Monday, October 21, 2013

Pleeeeeease. :)

Hi.  Today I am begging asking for you to fill this out.  (I've been seeing this lately out on some blogs - recently Kristine)  I have quite a few followers on bloglovin' but most of them are anonymous.  So tell me who you are!   And I will be back soon.     :)

Sank you Sank you (ala' Lawrence Welk - SNL)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm Ashamed ...

I'm ashamed...

...My iPod has Ashlee Simpson on it.

...I DVR'd the Miley Cyrus MTV documentary.

...My son's Play-Doh is kept in a Miller Lite bucket.

...I'm at level 490 on Candy Crush. (so very ashamed) *edit - make that 491*

...I haven't done my nails in over a month.

...I had beef jerky at 11 pm last night.

...I went to bed at 2 am last night - and I had to be up at 7:30am.


Anything you are ashamed of?  Care to share?

*Peace & Be Ashamed With Me*

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Good Traveler (WW-ish)

This is mostly a Wordless Wednesday :

  This is again from our trip to Branson, Missouri in J
une.   It was I believe 10 hours in the car, each way.  I have to say Mason did really good.  He would nap, or play with an iPod, color (he actually fell asleep doing so - see below), make his Cookie Monster dance, and mostly watch a portable DVD player.  We taped a bunch of his favorite shows for the trip and it helped so much!   

And down for the count when we got home from the vacation!   And this is a kid who never falls asleep anywhere but his bed or car.   He was so tired.

Happy Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What did they DO to you? (4) A Love, A Kate, & A Jolie.

So awhile ago I started a series called "What did they DO to you?"  It's pretty much the horror that is Hollywood today.  Here are my other posts (here, here & here) which are
singers, actors/actresses, etc.  

*note:  I do feel bad for these people.   I'm sure they have a lot of pressure to look good or young, but in the end they are just making it worse*

Today the 3 women I focused on were Courtney Love, whom has been up front mostly about plastic surgery & drug use.  Then Kate Bosworth & Angelina Jolie and their weight fluctuation.   I am not by anyways saying they had an eating disorder, however they had dramatic weight changes.   Perhaps stress, illness, etc.  I can imagine the pressure on these actors/actresses to lose weight or be a certain size.

*all images courtesy of google*

Courtney Love
mostly known for being a rocker and being married to Kurt Cobain

Kate Bosworth
movie star, and I mostly know her from "Blue Crush" - actually a pretty decent movie

Angelina Jolie
no explanation really needed about who this is, right?
 Tomb Raider

Anybody that comes to mind when you think about Hollywood & what had happened to them? 

*Peace & Eat A Cheeseburger*
(or boca-burger if you prefer)

Monday, October 7, 2013

So Many Clothes

So it was a good weekend for Packer fans.   They beat the Lions at home continuing a big record of winning against them at Lambeau.  

Now they are 2-2.   Not exactly the perfect standings but hopefully we continue to win....hopefully.

In other football news, my Fantasy team.   I can't do anything right.  

My first pick this year was Tom Brady.   Score, right?  No.  He's been letting me down week after week.  Yesterday he didn't throw any touchdowns (breaking his streak)   and threw an interception.   Personally I don't like him but I can't deny he's good....usually.  

Also Anquan Boldin.   I put him on the bench, he puts up like 25 fantasy points.   When I play him?   One week he got me 2 and this week less than 10.   So it's safe to say, I'm not doing so hot.

Today I wanted to share some Packers gear.    I posted this last year for Wildcard weekend (post here) from Polyvore.

These are some of the things on my wish list this year.
(Click picture for link)

I love me some hoodies.

I love all things comfortable.

And just something that blows my mind.  I mean, I usually love all things Packer/football but come on.  A toaster?   For 40 bucks!   I think I will save the $40 and eat my toast without a G on it thank you very much!

Well have a good one lovies.   Linking up with the fab Kristine today!

Living Barefoot and Crazy

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pool League Anyone?

So what does one do when they have never played pool (sober) and know literally nothing about it?   (I even forgot what it meant to 'scratch' was).   

You join a pool league.   Yes, that's right, I am in a pool league.    

I actually was roped into it.  My friend Mandy mentioned being in it, and I kind of shot down the idea because I have never played.  Well "be a sub then".  "Ok" I say.   

Fast froward 1 1/2 months later...Oh hey Miranda, our pool league starts the 26th.  

Me - "     .....................  . Oooook."

So here I am, about to go play pool for the second time ever on a team.   I will say I am either a somewhat good player that didn't know it, or I had beginners luck.  We are second in the league and we won 6 out of 10 games last week.   

So now I am trying to learn terminology like "kitchen", "english" "double railed/s?" 

Now I ask, any pool players out there?  Tips?   I mean the other teams I play against bring their own sticks/cues whatever.    One even lit up last week.    They mean business.   

And I just hope I don't embarrass myself.

*Now I'm debating adding a picture.   Just to make this post more interesting....hmmm let me go see"

This speaks the truth.

* Peace & Pool *

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