Thursday, January 31, 2013

Friday Fluffiness & Future

So today I have a whole bunch of different stuff.  Some facts about me and a look of what's to come on this little 'ol bloggy.

My ultimate favorite color is yellow.  Followed by brown and gray.

My favorite singer of all time is Johnny Cash.   Especially the song "Cry Cry Cry"

Number One TV Show: I have so many TV shows I love but my absolute favorite?   "I Love Lucy"  I was the kid who watched Nick at Nite.  I wrote reports, read all kinds of books, and collect/ed Lucy merchandise.

I would love to be able to design/sew clothes or be an interior designer.

I would never want to be a singer.  Reasons?  If you lose your voice you are screwed, you have one bad concert/song everyone hears about it.

What's to come? (using the months things happened as a guide)

February:  More on the Midwest blogger meet up (hoping to make a survey of sorts) and an awesome giveaway.

March/April:  Pregnancy, Birth Story, and hoping for a new blog design.  

Yes my son is wrapped in a pink blanket.  The pediatrician in the operation room wasn't told the sex of our baby.

May: Studying abroad in Germany and High School/Graduation

June: Finally sharing our dating and engagement stories.

July: Our wedding.

And some other things: like my family and why am I drinking milk out of the gallon.

Yeah.  So much to tell, so lazy to write it.  :)  

Have a great weekend Lovies.

Return of the TV Addict: SVU Update


I always find the most awkward part of posts the beginning.   

Like do I always need to say hi?  Would it be rude if I didn't? Does Johnny Depp shower?  Is it bad that I really don't care?

Well if you have no freaken clue what my title means, I'm talking about mine & Guss's (Guss'?)  Law & Order: SVU mission (started in July of last year).  If need be, update yo self and click  here. (or if you are lazy then it basically tells you we were tallying how many times Detective Stabler & Benson get into trouble or get hurt.

Currently there is 14 seasons, 12 seasons on Netflix.  Included on our mission were seasons 1-12.

So.  How many times did Elliot Stabler & Olivia Benson get hurt or get in trouble?   You KNOW you are dying to find out.   Because I took the time just to collect this information for you.

There were a handful of episodes we skipped because we don't really like the drug cartel, mob, etc episodes and also the 12th season was still pretty recent so we remembered a lot of them.

(*the seasons without Stabler aren't bad but I came to my conclusion.  I miss Stabler.  And them. And he's hot.  And he sometimes took his shirt off.  And he was a bad boy.  And I sound like a major creep.*)

Listed below are my notes. 

Obviously Stabler got the brunt of the incidents.

And there you have it.  You're Welcome.

Our next Netflix adventure?  

On to 'Breaking Bad' with the husband, and 'Parenthood' while I'm on the treadmill.  Any other suggestions?  

TV addict out.   

(Watch out. Ryan Seacrest impersonator here, because I'm really cool like that.)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Brobee, go away!"

*** Warning:  Total Mom Post ***

The Battle of the Pacifier

So if my mom had her way I would have attempted to take away Mason's paci when he turned one.  But he slept great with it and the dentist said not to worry till he was 3.   People can say Mason was a late talker because of it but I really don't believe that.

So I asked for advice and thought about how we would take it away.

One day, I cut off the tip and said it was broken.   Mason took it anyways and popped it into his mouth.  He didn't care.  So I cut it off almost completely.  He just clenched on to it with his teeth.  Total fail.

So last weekend we went cold turkey.

First night I armed myself with earplugs alcohol thinking this would be a night where I wish I didn't have ears.

At bedtime M asked for his 'faw faw'.   (i have NO idea why he calls it that, we have always called it a paci - strange child)  We said no, we don't have them anymore, they went away.  So he yelled 'faw faw!!!".  And we said no again.   He stopped, looked at me strangely and asked "M & M's?".   Already bartering.

Next night, he surprisingly didn't ask for it.   So we put him to bed where he laid there and talked for around 2 hours.  

We kept hearing him say "go away".  "go away".  (go away and sit down are his very favorite things to say right now).   After a few times he started saying "Brobee!  Go away!"  "Brobee!!! Go!  Away!"

(Brobee is a character from Yo Gabba Gabba.)  We had just got M a stuffed version of him for Christmas.  He usually sleeps in crib with him, Murray, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Grover from Sesame Street.   

Now we have Brobee sleep on his rocker and he tucks him in every night and gives him a kiss.  He loves Brobee but apparently he didn't want him in bed with him.


The good?   It wasn't hard as I thought it was going to be.  

The bad?  He stays up and talks seemingly forever.  That damn paci was  like ambien to him.  And poor Brobee is banished from the comfortable bed.

Next?   Potty training.  Lord help me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Wine "Oops"

Oops. Don't Judge.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's are just not into me.

Mondays either.  

But, I had this idea.

I think Monday should be known as "weekend recovery day" where we do absolutely nothing.

And then there is Tuesday. 

 I have the worst time writing a post for Tuesday. 

 I just don't feel it.  If one can feel for a day to write a blog post.

- Alana.  If you are reading know that post I was talking about.  I swear it's coming.  It will be worth it.

- This is Wisconsin.  Brrr.  Suck it weather.

- If I have not responded to your emails/comments in the past few weeks.  Today is the day.  Please forgive me.  Also working on the facebook page for the Midwest Bloggers.

- I forgot to show my favorite Amy Poehler outfit for the Golden Globes.  I truly heart her.

- I have so many blog friends that I tweet/email/facebook but I would love to text with them.  However when I ask for a number I feel like a stalker.  So I have downloaded this free texting app.  You want to text with me?  Email me, maybe?  *lamesauce*

- Ron Swanson is my new drinking buddy.  And he doesn't disappoint.

- The truth.

Finally.  You guys remember the popular "what did they do to you?" posts?  Well it comes back next week!  
If you feel like being entertained here is Part I and Part II.

Good-Bye Tuesday.  I hate you too.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Great Wings Adventure

So lately I have been on a weird if you will.


I want to find the best chicken wings ever.  I'm talking spicy (but not horribly so) buffalo wings.  I would love to try to make my own but I need a great recipe!

Listed are the ones I have tried.  Some were good, some sucked, but I still haven't found the one.  And I won't give up.

But you can help. 

* Warning - pictures of the food are not professional *
Hooters.  I love going to Hooters. (especially when I know I have a bigger rack than most those ladies) They have great wings.  But not the best.  

Oko's  Warrens, WI
My brother-in-law swore these wings were awesome.  Um nope.  Gross.

Chickadee's (Locally owned restaurant)
These were okay.  But the shape kind of freaks me out!

Famous Dave's
Okay, these were the weirdest tasting buffalo wings I have ever tried.  Ew.

Not pictured:
- Pizza Hut:  These are hit or miss.
- Buffalo Wild Wings:  I prefer their wraps.  The wings don't have enough meat.  But they will do if I need to get my fix.  

So let me have it.  Your recipes! Your suggestions!  Of course if it locally owned I can't run right there (unless we share a town) but ya never know when I will come your way! 

Ain't nothing but a chicken wing baby.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Midwest Bloggers *Update*

Hello Hello Hello

A quick update to this post here.

I finally got a Facebook page together.  There isn't much on there yet but if you are interested in participating in the Midwest Blogger meet up 2013 then go HERE.  

I will be updating soon and whenever more details emerge.

Hope you guys still want to come!!!

I Don't Give A Rotterdam

Linking up once again to show off my nail polish with Tara!!! (click button above for link)

I couldn't decide what lighting showed the color best so I included them both.  The top shows it's more purple side and the bottom the more blue side.

China Glaze Pizzazz is the accent glitter :)

OPI Holland Collection 'I don't give a Rotterdam'

I LOVE the color.  It's so unique and different.  However, it started chipping the next day.  Anyone have any good suggestions for a top coat?  Or a base?  What works better? #NailPolishNovice
(Sorry for the use of the hashtag, I'm just getting the hang of them...even though they usually just belong on twitter)

Have a great weekend Lovies!   

P.S. I am so behind on emails so if you commented on one of my posts in the past week or so, I will get back to you!  I promise.  It is one of my New Year's goals.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Five

        So I got this idea from Crystal

                    and I love it.  

The first 5 people *one spot left!!!*

to comment with their 

email will receive from me, sometime in 

this calendar year, a surprise gift


 will be no warning, it 

will happen when the mood strikes.

We all deserve a little something

special every now and then!

However, the 5 of you who comment 

first below must make the same offer

on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc.

So who's in?  I think that it seems like a

really fun and great idea!

Who doesn't love surprise mail/gifts?!

Ran Out Of Time

Showing off some pins today and linking up with Michelle!  (click button for link to her blog)

This makes me feel better.  Lombardi = best ever.

Oh yeah.  I never got to be Mario.  And I was considered bad luck so if my sisters were doing bad I had to hide.
That place drives me crazy.  And their large?  A normal stores Small.

Ugh I feel it.

Oh yes, I do.

Catch ya tomorrow?  I'm talking about wings.  The kind you eat.  And I need your help.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rant Number One

I was actually going to title this "Bitchfest number One" but I thought Rant would be a bit more inviting.  Not that you want to hear me bitch.

But here it is.  

It may be me being fed up or the third glass of wine I just poured but I just have to say some things.

You aren't better than me.

You aren't better than anyone else.

If you don't bitch about your husband/significant other (or even talk about him) on your blog, good for you.  But if I need to vent on here or twitter.  Deal with it.  It doesn't mean I have a shitty marriage.  In fact if you heard it?  My husband has heard it.   I frequently mention we bicker all the time.  However we don't have many big fights.

I know I drive him crazy.   I know he drives me crazy.  Boy do I know.

But if I want to say something, I'm going to.   

If I want to post something financial or tweet it.   I'm going to.   Yes, the fact that I have the Internet and an iPhone does mean I have a bit of money, but that doesn't mean I can't express my frustrations about being "poor".  But if I do it, I truthfully am not asking you to be sorry for me.  I'm just putting something out there, that I need to get out and if someone says "sorry"?  Well thank you very much.  

To end this first (how horrible is it that I have more?) rant I want to say I have been holding on biting my tongue responding to some of these things for more than a year.  Especially the one where I want to bitch about kids/motherhood.  Especially if you don't have them for yourself.   I'm sorry if it's mean but if you can express on your blog or twitter about how I'm annoying you, then by all means, I'm going to unleash.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Those Globes? Golden.

Golden Globes 2013?  Success.  Mostly due to Tina & Amy.  Please come back next year.

Best Lines:

"Taylor Swift stay away from Michael J. Fox's son"  -Tina Fey
"Glad we got you through middle school Lena" -Tina Fey
"We're gonna go home with Jodie Foster!" -Amy Poehler
"I can't feel my ears" -Aziz Ansari
"That was Hilary's husband!"  "Bill Rodham Clinton" -Tina & Amy


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kick ass.
I know it's a dinner/causal ceremony but I can't stand when people are talking while presenters are.
Michael J Fox's son looks exactly like him.
I need to see *Argo *Lincoln *Silver Linings Playbook
Ben Affleck is hot
Bradley Cooper is hot
Paul Rudd is hilarious

Almost died.

Laughed like crazy.
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic 
Bill Clinton.  Night made. (my love for him?  check it out)

Worst Dressed:  Halle Berry.  I love the girl but come on.  You look like you have a overly large uni-boob.  

Best Dressed: I loved a lot of dresses but this one was the best.  Jennifer Garner is perfection.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

So much for that

So much for keeping up blogging in the new year. Right now I finally found time/enough energy.

A couple days ago the sickness I swore hit everyone else but who wouldn't hit us, did. It started with Mason. Throwing up and changing diapers left and right. His record? 4 diapers in 7 minutes. Not fun.

Then, that bastard came for me. I'll spare you the details, no one wants to hear it, and I don't want to relive it. *shudder*

Thankfully Guss got done early today and I slept from about 1-7, got up, tried some toast and tv, and now off to bed agin.

Here's hoping I make it through the night with no incidents and that sickness has left the premises.

I so hope to be back next week!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Kick That Bucket & I Heart Clinton

So after mentioning a few million times about my Bucket List and a big thing I have crossed off of it, today is the day!   

The biggest thing ever?  


That's right, Former freaken President Bill Clinton!!!

I have loved him forever.  He is number one on my "list"  Ok yah, you can say that's gross!  That's ok.  I probably don't like the number one on your "list" either!  (unless it's Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, or Johnny Depp, then I'm sorry)

So Bill (we are on a first name basis - he actually shook hands with my mom years ago at an Air Force base) was in town to talk up Obama.  Wisconsin is a battleground state.  It was also Halloween (Thanks Aunt Jennifer for taking Mason), We got there at 5pm (freezing!) and doors didn't open till 7:15.  

We thankfully got there early enough, but for 3 blocks of people, they got turned away! (Bill was nice enough that when he got there, he talked to all the people outside though)

Ok enough gushing.   Below, some pictures.  (i got within 2 feet of him!) and then my Bucket List. It's pretty short and simple and important to me!

The Romney crasher
Our Congressman Ron Kind.  He's not too bad either.
I know it's blurry but I SAW HIM!!!

He did awesome at the DNC. 
The rest of the list:
Or just touch one.
Memoir, fiction, non-fiction, etc.
I have one in my town and have never went.
I used to own a horse but have never rode one on a beach/in the ocean.
I was almost there once.  Need to get back at it.

Any of these on your bucket list? 
 Or what's your number one?  
Have you crossed anything off?  
Do you love Bill Clinton?   
If you do, back off.  He's mine...(or Hilary's but that's nothing.)
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