Thursday, May 31, 2012


So as I continue this voyage of my mother's day weekend, (first part here) we start that Sunday at a very very special place.
Dunkin' Donuts.
Another place I just LOVE. Mostly the coffee, i love.  It's so tasty and smooth! I'm not a big donut person, but Guss and Mason sure are.  Plus they have bagels, and sandwiches that aren't too bad.  I am really sad I don't have one near me again, but I would have a horrible addiction and probably go bankrupt.

Mother's Day coffee.  (side note: We fell in love with DD's when we went to Boston, where there was one on practically every corner)
My Mother's Day gift!  So good!

An action shot of Mason going for a Donut.

Free custard at Culver's for Mom's Day!  Woohoo!

And finally what my little baby boy colored for me!  (Eeyore is my favorite!)

Well there ya go!  Not gonna's pretty awesome getting stuff on Mother's Day now.  Or maybe just getting stuff all the time.  I think that would be better.  :)

Love Lovies!

Late to the party (as usual)...

So I know I am super late.  But since I took a mini break I will pretend pictures from Mother's Day weekend is still relevant.  Because really?  Isn't everyday Mother's Day? *sarcasm*
*that's not to say it shouldn't be, just to say it never is!*

Here's the rub rundown.  Friday Guss & I stayed in a hotel so we didn't have to get up super super early to get to Milwaukee.  We were going to a Brewers vs Cubs game with my BCF & her husband to celebrate her upcoming Birthday.  (Brewers won!!!  Even saw a Grand Slam!)  Going to baseball games are so much fun, but if they win it makes it so much better!  

Picture overload a comin'.

Man alive, I LOVE this place.  The closest one I live near is an hour and a half away.  So when I'm close, I jump on that thing!  

Miller Park!!!  Four Packer players actually threw out the first pitch!  Happy Surprise! :)
I somehow couldn't capture them in the act (and I doubt you would wanna see anyways) but this couple were packing on the PDA and making me wanna throw up in my mouth. (or on them)
Then this little drunken gem came around.  Here she is leaning on her friend.  They actually were in the wrong seats and wrong section.  
I'm surprised she didn't eat it walking those stairs. 
Downtown Milwaukee
We went to a bar right next to our hotel.  It was dead but really cool.  And the bartender was really nice to us.  My favorite part is this "phone booth"  where it has chargers for all types of phones.  How cool is that?
We had quite a few of these magical shots.  RumChata.  Tastes like cinnamon toast crunch...which could be dangerous.  But we ended up getting 4 free drinks because we had our tickets to the game!  Score!

Well I actually am going to make this into 2 posts...because it is getting loooong.  So check back later for my actual mother's day!  Don't miss it.  There will be donuts.  Unfortunately they are now gone, but still...I talk about them.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Awhile ago we got to go to our local Children's Museum for free thanks to Wee Mason's Mom.  Yes we both are from Wisconsin, live about an hour or so away from each other, and have blond son's named Mason.  Anyways.  Here we are at the Museum and the park afterwards...where Mason (after two years) finally likes slides.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Did your show make the Cut ?

Hi all!  I actually had this set to post last week but better late than never right? have to know I am obsessed with TV...examples?  You can find them here and here.

Well it's the time of the year where you find out if your shows are coming back, or they are getting the ax.  I thought I would give the facts here.

Breaking In
The Finder

I Hate My Teenage Daughter
Terra Nova

I actually didn't watch any of these.

CSI: Miami
A Gifted Man
How to Be a Gentleman
Unforgettable  I can see why they cancelled it but now I want to know who killed her sister!

Are You There, Chelsea? Saw that one coming.
Best Friends Forever Never watched but I heard people loved it.
Harry's Law

The Firm

GCB :( I'm gonna miss Cricket the most.
Man Up
Pan Am :(
The River
Work It

The Secret Circle

Can't Believe they are coming back (sorry)
The Mentalist Guss used to watch them and stopped because it seemed so repetative and nothing new.
Whitney Tried to watch this but just couldn't get into it.
America's Next Top Model I have watched every season except the last and I love it.  But now my favorite people are leaving Mr. Jay, Miss Jay, and Nigel.  Ugh.

Raising Hope
2 Broke Girls
The Amazing Race

Criminal Minds

How I Met Your Mother
30 Rock Last season coming up.
Cougar Town Moving to cable though.
Law & Order: SVU I still miss Stabler.
Hart of Dixie Still soooo cheesy but I love it.
Modern Family
Revenge Can it just be on all year round?
Happy Endings
Parks and Recreation
Up All Night

I am the most upset about  Pan Am and GCB! But there are some other shows I am happy that are coming back this summer (mostly cable) Switched At Birth, Melissa & Joey, Pretty Little Liars, and Rizzoli and Isles.

Also I believe that if they cancel a series and it ended on a cliffhanger or was still some mystery unresolved, then they MUST let us know what happens!  It drives me crazy not knowing!!!

How about you?  What are you most upset about?  Or what show do you think should go away but didn't?

*source: here*

Saturday, May 26, 2012

BCF Birthday Girl!

So I am here today to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite people ever.  Her name is Katie and she blogs over here.  So check her out.  We are actually cousins and after our grandpa died we became close.  Now we are best friends (or BCF - best cousins forever).  

This girl is the best.  She is always there to listen, or have words of encouragement.  I know I can always count on her.  She will never judge me or turn on me.  She is one of those once in a lifetime people you meet and never let go.  It is just a bonus that we actually share blood.  

I feel like at times we are the same person.  We are both sensitive types who over think things.  But that is ok because we listen to each other and get over it.  I just want to say I love you Miss Katie and can't wait to see you again!  I love you and you are my bestest bestest friend/cousin ever!  

P.S.  It always so much more fun when it is us and Hay-Baby.  Let's make that happen soon!  

Me (L), Katie, and my sister at the Hookah Bar in Wittenberg Germany

Munich at the HofbrÀuhaus

Love my BCF

Friday, May 25, 2012

Nails & Swap!!!

So I actually had my nails painted like this last week but I didn't post about it.  This week my nails are breathing and naked!  *gasp*  But I will have time over the weekend to add some color!

Anyways, linking up Tara and Vicki once again!   

Sephora by OPI "I don't bite" & the glitter is one of those cheap little Bon Bons polish from Wal-Mart.

*notes:  I realize they look a bit messy.  I learned my lesson that you should not do your nails after drinking wine.  I did end cleaning them up a bit and the next day they were so much cuter!*

Ok, so now I was wondering if any of you lovely people would like to swap buttons.  I have 2 requirements:  No money involved and your button should be around the same size as mine.  (I have a variety of sizes).  Just to make it fair. I already have four ladies I am going to swap buttons with and want to know if there is anyone else out there!  Well have a great weekend lovies.  I will have a mini-post tomorrow...for a special someone.  :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DO NOT READ if you haven't seen the finale of DWTS!!!

Ok...So I hate spoilers so I am giving you the chance to click that sad little X if you haven't seen the finale of "Dancing With The Stars".

Ok, now your just out of luck if you are still reading and haven't seen it.  You really are asking for it.

Anyways.   All I have to say is ....

YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our Green Bay Packer boy man (did you see those abs?!) Donald Driver won!!!

I was going crazy with nerves but I am so happy!  I am not trying to offend any other NFL team's fans but the Green Bay Packers are America's Team!  And with awesome dancing (did you see that freestyle?!?!?!)  and kick ass fans he won!  First we won the Superbowl and now he's bringing home the Mirror Ball!!! (Ok so I would totally pick a Superbowl win any day over the DWTS win but hey...winning both is awesome!)

*Side note, can I just say how much I hate caring so much about these shows...I get nervous and my stomach hurts.  Loving TV this much can't be healthy*

Wisconsin is doing good these last few years!  Represent the Dairy State (haha that sounds weird)

So sorry there isn't more....I'm coming off my adrenaline high from the win and need to watch American Idol and vote like crazy for Phillip Phillips.  I really wanted a girl to win this year (since it has been forever) but I have fallen under his raspy/folksy spell.   - - - That's right...I am a TV Junkie and I refuse any "gift" to fix it.  (a little something for my "Intervention" watching peeps)   

Wait...did I just say peeps?  Excuse me.

Love you all from the bottom of my black but full heart.  I'm actually a really mean person underneath it all ;)

*guess I'm just feeling crazy tonight*

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Random

Hello Strangers.  The person who runs this blog here.  Sorry for my absence and maybe I will address why later this week.  (nothing major so don't get too excited)

I thought the best way to get back into the swing of things was just to list some random stuff.  So thanks to Mrs. we go!

* "The Vow"  So I think I am the last person (girl/blogger) in the world to see this movie.  I usually wait for movies to be on DVD before I watch them.  (Unless it's Harry Potter - then I'm one of the freaks at the midnight showing)   Anyways "The Vow".  Ummm...I thought it was good.  It wasn't spectacular and my biggest problem was that the whole time my stomach hurt because I just thought about how that would be.  What if my husband didn't remember me?  How we met, when we got married?  What a horrible horrible feeling!    I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5...because it definitely made me feel something.

* Words I realized that I absolutely hate.
 - panties  
- pad   
- tendon  (that word makes me cringe!)

* I am completely and utterly giddy for the Season Finale of "Revenge" this Wednesday.  I had a horrible incident where it didn't tape last week!  I couldn't wait to watch it and it wasn't on yet so I took to twitter.  That is where Kiley saved me...she gave me a website and the night wasn't ruined!  Thanks Kiley!

* Finally, tonight Guss & I were playing the "where's your..." game with Mason.  (like where are your eyes, nose, etc)  Well recently Mason has been really surprising me in knowing what things are that we have never told him about.  Like in a book there was a teddy bear and he knew that it was a teddy bear.  This kid has never seen/had one...So i was excited!  

Anyways at the end of the game Guss asked him "where is God?"  and without a beat he turned and pointed at me.  Hahaha...I thought it was hilarious...the husband?  Not so much.  

So I will in fact be posting this week...the posts might just come at night though because I'm trying to do less computer things while Mason is awake.  But I'll still be here and reading all your blogs!   Have a great rest of your Monday and a great tomorrow!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend Nails & Plans

Hey hey hey!!! (I'm running out of ways to say hello on here).  Today I am very excited.  And sad.

Sad...I have to leave my son for 2 nights...lame I know.  Because I always think it would be nice to have a break but then the time comes and I fall apart.  But I know I will have fun.  I am going to a MLB Milwaukee Brewers game with my favorite girl.  Plus, I get to have PF Changs, Dunkin Donuts, and Popeyes. All of which I do not have around me.  I am preparing to gain 5 pounds...but it will be sooooo worth it.

The Nail Files

First off, linking up for The Nail Files (with Vicki & Tara)
Essie Mochacino
And now pictures from other Brewer games I have been to with my love Katie.
Apparently I like to have my mouth open in pictures.
Hope you all have a super-duper weekend!  Next week I have some posts I am a little nervous about...only because I know might lose some followers who don't have the same beliefs.  But I'm gonna suck it up.  :)

Love you all...I promise!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What did they DO to you? (2)

Hi!  What's up?  Not much here.  (did that take you back to writing notes in school?)
So a while ago I posted the first part of this mini-series.  About what fame, entertainment industry, etc...does to some people.  

Some examples of what is happening to these girls/women?  Bad hair, makeup, drugs, plastic surgery, personal style, nutrition...

It's actually really sad about what it does to some of them, and how sometimes they feel the need to go to the extremes to stay relevant/beautiful.

Melissa Gilbert:  Known for being on "Little House on the Prairie" and current season of "Dancing With The Stars"
*fun fact- she had a house close to my husband's grandparents in Wisconsin*

Amy Winehouse:  Grammy Award winning singer, who unfortunately died way too early.  I love the song "Rehab" but always feel guilty for liking it...

Heidi Montag:  Known for being a reality "star" and all around attention whore.  (excuse the language) She was a pretty, wholesome looking girl who changed almost everything about herself!  I don't think she looks any better and the sad part is, she can never go back.  

*all images via google*
Well tune in next week for part III.  I even have a man in mind.  

Oh and before I go, I had a dream about Jon Hamm last night (yummy) but I made him do his hair like on "Mad Men" so he would look more like Don Draper.  When I woke up I told myself not to be so picky next time...

Catch ya later bugs!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Truth (that you can handle)

So yesterday I posted my 2 truths and a lie, today is the results show.  (I've been watching too much Dancing With The Stars)

Here is the review:

1. I broke my arm in Middle School during free time/recess.
2. I've met conjoined twins.
3. I have been to Disney World 3 times.

I have to say...I fooled you all.  Is it wrong to be happy about that?  That I'm a good liar.  I'm a strange person.  No one guessed the lie...which was number 1.  I have actually never broken in a bone in my life...and I hope to keep it that way!

Number 2:  I met the conjoined twins when I was working at McDonald's.  Ok, we don't talk and hang out but i served them at McDonald's.  They are pretty famous conjoined twins who I believe you can find here.  But I'm not 100% that is them, but they were similar in the fact that they shared a body and had 2 heads.  (Also they come from the state next to mine)

Number 3:  I have in fact been to Disney World 3 times.  First time I was 5 years old and my parents surprised my sisters and I.

Second time, I was a Junior in high school and we had a choir trip to Disney to perform.

Finally, we went to Disney on our Honeymoon.  We really wanted to go to Hawaii but we just didn't have the money.  Below are pictures of all three Disney trips.  

Aren't you jealous of my awesome haircut?

Meeting Cinderella for the 2nd time.

Tea cups!!!

This is actually a frame on our computer desk from our honeymoon.

Ok, so I guess I told another mini lie.  I was going to post my "What did they DO to you?" part 2 today, but I didn't realize I was going to make this a whole post.  But it is coming come back!  Thanks lovies!!!
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