  Surprisingly everyone but me kept their cool. My mom is a retired nurse and handled it perfectly.  After tests were done it was determined she had epilepsy.  First seizure at the age of 30.  

Truthfully Guss took it the hardest.  I remember him asking me "Why does it have to be that?".  Since then my sister has had 2 more incidents.  She is keeping up with her medicine and doing well but it is still a scary thing.  

This past year I was hoping to do a charity walk for Epilepsy.  However for some reason it didn't work out, but I plan to this coming year for sure.

So the point of this post is to share how this affected my life and bring awareness.  To find out more information please go here.  Thank you.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Flashback Friday - Model Edition

My sister Melissa posted this recently on facebook.  This was taken about 8 or 9 years ago.

Myself (on the far left), my nieces Molly & Abby, and Melissa held a fashion show for my family.
All the clothes came from my closet.

My notes?  I look super-duper young and my nieces make the best serious model faces.  

Have a great weekend!  I have a late Halloween post next week and a post about checking off a big thing on my Bucket List!!!  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cranfest Weekend

I'm so behind...Next week I finally have a Halloween recap and today I am talking about the last weekend in  September.
Where Cranfest happened.  
If you are from Wisconsin you probably have heard of this.  If not, well it's about cranberries.  Exciting, no?
Here is how the weekend went.

yes that is mason, he loves hats.  

Well we were in the country (the town has about 400 people), and that's when the guns came out.  If you can't tell, this is a week or so after the Seahawks "beat" the packers.  All in good fun people.  Anyways, that's my shot through the shoulder.

First stop at Cranfest?  Get a deep fried snickers bar.  I didn't buy it but I got a bite...not gonna lie, it was pretty good.  They had so many deep fried things there; cranberries, cheesecake, candy bars, etc. 

Guinness world book of records.  Can you see how many calories that is?!

Ok not the best picture but it actually isn't of Russel's cousin Reanna.  It's of the woman behind her.  She was wearing the most god awful who-do-you-think-you're-kidding wig.  From this point of view it even looks like a hat...but it wasn't.

And that's me with a gun.  I shot 3 different kinds that day.  One I was terrified to shoot because it had a huge kick and thought I was going to blow my head off.  Ignore the double chin please.  We are working on it.  :)

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