Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where would I love to live?

Today I am joining Cole for "3 on Thursday".  This week's question is

Sometimes it's fun to envision packing up and moving to a new city/state.  Where are three places that you'd consider living?

1) Berlin, Germany:
I love this city!  There is so much to see and do and everyone I encountered was super friendly.  It wasn't difficult to navigate with it's train system, and is a quick hour ride to the town I studied abroad in. 

Me in Berlin.
Wittenberg, Germany
This is the town I studied abroad in.  I love it here but living in Berlin would still give me easy access!  

2) Boston:
Probably one of favorite cities in America.  I would love to live near the Ocean but not the Florida/California beaches.  I like being able to see the Ocean in all seasons.  The Pros of Boston?  Fresh Seafood, Chowder, and Dunkin' Donuts everywhere!  The Cons?  The Red Soxs.

Guss & I in Boston.

3) Seattle:
I have never actually been to Seattle, but I want to go so bad!  It just looks like a place I wouldn't mind living.  First of all...Starbucks!!!  And just all the people and food!  Plus I don't mind rainy weather!

How about you?  Where would you want to live?  Somewhere you've never been?  Another country?  Go check out Cole's blog and see where other people would want to live or link-up yourself!

*all images my own or via Google*

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What did they DO to you?!! (1)

So while doing some quality TV watching the other night, I got to thinking.  What happened to this girl?  Well this girl was Aubrey O'Day.  She is of Diddy/Puffy/Sean Combs Making the Band fame, and once was in a girl group "Danity Kane".  And I had the CD...actually wasn't too shabby.   

However this girl is now on the Celebrity Apprentice and she is labeled as a "Pop Star".  Um yah.  I really don't consider Aubrey a Pop Star.  She is no Britney or Lady Gaga.  

Anyways, on to what this post is really about.  What fame, entertainment industry, etc...does to some of these girls.  So once I started thinking, a lot actually came to mind so this is going to be a mini-series I do every week.

Some examples of what is happening to these girls/women?  Bad hair, makeup, plastic surgery, personal style...

Let the show begin -

Aubrey O'Day:  (info: see above)


Nikki Cox:  
(info: had her own show "Nikki"- which I used to watch and also starred in "Las Vegas")


Megan Fox: (info- starred in "Hope & Faith", "Transformers" and is known as being super-hot...not my words)   I don't really believe Megan Fox had work done but I just think she had quite the dramatic change, which could just be the result of aging.)
*Rumor has it (not the Adele song, but that is now stuck my head) that she is expecting her first child.*

So what do you think?  Do you agree?

Tune in next week for Part II!!!
Have a great day lovies!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Obsession

So lately I have had a few songs playing repeat on my ipod.  I'm sure some of these you have heard of and others maybe not.  But I do encourage you to check them all out!  (The Lonely Island one I think is just freaken hilarious, however very graphic language!)
* some of the videos are the best - just focus on the music :)

See any of your favorites?  Any suggestions for me for some new music?  I'm always looking!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bad vs. Good

Hi.  How are you?  I'm good. I'm done pretending I am writing a hand written letter.  (who even does that anymore? :)  Ok me...because I have a pen pal)   Do you want a pen pal?  Let me know...because I have super cool sharpies to use.  I'm not joking.

Well today I am here to share a little about my last few days.  The Bad.  And the Good.  First the bad, just to get past it.

*  My uncle who I haven't seen in 3 years couldn't believe I wasn't pregnant.  "You're not pregnant?!"  No, but thanks for ruining my day.  And thanks for making me drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine.

* The asshole gas station cashier who asked for my ID while buying said alcohol.  "Oh I would have guessed you were much older".  Oh really?  Well F You.

*  Another uncle (had a semi-family reunion this past weekend, can you tell?) treating me like a child who needs lessons.  Actually Uncle, I am in my late twenties, have a Bachelors degree, and somehow (unbeknownst to me) keep a child alive.  Leave me alone.

* The German language hates me.  I love it.  But things like this really make me want to quit it.

The In-between

* Right before I had Mason I worked at a Pet Store (aka where the pets go)  I actually liked it except this Manager, who actually, years ago,  was the Maid of Honor in my Aunt and Uncles wedding (where I was a flower girl)  For some reason she just doesn't' like me.  So a year ago, I reapplied. Didn't' hear a thing.  Well today I was in the store and the General Manager (the manager above this "Suzy") asked if I was coming back.  I said I applied a while ago and never heard a thing.  He was surprised, and said next time call him.  So apparently this "Suzy" really did hate me and didn't even tell her boss I wanted to come back.  Jerk.

The Good

* Mason's doctor's appointment went good today.  He is healthy, and has a gigantic head (thank god for the c-section).  And the nurse that gave him his shot said he was the best kid all day.  Didn't move and barely cried.  We do have to call someone about improving his speech but I don't see that as a bad thing.  I just want what is best for Mason.

* I saw this on my cousin's facebook wall and I laughed so hard.  This always makes my day.  Awesome movie.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh, Wednesday

Oh man, do I wish I was sleeping like this right now.  I know it may seem I have been blog slacking lately but in order to try and keep up home and child-wise, I am posting 3-4 times a week.  Or hopefully more  if there is more time.  But man does a 2 year suck the energy right out of you.  Plus all the TV watching I have to can't believe the stress.  :)
Taken in our hotel room on our vacation.
Today Guss is off of work and Mason is going to get a haircut and then off to his 2 year doctor's appointment.  I always like these appointments to hear about how he is growing but I know he is getting shots which always sucks.  Plus I am nervous about the doctor being concerned about how much Mason doesn't talk.  2 year old are supposed to say at least 50 words.  Mason doesn't even say 10.  So I'm worried.  A lot.  

Well have a happy Wednesday everyone!  
Sorry for the lame post :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Whole Lot of Awkward

So this is usually Awkward and Awesome but there is a lot more Awkward than usual.  And then a few things that are Awesome to me but will probably be Awkward for you.  And you may even think I'm crazy.  But that's ok.   Because I am.  Crazy.


* A new batch of search words (that caused people to find my blog)

- awkward birthday cakes (it even has awkward in the name)
- how to draw ellen degeneres (because everyone needs to know that)
- i love never say no hello ooh ooh ooh nm  (ummm what?)

* It was a nice day and the good looking mailman was wearing shorts and I said "whoooo!".  Then I realized my window was open.  I dropped to the floor and hoped he didn't realize it came from my house.

* Opening up my son's diaper to change it and it was...dirty.  I said "whoa!" and now every time I change my sons diaper (#1 or #2) he says "whoa!:

* My dad singing "Red Sippie Cup" to my son.  (Like "Red Solo Cup" if you have never heard it)

* Me saying "Just grab the beer, put in the diaper bag, and let's just go!"  (this was uttered on our vacation, on our way to my parent's room)

Stuff that is Awesome to me

* My husband I making up our own phrases one night while trying to get my son to calm down before bed.
Me:  Ok, that's enough Monkey-Ruckusing.
Him:  No more Rough-Rhombus.
(utterly ridiculous phrases that make me laugh till i cry...maybe you had to be there)

* All the super cool names that just come out of my mouth when talking to my husband.
His real name:  Russel.  What I call him on paper/blog: Guss.  Repeat Offenders:  Wally, Judas.
Said the other night:  "Thanks for feeding the dogs Raphael."  (have no idea where that came from)

* And finally.  My favorite.  That may have you shaking your head at me.

Last week I was taking a shower.  I was sitting down, thinking, and drinking a beer.  Yes in the shower.  It had been a looooong day.  
While I was thinking I was singing the Fergie song "Glamorous" in my head and there is a certain part I always sing different than the actual words.

'After the show or after the Grammy's
I like to go cool out with the family
Sippin' reminiscing on days when I had a Mustang'

But instead of Mustang, I always say Mustache.  I just think it fits so much better.
That got me thinking... "Mustache...Alex Trebek used to have a mustache."

So, Light bulb moment.  I get out of the shower and tell my husband this fantastic idea.  I am going to write a song about Alex Trebek/Jeopardy to the tune of "Glamorous".  I am literally giddy and my husband asks me "If I go into the bathroom will I smell pot?"  (I assure you that would never happen)

So I tweeted about it.  And it's going to happen.  And it will complete my life.

Even my girl Liz Lemon from 30 Rock knows what's up with Mr. Trebek.
So that's going to be all the crazy I will leave you with today.  I don't know if you could handle much more. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Help Me...

...I'm poor.  (Thank you "Bridesmaids")

Ok so that's not what this post is about.  I actually need to ask you for your help.  

1) I have finally gotten the coveted iPhone 4s a few weeks ago.  It's safe to say it's love.  However, I still need some help finding some really cool apps.  So besides Instagram, what are some of your favorite apps?  Whether they be paid, free, games, news, photography - I must know.  Help me expand my app's please.  
My super new, super cool phone cover.

2) So this question is about exercise and lifestyle.  I have been doing ok with the Couch to 5K but that is only 3 times a week and I think I need some more exercise in my life.  Any suggestions for a class or fun workout? 

But most importantly I need some healthy tips. Anyone have suggestions to up my intake of water?  Any healthy snacks or recipes for meals?  I do good the first part of the day, I have my warm lemon water and then my spinach smoothie.  For lunch I try to have a Lean Cuisine (I know they aren't the best) or a salad.  But supper is my worst.  I always end up eating something bad.  

So any tip really will help me :)

Thanks lovies!

Sunshine All Around

Today I am sharing with you two things (lucky you)...I got an awesome award from the lovely Sarah.  And then to go with the Sunshine Award I have some "Sun" Pins to share.  Another post coming later today - because I need help.  :)

Favorite color? Yellow 
Favorite number? 3 or 33 (33 was my number is soccer)
Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Is there such a thing?  I would have to say Water.  Just because I can drink it with anything.
Facebook or twitter? I love Facebook for keeping up with actual friends but twitter is awesome.  It's like texting friends all over the internet.

My passion? Art.  I love making it (even though I'm not that good) and I love the history of it.

Favorite animal? Dogs, hands down.
Getting or giving presents? Who doesn't love getting presents?  But I love picking something special for someone and having them open it.

Favorite pattern? Um, houndstooth?  weird question.

Favorite flower: Lilacs.  The smell brings me back to my childhood in the summer and it is just a great smell.
Who I am giving the award to:

On to the pins...

Love this movie.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday Boy

So as I posted last week, my baby boy turned TWO!  To celebrate beforehand we went to the Children's Museum in St. Paul and then when we got home he opened his gifts.

When we were in the cities we actually stayed on the Air Force base there.  My mom is a retired Sergeant so it was pretty cool to see everyone having to salute her.  Plus Mason became obsessed with watching the planes take off and land. (it is also next to the airport)  He loved it until they started a C130 up (loud/big plane) and then he kind of freaked out.

Anyways, here are some photos from the Museum.  I still think he's a little young to get the whole effect but he really loved the water part!  We let him play until he started splashing the water at everyone around him. (adults and kids)

Sorry about that first picture being sideways...I tried to fix it but then I got too lazy.
For his birthday he got a few books, 2 Sesame Street toys and since we are trying to limit the toys, my parents got him 2 Disney DVDS - Lady & The Tramp and Beauty & The Beast.
His other Grandma got him a basketball hoop and one of those car thingys. 

 We actually have to bring the car inside otherwise he stands at the window and points and whines for it. He gets in it and just sits.  Once he sat in it for a half an hour.  Doing nothing.  Ah, the simple things.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Vacation...and then some

So this past week was my husband's vacation and Mason's 2nd Birthday.  We hung out and then went to the cities in Minnesota.  We had a lot of fun but by the time we got home, everyone was exhausted and the 2 year molar monster  creeped up on our newly 2 year old.  He has been barely eating and sleeping like crazy.  

But hopefully that is past us and now the good (and a little bad) from this past week/weekend.

Well first off my iPad got started small and then the Tornado (Mason) got a hold of it and it was a lost cause.  Thankfully we had bought 1 year insurance on it and just barely made it.  Now we have 2 year never know.

Then we got a Betta fish.  We have had them before and they have lived 2 years and more.  However this one?  Dead in a week.  Good thing Mason hasn't noticed.

On Wednesday, I made my first trip to Ikea.  I can't tell you how excited I was.  For at least 2 years I have been begging Guss to take me but he never has.  So we go and I got a bunch of cheap frames and finally (after a lot of wheeling & dealing) I got this beauty.  A gigantic, awesome bookcase...for only $120!!!
Of course we made our way to the Mall of America (which I love but mostly for the food).  We ate at Hooters.  Judge all you want but their wings are awesome.  But the most awesome thing about going to the MOA?  I finally got the Naked Palette.  I couldn't decided between this one and the Naked Palette 2 but finally settled on the original.  It just has more colors I would wear.
I am a huge Art/Art History nerd so I dragged my husband to the Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden while my parents watched Mason.  My husband muttered many things under is breath about "how is this art?"  and I just loved it all!

And finally...this past week I got a fortune cookie with 2 cookies inside!!!  I hope this means I am doubly lucky and not doubly in trouble.  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

2 Years Old!!!

Two years ago today, at 10:45am, I had myself a humongous, adorable baby boy!  9 lbs 2 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.  
Mason Scott.
A couple hours old.
One day old.

One Year Old!
Just a week shy of 2 years!
I can't believe my baby is 2!  So far today he had cookies for breakfast and got away with throwing Kix at us from the backseat of the car.  Only because it's his birthday.

Well as you can see, I haven't been around again.  My husband is on vacation and we took trip to the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  I will post about that soon!  However, this weekend we are doing absolutely nothing.  I'm talking Pajama's and TV watching allllll day.  So you will hear from me soon.

Hope you have a great Easter!
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