Thursday, March 6, 2014

Who? What? Huh?


Remember me?   Hope so.

If not?  I'll be back.    I've actually been around this whole time.   Reading your blogs, writing drafts, just being that blogger that doesn't follow through.

So...right now.   I'm working with someone for a new blog design and i like to think I'm 're-branding'.

Weird thing, I don't think 're-branding' for me means anything but a new blog design.    I don't plan on changing what I write necessarily except there is a lot more real things to talk about.     

 I realize some people like to keep their blog upbeat and good news but it's not me.   I mean I won't  be a complete "Debbie Downer" but I also want my stuff to portray me.   A moody, anxiety ridden, sometimes silver lining person.   So...real.

Happy stuff, bad stuff, silly stuff, etc.

Hope you will stick around.  I hope to be back in full by April 1st.   Where I will soon be entering the world of having a 4 year old.    Which means drinking, crying, sleeping, and denial.  
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