Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things I Loved in February !

Happy Leap Day!!! I know that February isn't quite over but I thought I would recap the things I loved (and some I didn't love) in this wonderful (yet cold) month).

First things first...I don't know if I have ever mentioned this but I got the idea for "things loved..." from the fun and fashionable blogger Dusty from All Things G & D.  I just need to give credit, where credit is due.   On we go.

1. My new personalized necklace: I have wanted for awhile a necklace with Mason's name on it.  Well I finally decided on this necklace from this Etsy shop.  It was well priced and it reminded me of a Mason's name is on my lucky penny.
obviously it has Mason's name on it instead.
2. Easter Peanut Butter M&Ms:  I'm not a huge fan of chocolate (besides brownies) but one thing I practically never turn down is PB M&Ms.  And they are Easter themed so they are speckled eggs.  I heart them.

3. Breakfast Smoothies:
So I have been starting my morning with a smoothie.  My fave go to is an adaption of a ton of spinach-type-smoothies.  Here is how I make mine.

- 1 and 1/2 handfuls spinach
- a dash (yes a dash) of water and low fat milk
(i put these in the blender first so the spinach gets completely blended...)
- a cup and half of ice
- 3 big scoops of Vanilla Yogurt
- 6-8 frozen strawberries
- 1 banana

Also this delicious Healthy Peanut Butter Smoothie from the lovely Holly.  

4. Leap day:  How can we not celebrate another day on the calendar that only comes every 4 years.  It's an extra day!  Enjoy it!  *Edit* Leap Day has decided to dump a ton of heavy, wet snow on us here.  I am convinced that if today wasn't Leap Day we would be snow free.  (and not because I live in Wisconsin)

5. Searches that led to my blog:  I have the normal searches that correspond with some posts like 'German numbesr 1-10' and 'Ryan Gosling'...but the best one ever..."Barbie Garter Belt".  First of all I have never posted about any of those things.  Seriously.  Oh and why does Barbie have a garter belt?  or why is there a garter belt with Barbie on it?  

6. Ellen Degeneres:  I just checked out her book "Seriously...I'm Kidding" from the library.  I am on page 27 and I have laughed out loud so many times already.  Love her.

What I did not love:
I had to give up the Internet on my phone.  So that means not as many tweets and not answering your emails as quickly.  So I apologize...and i really wish i could change it.  Hopefully in the future!


You only have a few days left to enter my giveaway (aka 'The Giveaway of Choices')

Also I brought up the ask me anything the other day.  So if you have questions, post them in the comments of this post or any other one!  I would love to answer anything you want to ask :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today was the day . . .

So were you on edge of your seat this morning when they announced the new Dancing With Stars cast (and their pro partners!)....just me? really?  Hmmm, well, we'll just move on then.

As always i was a little disappointed by some of their "stars" but i do end up warming up to some of them.  However this season i have a few faves...and one very very VERY special one. 

Sherri Shepherd - I think she will be pretty entertaining.

Gavin Degraw

Maria Menounos - (wasn't her Oscar dress beautiful?!)

AND (my fave)
DOUBLE D- Donald Driver - 
He seems like such a great guy, funny, and who doesn't love a guy who does commercials that tell you to wear your seat belt.  ;)

Ok...I know to most some of you either don't care or don't know who he is.  But, if you love the Green Bay Packers or football you do!  I'm happy only Mason was here to witness my reaction - and he's not talking. 

So, do you guys have any favorites yet?  Do you even watch DWTS?  Do you even own a TV?  (I sure hope so) :)

*all images via google*

Monday, February 27, 2012

* Monday, Monday *

Have you heard this song before?  I love listening to it every Monday.  It is an oldie (but that is what my parents had me listen too).  But I think it's pretty great.

Alrighty, just a few things on this hopefully lovely Monday.

OK...I'm going to try this "ask me anything" again.  Just because I'm curious what you want to know.  I tried this before and got maybe 1 question but I won't give up.  :)  so...ask away!


Also, as I have mentioned before I was given 'The Cute Blog Award' seen here. Well there are a few things that come along with getting this award.  I need to answer the questions.

What is your go to makeup brand?
I mostly use CoverGirl or Clinque.

What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
Yeah...I'm really bad at fashion.  But I love wearing my boots with my new (can't-belive-i-own-them skinny jeans)

What is your favorite dessert?
I'm not a big dessert person.  (I love my carbs)  but I will almost never turn down a brownie.

What is your favorite color?
Yellow, brown, gray.  My all time fave colors.

What is your middle name?
Lynn.  My dad's middle name is Lynn as well.  I know some people think that is weird but I like it.  

The last song you listened too?
Not too sure.  My huband had on the 90's Pandora channel. But now I am watching the Oscars so whatever song is playing in the background.

Dogs or Cats?
Dogs. For sure.  I've got my doggies (and Mason's best friends)  Bailey & Ally.

Something you haven't told anyone (on your blog) yet?
Hmmm...there is quite a bit...but that is for some other posts.


Also I want to apologize that I made my giveaway a little weird by asking for 2 blog comments.  Sorry about that...I am a giveaway newbie.  

And finally. I saw this on another blog recently and thought, this can't be true!  But while grocery shopping this past weekend, I found them.  The birthday cake oreos.  They smell delicious, and the only person in my house who has had them so far is Mason and he devoured them.  Today, I will be eating them... hopefully I will only eat 2, but we all know that won't happen.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Words . 11 .

Weekend Words the Link-up is dead.  Yeah...That's a bit dramatic...but its true.  I will probably post Weekend Words every weekend or at least every other weekend but it will no longer be a link-up.  However if you still want to join me I will keep the button on my sidebar.  You are always welcome. :)  

Well are some of my favorite new E-Cards from someecards.  It is a hilarious website!  And two extras I got from Pinterest.  

So True.
I can think of a few...

Hope you guys get this...

This one is hilarious...and true.

I swear this was written about my dogs.

*The tune to Milkshake*  and I laugh every time I read it.

Have a great weekend lovies!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nail Files on a Friday

The Nail Files

So today I am linkup up for the first time with Tara and Vicki for The Nail Files.  *Note:  these are not my nails*

So a few weeks ago I won a giveaway for $25 to Amazon from Taylor's blog.  After thinking about what to get for hours upon hours (or 20 minutes) I decided - Nail Polish!  I maybe owned 5 nail polishes.  2 of them were bought for a Euro each in Germany, and one I stole borrowed from my sister.  The others were bought after I started blogging.  (oh the nail polish peer pressure!)  Actually now I am just addicted.

First up, I took to twitter for suggestions.  Kasey suggested Essie Mochachino) (bought it)

Amber suggested Bobbing for Baubles (bought it II)

Then I just randomly searched and found some good deals.  The Serena Williams pack was around $7.50 for 2 full sized polishes.  These are the other ones I bought on Amazon.

OPI Muppets Collection Warm & Fozzie

OPI Katy Perry Not Like The Movies
OPI Serena Williams Your Royal Shine-ness & Servin' Up Sparkle (I didn't have any sparkles for an accent nail so I really was excited about these)
Also I acquired these fabulous colors:

Sinful Colors Mint Apple & Easy Going
Sally Hansen Gunmetal

Also of course if you missed yesterday I posted my Giveaway!  Check-Check-Check-It-Out!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Giveaway of Choices

This is my "Giveaway of Choices"  - Ok that was boring.  So just imagine I am Ellen DeGeneres giving out my 12 Days of Giveaways and I just duped you with some ridiculous skit.  (If you don't watch Ellen I guess you don't understand what I'm saying)  So Annnnyyways...

I have wanted to do a giveaway for awhile.  I don't want this blog to become all about giveaways but to tell you the truth...I am so excited.  And I love giving people gifts.  So what's wrong with it?   But now that I have a little bit of money. (for a short amount of time)  I want to give y'all something good. secret.  I love the Target.  And the Starbucks.  But I realize that not everyone is fortunate to have these places around them.  So that is why I give the choices.  

Also, I was never really  hooked on the "Keep Calm and _____" things but then I was introduced to this Etsy shop and I loved all the possibilities.  Just so you know...whoever wins...I will also be getting my first "Keep Calm..." as well. 

So don't know if I was clear - since I am blurred by my excitment but this is what is at stake.

Your choice of:

- $20 Target Gift Card or
- $20 Starbucks GC
- $10 Target & $10 Starbucks

and of course your choice of an 8X10 poster from this shop.

I will announce the winner Monday March 5th but the giveaway will end March 3rd

It's Ok

Its Ok Thursdays

Linking up once again with Neely and Amber for that 'oh-so-famous-it's-ok-Thursday.'

it's ok...

...that only one person did my link up on Monday. be sad that only one person did my link-up.  i thought it was a good idea. be excited about finally getting 140 followers one day and then the next day back to 139.  (i need to remember it's not about the numbers) son considers french fries a food group

...that watching the Jeopardy College Tournament makes me feel like I don't deserve my Bachelors Degree

...that I have my next 5 kids named even though I will probably only have 1 or 2 more

...that I consider my son's nap time as my nap time as well

...that I had to give up a "friend" who wasn't really my friend in the first place (stay tuned for that story...) be happy that our tax refund is taking us out of Credit Card debt.  

...that in my late 20's I still have no idea what I don't to do when I "grow up"

...that I am going to post my giveaway later  (I didn't want to hijack the 'It's OK' ladies' post)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Birthday Party . . .

Hi Lovies.  Sorry for my lack of posts.  But this past weekend we traveled 3 hours to go to my niece's 1st Birthday Party and I am still exhuasted.  First of all, Mason does OK in the car but once we get to new places (especially if they aren't baby proof) we are constantly running around after him with no time to sit down.  Plus he hates sleeping in strange places.  So that means staying up late and sleeping in bed with us.So that was going on alllllll weekend.  

Then when visiting my sister, we love to stay up and talk. So we would get to bed at like 1am then wake up at 8.  I don't regret that but still makes for one tired me...even come Tuesday.  So today's post is from this past weekend.  Then the rest of the week?  Linking up for the first time with a popular link-up and announcing my first giveaway.  Like I said before, it's called the "Giveaway of Choices"...and soon you will find out why.  
Mason loves cats...we don't have one of our own so when he sees one at someone elses house he goes crazy and says "kitty, kitty, kitty".   Then he did a lot of playing with his cousin Juliana (the birthday girl).  
Juliana's actual birthday is this Wednesday but we still celebrated this weekend.  She loved her cake....and got a picture with her mom (my sister) and her dad.
My sister has a huge jaccuzi tub that Mason would stare and point at finally Saturday night we let him get in there.  He loved it and cried like crazy when we took him out.
Also , I recieved this award from my BCF Katie.  I was really excited about this award because I have never gotten this one before. :)  I will do the "rules" of the award soon!

Friday, February 17, 2012

What's On Your Fridge?

So I'm sure you have heard of blog posts about "what's in my bag?"  Well, I took a little twist of that and made "what's on your fridge? I just thought it would be a fun thing to do.  If you so below...i would love to see what you have on your fridge! (lasting all weekend)

This is the crappy side of the fridge but with some good stuff.  As you can see "Choking/CPR" and my sons information.  (Emergency Numbers, allergies, etc) And of course, some menus.  
The front of the fridge. (I have always wanted a black fridge so when we got our house, that is what we bought)
Mason's artwork, a birth announcement from July (I have a lot of old stuff on my fridge), the first family picture of all of us, and at top Guss & I with the real deal - Ronald McDonald...when we were both managers at McD's.
Mason's 1st B-day picture, Photostrips of me with my friend and Guss.  And my actual postcard from Antarctica.  One of my oldest friends is a Geology Major and got to go there for 6 weeks.  How many people can say that they got a postcard from Antarctica?! (also there is a magnet I had made of my sisters & I)
My niece Juliana, more photostrips of Mason and my friend, a Christmas card of a beautiful black lab Jackson, and Mason's first finger painting!
1. A picture my cousin Haylee made of my family's last name.
2. An invitation to a Halloween Party (yes last Halloween)
3. More Juliana and an invite to her 1st B-Day Party (this weekend in fact)
4. Our wedding announcement from the local paper - from 2006.
5. A Christmas card from my BCF Katie.
6. Another old invite from last Septemeber.
L:  One of my favorite things. (It's cows in the car).  R:  A close up of our wedding picture from the paper.  Fun Fact:  The top right magnet is one we bought from Venice Beach, California where we were engaged.
Finally - We plan on visiting all 50 states and we get magnets of all states we have visited together.  (We need to purchase like 3 more)  What bothers me most?  New Hampshire is gigantic and Maine & Massachusetts are tiny compared to it...
So there you go.  That is what is on my fridge.  Again I know this is a werid link-up/post, but I am constantly going to peoples houses and looking at what they have on their fridge. 

Also - Next week I will be announcing my first giveaway!  I will call it the "Giveaway of Choices".  Fun, right?  Well hope you come back next week to see what it is all about (and why I chose that name)!!!

*Cheers to the freaken weekend!*  (I'll drink to that) know the rest.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grammys - A Bit Late

The Grammys this year I think turned out pretty good.  (Except that hideous Chris Brown performance - which caused this disgusting thing on twitter)

However the Grammys were especially awesome for people who live in a medium-sized (it's medium for WI) town in Wisconsin.  Because the indie-rock band Bon Iver won two Grammys!  One for Best New Artist where Justin Vernon (the lead singer) made an awkward speech.  But it was still awesome.  Because then halfway through he thanked the town I live in!  (We also graduated from the same University)  Anyways...I know a lot of people haven't heard of them and it was somewhat of an upset but I like it!  Below, if you are interested, is the speech. 

Ok a quick run down of some performance:

Beach Boys/Maroon 5/Foster the People:  I actually loved this but that's because I grew up watching Full House and Uncle Jesse played with the Beach I love oldies.

Taylor Swift:  Her performance made my husband say these exact words "Dammit Taylor, you're making me think you're hot"...he's a weirdo, I know.

Bruno Mars:  I thought it was a good performance...And his hairstyle always cracks me up.

Adele:  I of course loved it and was happy it wasn't horrible after her throat surgery but did anyone else think she sang in a lower key or just lower overall?  It just seemed different.  

Jennifer Hudson:  While she did an awesome job of covering Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You", I believe no one will ever sing it better than Whitney herself.

...And one more thing about the lady of the night - Adele.  I think she totally deserved all her Grammys.  Her album and voice are amazing.  The thing is I really liked other people who were nominated.  And I couldn't help but think when they found out they were nominated against Adele, they were like "shit".  Because they knew they were going to lose.  And sure enough they did.  

Worst Dressed
Robyn:  I can't stand those shoes...
Nicki Minaj:  i feel like she was trying to hard to be weird
Fergie:  To tell you the truth, if it wouldn't have been see through and just had an orange lining it might have been really cool.  But ew.
Adele:  Maybe just because I have a major girl crush on her but I think this a beautiful simple dress.  I agree with some people who say she could dress younger, but this dress isn't bad at all.
Katy Perry:  I actually love this dress.  It is definitely a dress I think only Katy Perry could pull off though.  And I might not be in the majority here, but I actually like the blue hair.  She can pull it off.  (However I wasn't a fan of the crimped/frizzy style from her performance)
So there you have it.  Do you agree with my dress choices?  But the biggest question I really want to know from you...have you ever heard of Bon Iver?  Do you think they deserved Best New Artist?

P.S.  Friday is the Fridge Link Up  -  It will be fun :)

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