Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's in a name?

The Vintage Modern Wife: Say My Name Link Up

A blog name that is.

Today I am linking up with Amber and 2 other bloggers to share the background of my blog name.


I have actually had a post similar to this in my drafts forever so I'm glad I finally got the kick to post it.

My blog url and actual title may be a little confusing to some. (and well to me too) 

 I was at a loss for what to name it and I wanted it to be different.  I'm not knocking any one's blog name but I wanted something no one else had or would probably never come close to.

Aimless Translation 
(often wrongly called Aimless Transition).   

 We could take it literally:

Aimless -
 Without purpose or


Translation -  a change to a

 different substance, form, or 


Or philosophically:

Trying to figure out life and other

things.  Not knowing where you are


The actual URL -
 diesunddas33.  or dies und das 33.

dies und das is German for this and that and 33 is my favorite number.  
I wanted to incorporate German because of how important it is to me and I knew my blog would be random...a bit of this and that.  

So that is my strange and long way of how I came up with my blog name.  Maybe someday I'll change it, or maybe I'll keep it to confuse everyone.  :)

How did you come up with your name?  Link up or let me know...I find this kind of thing very interesting! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Awesome Toddler Fashions

You know what's the best thing great about having kids?   You being able to dress them how you want.  And I take full advantage of it knowing soon it will no longer be.

So toddler's clothes.
*I've stated before my husband is not a fan of these clothes...he thinks he will get beat up.  However this past weekend,  a friend of my sister (who has a 4 month old baby boy) told me she wants to dress her son just like him*  

* totally about to do an awesome dance move *

Pants: Target
Sweater: Children's Place
Shoes: Old Navy
Hat: Gymboree
Sunglasses: Stolen from Dad

 Look at my super cool shoes.

Jeans: Children's Place
Shirt: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Old Navy

Monday, February 25, 2013


Another sad day.   Today my uncle Larry passed away.  I know I don't have to post about his passing but I feel like it's a way to share how great he was.

He was definitely the outgoing one in the family, so that meant I got to hear stories about my Dad when he was younger that he didn't want me to hear.   Larry was so much fun, always willing to give out a hug and tell a joke.  Besides an extended family who loves him, he leaves behind 2 daughters, 7 grandchildren, wife and mother.

We  had a blast at weddings (you can laugh at my dance moves)

 He & his wife (also my Godmother) had finally retired and had been staying in Arizona over the winter.

And I think this is the picture that touches me the most.  Just his face showing how much he loves his mother.  I think most of all please keep my Aunt and my Grandmother in your thoughts.  As you can imagine, they aren't taking this well.

There's just too much gossip

It's Monday...again.   So here I am, linking up with Leeann


I'm exhausted.  Since last Wednesday night until yesterday, I was at my parents.    I love visiting them, but with me.

Their home is not toddler proofed, so he is constantly getting in to something.  And he no longer sleeps in a Pack & Play so he sleeps in the bed with me.

First night, he was up about 7 times crying.  2nd, he had horrible night terrors.  3rd night, he did good but we had to get up early to travel 2 hours to a birthday party.  And it goes on.  And I'm tired...and about to start my IV drip of coffee.  

So this is my gripping weekend gossip.

* Celebrated my niece, Juliana's, 2nd birthday.

* And saw her, too cute for words, sister Madeleine 

* I played "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader" with the Royals :)

* File this under things I just don't understand. Parents who are bundled up and their children in a t-shirt. (courtesy of US Weekly)

* Figured out why people who have cats take tons of pictures of them.  They do the cutest things.  This is Jack.  And he is sick of my picture taking.

- Ugh, I have a feeling I am going to be exhausted for awhile.  And that's not good because I have one week to lose 1.2 lbs for my dietbet.   Which means working out.   I'm just hoping the energy fairy (there is one right?) will rain her magic dust/protein powder upon me. -    

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's OK...Mostly

Its Ok Thursdays
Linking up today with Neely & Amber.
it's ok...
...that all the pictures I take of myself are incredibly awkward and send my left eye into some kind of panic, so it hides.
...that while i get to sleep in at my parents house, they are shoving Mason's face full of oreos for breakfast. want to take home my parents cats.   They're entertaining.
They are obsessed with luggage. remember you owned a cat once and hated it.  (sorry cat lovers - I love them, just can't live with them) take full advantage of the fact i still get to pick my kids outfits.   Pictures to come on a super cool outfit. :) paint said (male) kid's toenails.   He asks for it and even loves to choose his own color! 
...that I can't wait to watch "Scandal" tonight but might not because that means I will be watching it with my mom.  And with those steamy sex scenes...that could be uncomfortable. read a few blogs that actually annoy me.  Maybe that isn't ok.  But I can't help it.  I can't stop reading but they bug the crap out of me.
...that I got nothin else.

P.s.  I got a few new followers (hi!).  And I can't wait to share a giveaway I am doing soon for everyone!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tree Porn

I'm weirdly obsessed with trees.  Especially taking pictures of them. 

 Since today I am out spending the hard earned bonus money of my husband I thought I would share some pictures.   They aren't terribly exciting, but I like them.  And sometimes people who don't get snow, like to look at pretty pictures of it and wish for it.  Don't. No really, don't wish for it.   It's pretty for 5 minutes and then you have to shovel it.  And drive in it.  And not freeze to death in it.  But what do I know.

After we have lunch as a family I am going to Target.  Alone.  With money.  I want to be there for 2 hours.  I am going to walk through every aisle.  Not because I am going to buy everything but because I can.  I will not have a toddler screaming and husband looking at his invisible watch on his wrist.   I am going to be the old granny shopping.  Pushing my cart so slow people are going to swear at me.  

It's going to be awesome.

*Don't worry, I won't go nuts and spend all the money at once irresponsibly.  Bills come first.  Also I'm a weird shopper.  I throw things in the cart and then I end up putting half of it back.   I was online shopping at Old Navy and my cart was up to $160.00.  Well it's back down under $100.   I just impulse click and fix it later.*  

Anyways, enjoy the professional iPhone pictures (I used some with flash and others not) and have a great Tuesday!   I'm excited for Pretty Little Liars tonight! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

A little Monday morning gossip.

Linking up with one of my fave bloggers  Leeann, and her fun new link-up.  :)  

So here is the run down of the last few days in Mirandaland.  (it's a real place ya'll)

* We tackled our basement.  When we started it looked like an episode of hoarders.  Minus the dead cats.

Not our house.  That would be disgusting.

* We made a snowman.   Mason named him Hat.   Everyday Mason gets up and waves hi to Hat.

* Tomorrow my husband gets his yearly bonus.  Besides paying some people back, paying some bills, and taking the dogs to vet, you better believe I already have items in my online carts for Target & Old Navy.  And we are going to lunch at Chipotle!  

* Finally watched "Pitch Perfect" for the first time.  It was pretty good.  And I'm watching "Magic Mike" after 'The Bachelor  tonight.  I heard it doesn't have the best story line but I gotta see what all the hype is about.

* We only have 6 episodes left in Season 4 of 'Breaking Bad'.   I'm still obsessed.   With the show...and Aaron Paul.

Well it turns out my weekend wasn't terribly exciting.  But that is no problem.

Have a great Weekend Recovery Day Monday & Link Up with Leeann! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let's Compare Shall We? (V-Day Edition)

Sara from You and Me Are We, is co-hosting this V-day link up!  Seemed like fun so here are mine & Guss's answers.

How long have you been married?  

Me:  6 1/2 years, I like to be specific

Guss: 6 

Where was your first date? 

M: official was at the movies

G: movies "Me, Myself, and Irene"

Where was your first kiss? 

M: my basement

G: don't know (seriously?)

Who first said, "I love you"?

M:  him, almost immediately, over ICQ 


G: me

What were your wedding colors?

M: brown

G: brown & champagne (I'm impressed)

What is her most commonly used 


M: Seriously? (I say that at least a

million times a day.

G: don't know.  

Who is her celebrity crush?  

M:  Bill Clinton, Ryan Gosling

G:  That president guy 

(how very patriotic of him)

If she was ordering drinks for both 

of you what would you each get? 

Both: beer (Him Coors, Her Miller Lite)

What is the best meal she has ever 

cooked you?

Both: manicotti, recipe here.

What is the worst meal she has

 ever cooked you? 

M:  I made some spicy pasta and he

 couldn't eat more than one bite.

G: Nothing.  (thanks baby)

What is the most-played song on her 


M: Whatever song I'm loving that week.

G: Her German music.  He really hates 

the songs I brought back with me.

What would he say is your most 

annoying habit?

M:  Nagging - I really hate that word.

G: his words "Sleeping in, wait no

 there's another one"  gee thanks.  He

 hates when we are watching TV and I 

don't hear something so I rewind it so I



M: His quick temper

G: She thinks I'm a hypocrite.  (He is!)

What is the last thing she does

before she goes to bed? 

Both: Play a game on my phone.  What

 can I say?  I like a good game of

 Yatzee or Solitare before bed.

What would you say is your favorite 

thing about her? 

M: Obviously my natural beauty, genius

 IQ, and cooking abilities.   *cough*

G: She likes sports.

What's her go-to drink at


Both: caramel machiato - funny he

 knows my Starbucks drink but not

where our first kiss was. 

What's her blog's name?

G: Aimless Translation.  Unbeknownst

 to me, apparently he googles it every

 once a while.  Good thing I don't say

 anything that I wouldn't say to his

 face...or have said to him.   :)

Happy Valentine's Day Lovies! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some love around the house ...

So, since becoming a blogger and joining Pinterest I have been a decorating freak.  Especially for the holidays.  So today, I'm showing off the love (one part of) my house got.   And a picture of one of my babies at the end.   :)

Oh! And tomorrow I'm doing a link up that made me ask Guss some questions.  And shows if he is paying attention!

* warning : bad phone photos ahead *

The bookcase.

A V-day print out, $2 heart plate from Target, and the lips are from a collection of Andy Warhol small plates I own.

Got the blocks (that you can change from Kiss, Love, XoXo, & Hugs) and basket last year from the Target dollar spot.

A framed card from the dollar spot and framed heart wrapping paper that is also being used as a dry erase board.

I got this awesome heart ornament from a V-day swap last year.

On the table: Framed wrapping paper, a decorative cup of wine corks (red wine only), and a piece that I got as a gift (that stays year 'round) I know the wine corks are a little weird but I really like it.

And.... Hi!   I'm Ally and I am a very lazy dog.  But cute.

P.S.  Follow me on Twitter or Like my Facebook page! 

My Jam - Love Songs ! ! !

I'm trying to get in a better mood today so I'm linking up with Katie from State of Change, for the first time.

Today's theme is Love Songs, in honor of Valentine's Day! 

Kicking it old school (school dances!)

(Got Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You -  *NSYNC)

Funny but true
True Love - P!nk

Timeless Love Song

I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz

My Current Faves

Fade Into You - Nashville Cast

Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips

Monday, February 11, 2013

Good-Bye to a Great Furry Friend

Yesterday was a horrible day. 

 We got the call from Guss's mom that Casey, their 10 year old Springer Spaniel, had passed away.

It is always hard losing a family pet and this one was especially hard because it was Guss's dad's dog.  If you read this post, you know that his dad is no longer with us.   Feeling like the last part of him, is gone forever.

One night in the 2003, Guss's parents, Guss, his brother Andy, and I drove 2 hours to find a hunting dog for Shorty (Guss's dad).  When we got there is was puppies galore but Shorty picked Casey for his dog.  Surprisingly Casey bonded with me first.  On the way home she sat on my lap and then crawled up around my neck.  And then...puked in my sweatshirt's hood.   Don't worry, she perfectly made it into the hood and I got it off with no problem.   

She was a very smart dog.  She was sent to a dog school for hunting for a few weeks and sent back after a few days because she didn't need it.

When Shorty died, we could tell she knew something was wrong.   

Over the years she has been a needy dog, but such a friendly one.  She was Mason's favorite dog and that just kills me.  Because I know next time we go to Grandma's he's going to wonder where she is.  

 She loved to snuggle with anyone!  And lick your face off.

 She loved to fetch and swim.

 She loved playing with the other dogs.  (Bailey as a puppy.)

 She was always the odd dog out with the 3 Golden Retrievers.

So Casey,  I'm so sad you are gone.  You have been a part of our lives for so long and represent more than a pet.   But you will be joining Shorty.  And I know he is happy about that.

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