Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where I Share Some Obscure Songs That Bring Back Memories

Hello ya'll.   Today is a subject I   I'm not a singer (except for those 5 years in choir) and I don't play any instruments but music is still important to me.  

So, 5 songs that speak to you or bring back memories.  I of course just didn't choose 5 and I have some obscure songs for you to enjoy :)

This song reminds me of my childhood.   My parents had what we call now "oldies" cassette tapes and whenever I heard this song I would run and hide because I was embarrassed.   Mostly because the lyrics go "Come on down Miranda...".  and in my weird child brain this embarrassed me.  Now I love it because their aren't many songs with my name in it.


Around the time I was 13 and 14 I was friends with a girl who my parents didn't really think was a good influence.  She moved back to her hometown and I would visit her...however this town, kind of dangerous.  That was the first time I drank alcohol (shhh don't tell my parents) and I was subjected to a lot of things a girl my age should never have to.  However I do have good memories and my friend and I would dance around the living room singing this "new" song. 

Ok this literally came out around the time I was graduating.   And it was a big hit...and even though it is super cheesy it does make a little sad.

So over the years Guss & I had some "us" songs.   Some embarrassing ones (cough - Mandy Moore I wanna be with you - cough)   But this was our wedding song.   Kind of a weird song for your first dance but I have always loved it and spoke to me.

Another random song...if you listen to techno then you might have heard of this song.   When I studied abroad in Germany, in the clubs they would play American music and then a ton of techno.   This one became big in our small group of students and we would "Put our hands up"  all over Europe...below is us in Prague. (surprisingly none of us are from Detroit)

I've shared this song a bunch but when I think about having a son, this definitely speaks to me.

And finally this is a general song for "carrying on".   I love Fun. and their lyrics and I am super excited to see them in concert in June!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

This is to you...

Dear You:

If you are reading this thank you.   I know I have around 199 followers but I know not all of them read my blog.  So if you are actually reading this, this is for you.

I ramble a lot, talk a lot about random things, bitch about things, (swear a lot), share personal things, etc...And I write it so I hope you enjoy it, learn about me, get my perspective, and share how cute my son is. ;)  

I would probably still be writing this even if I had a 5 followers, because it's fun.  And I love the friends I have met through this.  If it weren't for you, the readers, I wouldn't have made those friends, and no one to read my utter nonsense.

Thank You Lovies

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Funny? Me?! No.

Someone something told you about yourself you will never forget?  (good or bad)

Well I was all prepared to tell a bad one but I don't know if I'm ready to tell it yet.  It's something someone really close to me said and I don't want anyone to think horribly about this person...even though they said something pretty hurtful.

So a good one.

I think one of the things I was told about myself that I will never forget, was that I am funny.

When I think about myself I have never thought of myself as funny.

I think I remember it so well because it was a shock to hear it.

Wait...someone thinks...I'm funny?  

No way.

I don't even know what to think about it, I still don't think I'm funny, but it came from a good friend.   And I think of it as a compliment because I always thought of this friend as being funnier than anyone else.  

So yeah, kinda weird, but it has always stuck out at me.    And someday I will share the bad thing someone told/said about me...and I'm sorry, I really hate being cryptic, because I always hate when people do it on their blogs...but I'm just keepin' it real.

Happy Saturday buckaroo's!!!

P.S. It is so late/early when I'm writing this Kathie Lee & Hoda is back on TV.   Lord help me.   And see how this ties into my last post.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Three Things That Are Wrong With Me

Today it's all about your top 3 worst traits.   It was hard to narrow it down to just 3. ;)
So here they are...from my point of view.

I'm sensitive.
Being sensitive is not always necessarily a bad trait, but for me it is.   I'm so sensitive, there is a story my mom tells me, I was getting talked to sternly by my dad and he slammed his hand on the table and I burst into tears.   Mostly all it takes is a nasty look and I'm bawling.   

I'm a horrible procrastinator.
I mean soooooo bad.   I'm talking 10 page papers written the night before they are due.   I'm talking having to catch the train at 7 am in Germany to fly home and furiously finishing packing at 6:30 am and almost missing my train.

I stay up way too late for my own good/I am a perpetual night owl.  
Let me tell how you much sleep I lose because of this.   Lately Mason is getting up at 7 am (normal yes for any other child, but wasn't for mine) and so I am averaging 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night!  And I can't stop!   I get a second wind around 10 pm and I play games/watch TV/read until early in the morning.   My eye is twitching at this moment because of lack of sleep.    Also Guss is the complete opposite, he is bouncing around at 8 am while I could sleep till 1 pm....and get to on Mother's Day! :)

Have a great Friday lovies!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keep Yourself Protected...Even If It's Uncomfortable.

"Everyday in May" topic today?   A rant.  

* note:  i am not an officer of safety or of the law...these are mostly my opinions...but ones that could save you or your families lives.*

Ok, so I take this rant today as a serious one.   Something that just makes me so angry and heated.  

Seat belts.

I'm sorry, if I offend you if you don't wear yours, but I really think you should.

I don't care if you live in the country (that is my brother-in-law's excuse), I don't care if they make you uncomfortable (my mother-in-law's excuse)...What would you rather have?   Being uncomfortable  in a car for a short period of time, or dying?   I think that the answer should be pretty clear.

I am very passionate about this, not affected completely directly but i had a classmate who died after he was thrown from his car.  Haven't you heard the stories? People thrown from their car and dying?   I have even heard a local story where someone got thrown from their car and the then it landed on them, which ultimately was their cause of death.

I worked at a fast food restaurant in the drive thru and I would see children bouncing around in the drove me crazy.   Do they realize this is a child's life?  More importantly a life?   

I am a big believer in, you can raise your child your way (breastfeeding, attachment, clothe diapers, etc)  as long as your children are safe...but when it comes to car seat safety...I have a problem.

Tighten your children's straps!  They shouldn't be riding down their shoulders!
Do not put heavy jackets on babies in their car seat!  They can slip right out of them!
And my number one pet peeve...
The handle for your baby's car seat is meant to be put down when they are in the car.   It doesn't matter if there is a toy on there for your child's enjoyment.  Think about it: you are in a car accident and your (rear seated) baby seat gets flown to the back of your backseat.   The bar?  It hurts them...gets in their way... If you have it down the car seat top gets pushed to the backseat and it acts like a cocoon to protect them.   


I'm sorry if my being on my soapbox today bothers you but I feel like this is so important.  And such an easy safety precaution to take.  

So easy that it saves lives.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tooting My Own Horn

I'm heading back to the "Everyday in May" challenge.  Today?

Links to your favorite posts in your archives.   

I choose some of my most popular, and one of my faves.

First off a series I started called "What did they DO to you?"  Mostly about Hollywood/Singers/Actors who have dramatically changed in their years.  I have taken a break but I have a long list of new ones for you! Take a look Here.

For some weird reason I have a deep love for Jay Leno, and  a deep hate for David Letterman...maybe because I saw Jay Leno live.  Check it out Here.

I have shared this post many many times...mostly because to this day it still blows my mind.   I knock down doctors like bowling pins.   Read the craziness Here.

Finally, this post isn't that popular but I love it because it shows some random facts about me, some embarrassing.  Those type of posts (about people quirks) are my favorite to read.   See how I'm a major freak Here.

Me & A day in my life . . .

So yah I've been slacking with this everyday in surprise from the biggest procrastinator known to live.   

However I wanted to participate in a few in the past few days and hope to at least do the rest of the month.  

A favorite photo of yourself and why.
I love candid photos.  The two photos I chose were both when i didn't know when they were being taken.

 I used to use this photo for my blog and about me but since it was 2007 I finally switched it.  However I love it.  It was taken by a friend when I was studying abroad.  We were atop of the Frauenkirche in Dresden Germany.  

Then there is this one.   It was our (Guss & ours) second annual housewarming party and someone took this after I crawled under the table.  I just love that everyone in this photo is laughing.  We don't even know someone took the picture.  


A day in my life.  I did this awhile ago and for the life of me, I can't find the link.  So here is a day in my life now...with a 3 year old.

 My alarm clock wakes me up and plays with my iPad, while I struggle to open my eyes.

 We (he) feeds the dog.  His chore.

 We eat.

 We learn German.

 We go for a walk. (Now that there is nice enough weather.)

We check out our Thrift sale findings.

 We hang out.

 Mom drinks relaxes while watching TV.

Everyday is a variety of the same including, cleaning, downing caffeine, playing games on the iPad, blogging, and chasing around a very naughty 3 year old.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On a happier note ...

First off thank you for your comments on my previous post.  I always get nervous writing those posts.  I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me but I like getting it off my chest...and the support from you guys, is just great.  So on a happier note...
10 things that make you really happy

1) The obvious: Family

2) Coffee

3) Germany.  Man I miss that place.

4) Showers.   I think I'm addicted to them.   They are a place to get long as I lock the door.

5) TV.  I love it.   Right now, 'Scandal' is ah-mazing.  You don't watch it?  Watch it.   Blows. Your. Mind.

6) Football

7) Art.   I love it all and I actually miss college where I got to learn more.   (But I don't miss the homework) - this work is important due to the artist's technique.  He used all tiny dots to make this painting. Cool, huh?

8) Water.  My dream is to live on some type of water someday.  Whether it be the ocean or a lake.  I am so at peace just sitting there in front of water.   

9) Reading.  I come from parents of readers.  And I am so thankful for that.  I can read a book in less than a day if I have the time.

10) Paper/Journals.  I don't know why but I just have hoarded collected paper/journals/notebooks forever.  Some I haven't even written it...but I love them.  And below is my newest purchase.  


~ I'm ashamed I already fell off the "Everyday in May" boat.   I really wanted to make it.  I also hate being such a Debbie Downer *wah wahhh* in my posts but I really like to keep things real.  So the first part of today is just that...real.   Second part, I will  get back into this May blog challenge and share some happy things ~

I'm feeling lost.

I have been struggling with depression, anxiety, and OCD for awhile and I thought I was getting it under control.

But lately I have felt lost...

Lost in life, friendships, relationships, family, and even just everyday things.

I haven't been able to set my mind straight, get thing done, accomplish even the smallest goals like cleaning the house.

I'm struggling.

Relationships with my family, friends, if I even have any, and even my own son.

Being a stay at home mom has its advantages.  Some people even like to think they don't do anything.  But right now I feel like because of being one, I lost who I am.  What I like to do, who I wanted to be.   Why did I even go to college to get a degree if all I'm going to do is chase around a kid all day.  I'm sorry if that sounds ungrateful, but it's hard.   Hard giving up your life to cater to just one tiny person.

I love my child, and I would die for him.  But what happened to me? Why does it feel like I have nothing to turn to?

I'm just lost.   And that's the best way to describe it.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Precious Moments

Cheesy title right?  But they are both so cute.   

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