Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yearbook Funnies

So the lovely ladies Cara, Amanda, & Melina have this hilarious link-up today.  It's called Yearbook Funnies and it's pictures of you in that awkward phase.  I chose a few pictures (a couple are not yearbook) because I had so many awkward stages.  Truthfully, I have another really horrible one from 6th grade but I can't find it right now.  But someday I will reveal it...it's horrendous (worse than these).  Anyways...right to the goods..

*I don't have s scanner so you will see some glare spots from my flash...sorry*

hello, Miss Mushroom cut
Proof that I sadly had a mullet. - on left - if you couldn't tell ;)
Yes, I believe that bow is bigger than my head. (and I look bald)
It's hard to tell but I have some huge glasses on, and that is the outfit I pretty much wore everyday - Adidas was really in.
I have no idea why mom let me have my bangs like that...Especially in a church picture like this one.

OK - this is the worst of them all.  My parents were out of town on picture day so my sisters were in charge of me.  Well I did my own (non-existent, hardly have any) hair.  How horrible is that?!  I actually can't believe I am sharing this.

Well I hope you all had a good laugh...I sure did! 

Make sure you go and check out those ladies blogs and check out their Yearbook Funnies and the other people who linked up!  It's going to be hilarious!  

Monday, January 30, 2012

Isn't it weird . . .

I don't mean for this to be a weird, cryptic post - but I have just been thinking.  

Thinking about life in general.

Isn't it weird that it can make you happy, hopeful, content but also in a day make you feel ashamed, defeated, depressed, and down on yourself?

This past weekend I spend some time with my family in a resort town in Wisconsin and I had a lot of fun. Just seeing my niece and my son play, seeing my parents, my sister, just not having any plans but hanging out.  

But then last night I come home and I become unhappy.  Maybe because I am sad the weekend is over, the new week is starting, or something else.

I am unhappy sometimes of who I am.  Of who I see in the mirror.  I don't think I am the same person I used to be. 

In some ways that is good.  I used to be so insecure and jealous and hateful person.  Now I feel like I am better but I still get down.

I don't feel like I have any (IRL) friends - (I have been having major Best Friend issues that will come up another day) - I feel like I weigh a million pounds (and I really can't blame it on my son - it's my lifestyle).

I struggle with smoking.  Gross, I know.  I grew up with my dad who smoked constantly and had 2 heart attacks and heart-by-pass surgery.  And what do I do?  I smoke.  What is wrong with me?  I don't want my son to have to be in 4th grade like I was and see me in the Intensive Care Unit.  

I think my biggest problem is self-control.  Will power.  I literally have none.  NONE.

Right now in my life...I want to be content.  I want to have a simplified life.  And I really wish I still had my therapist.  I have a great friend and family member I can turn to, but there is something about a person who doesn't know you, that really helps.  (You can read about why I no longer have one here).  

Sorry that this is long and depressing but this blog is for me to talk about who I am and what I am feeling.  It's just really nice to write about how I feel.  Have a great Monday lovies and come back tomorrow for something wayyyyyy more light hearted. :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tagged - Again !!!

Yay! I have been tagged again!  You can find my previous answers and 11 random facts about me here: Part 1 & Part 2

Questions from Kari

1.  If you had to pick a new profession today, what would it be? Work in an Art Museum
2.  Clooney, Pitt or Rogen? Rogen for sure...I just would have to get used to his laugh.
3.  What type of new technology have you chosen to avoid? Nooks/Kindles.  I want a Kindle Fire but the weird thing is - not for reading.  For the games and apps...
4.  What's your favorite perfume? Clinque Happy of Sweet Waters
5.  If you became a millionaire overnight, what's the first thing you would buy? Well sorry but first thing I will do is pay off debt - then I would buy a pontoon...I've always wanted one :)
6.  What scares you to death? Car washes - make me want to hyperventilate
7.  Do you have any tattoos?  If so, where and of what? 2 - both stars.  1 on my left wrist and the other on my lower back (before it was a tramp stamp)  
8.  Have you ever won a trophy?  (Trophies just for participating don't count.) I got the Sports Booster Award in Cheerleading my senior year.  The 2nd best award. :)
9.  Can you touch your tongue to your nose?  Nope.
10.  Who is your favorite musical artist? Johnny Cash
11.  What can you cook that you consider your specialty? My spaghetti and Manicotti.  

Questions from Julie

1. What's your favorite TV show? Since I love so much TV I will make the list short and just say my absolute top 2 "Friends" & "I Love Lucy"
2. Who would play you in a movie? Well of course I would love Reese Witherspoon but I was once told I looked like Leelee Sobieski, so that would be true to looks.
3. If you could pay someone to do one service for you for the rest of your life, what would it be? Um I think I would say CLEAN MY HOUSE!  I would love someone to cook for me but I can learn...but I will never unlearn hating to clean :)
4. What's your favorite store to shop at? H&M - cheap and cute stuff
5. What's your most embarrassing moment? (sorry! :) First day of Middle School - I'm wearing my hot overalls and talking to some boy while walking down the hall - well there is 2 sides of the hall: stairs/ramps and a railing dividing it.  I walked right into the railing...right in the place where it hurts most for guys but hurts pretty damn bad for girls too...
6. If you could only have one gadget, what would it be? (iPhone, computer, etc.) I think I would go for laptop/computer.  I think  you have more freedom on that than an iPhone.
7. What's your dream job? Work in an Art Museum
8. What's the best thing that happened to you in 2011? My son turned 1 year old.
9. Who was your first crush? Some boy in pre-school - his dad was a doctor.  
10. What is your guiltiest pleasure? Us Weekly...I love it.
11. If you could date one Hollywood hunk, who would it be? Well I can't chose between my Ryan's (Reynolds/Gosling)

Finally I received the "Liebster Blog Award" from Allie.  She is as cute as a button (and I never say that!) - So go check our her blog!  And thank you Allie!

Then the lovely Mrs. Z gave me the "Versatile Blogger Award".  I love receiving awards from all these lovely ladies.  I love all of their blogs and to be recognized by them means so much to me!!!

P.S. If you tagged me and I didn't answer your questions let me know!  

Weekend Words . 9 .


Welcome to Weekend Words!  Where I share some quotes that will last you the weekend!  Some are funny, inspirational, serious, etc.  It is just a little bit of everything!  If you want, link up and if not please just enjoy!!! 

Have a great weekend!!!

My kind of wine glass. 


Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Ok . . .

Its Ok Thursdays

It's been awhile but I wanted to link up again today with Neely & Amber for "It's Ok" Thursday.

it's ok...

...that I get jealous sometimes.

...to be a little sad that I got asked only one question for my "Ask Me Anything"  (but I will answer that one person)

...that I only make my bed when guests are coming over.

...to be sad that Picnik is closing.  Have to find something new now :(

...that i had french fries for three separate meals this past weekend.  None this week though! :)

...that i forget to capitalize my I's.  Something about I's make me lazy.  I don't dot my I's unless it is an official form.  One of my German professors didn't like that and went through an entire poster I made and dotted them for me. :)

...that when my husband doesn't feel good he still says "my tummy hurts"...and I maybe tease him for it. :)

Have an Excellent Thirsty Thursday!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Facebook Life of Miranda

So maybe about a month ago Neely did a Facebook Timeline post.  With her consent I have done the same thing. It was so much fun looking back and seeing what you posted/got posted to you on Facebook.  Unfortunately with my pictures you have to click on them to make it bigger so you can read it.  But, in my opinion, it's worth it.

2005 - This was the year I joined FB and also the year my Grandpa died.  My cousins & I became a lot closer after that on even had our own quote.

2006 - The year I got married.

2007 - Studying abroad in Germany.

2008 - After coming back from Germany, my friends & I talked constantly on FB in  German.  My sister was not too pleased. :)  Also we had our 2nd annual Housewarming party.  (Bought our first house in 2007)

2009 - Pregnant! (and graduated college earlier that year)

2010 - My best friend/cousin's wedding - Katie (check out her blog ya'll!)  Oh and I think photos of people dancing are hilarious!

Still 2010 - I had a baby!

2011 - My baby turned 1 year old!!!

I also visited 14 places.

Now - I like to quote funny things...especially Parks & Recreation. :)
Anything fun or interesting on your Facebook Timeline?  It's so weird to look back that far...

Monday, January 23, 2012

The House That Stayed Clean For A Week

Ladies and Gentlemen (if there is any that read this) - the moment you have all been waiting for...
The cleaning of my carpet and couch.

Couch:  We got this couch a few years ago and it is a very large sectional.  Truthfully?  Hasn't been moved since.  So that meant no vacuuming underneath it and we have never cleaned underneath the cushions.  The viewable parts have all been vacuumed many times though.

Carpet:  This thing had a little bit of everything on it.  Spit up, Formula, Milk, Juice, Wine (oopsies), Mud, Dog Hair, Leaves, Food (because Mason thinks throwing food on the floor is really cool), Blood, Sweat, & Tears.  Well, maybe not blood - we have been fortunate that way.

So Mason was shipped off to the grandparents while we slaved away (with beers in our hands) at the couch and carpet.  Guss's mom owns a Rug Doctor so we were fortune to use that.  We still have it and I plan to keep it as long as possible, because in this house we need to clean the carpet every month!
* There is already a few stains that have been added since it has been cleaned*

Below are some pictures and the very random list of things found underneath the couch and in the cushions.

- plastic bowl (that probably had goldfish in it at some time)
- flip flops (so that's where they went)
- beer can (that's kind of trashy)
- pop bottle
- burp clothes
- crackers
- baby monitor (its obvious we didn't use it much)
- Reese's PB cup wrapper (thank you husband)
- balls/blocks (toys that have been missing forever)
- Christmas card (didn't make it to the fridge this year)
- napkin
- pen
- lighter (strange since we don't use them in the house)
- makeup brush (the most random of all)
- enough dog hair/fur to make another one

The husband hard at work.  While I sit supervise from the sidelines.
The nasty before (left) and after (right)

Mason enjoying the weirdly clean carpet and couch.

There isn't much you can do with a sectional this big but for a week we had it this way.  Just a little something different.  However, not very practical for guests.
Our 'lounging' area. :)
Our guest/sitting area.

And finally - the poor, poor lamp that was shattered by the Tornado Mason.  The light bulb in it before was actually shattered too.
Now it just looks naked and sad.

So that is the fabulous, and long winded story about cleaning our carpet and couch.

Any of you ever used a rug doctor or good carpet shampooer?

P.S. You may/or may not have noticed I have a new Link Up button on my right sidebar.  Well it is something I will be bringing up next week.  It's a little weird...but a lot of fun :)  Stay tuned...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Words . 8 .

It's back!  Once again I took a week off.  Things have been sh*t-bat crazy here (inside joke sorry).

Welcome to Weekend Words!  Where I share some quotes that will last you the weekend!  Some are funny, inspirational, serious, etc.  It is just a little bit of everything!  If you want, link up and if not please just enjoy!!!

I think a lot of people (including me) needs to remember this!

Have a great weekend!   Don't forget to link up if you want to! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Home of a Toddler

This is what happens...
when you have a toddler.  Other examples seen here and here.

Today was supposed to be a longer post (that got deleted) but I ran out of time so that will for sure be coming Monday.  My husband has the weekend off so I will actually be able to get some posts written ahead of time!

House in the Morning...looking so clean (with just a few toys scattered)
Night-time (as you can tell by Mason's lack of pants...sometime during the day he decides it isn't cool to wear them anymore).  Toys everywhere (and this is only one part of the house!)  Plus I am sure there is some new stain on the carpet by his highchair.

Now some random pictures.  We got Mason a bunch of "Little People" animals of the alphabet at a garage sale this past summer.  Well every time he plays with them he grabs (F) Flamingo and (O) Ostrich and puts them side by side on a chair.  Only these two though...not any others.  I'm thinking it's because they have similar lets.  But I love Mason's little quirks.
Friends side by side.

And finally...Mason and his cheesy smile.  :)

Let's hope I have no more post problems with Blogger!  See you tomorrow for Weekend Words and back on Monday with a whole week of wild & crazy things! (because that is totally me, right?)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Now That Sucks . . .

So I had a long post that I finished last night around 1am and today it is gone. Title is there...everything else - gone.

Since right now I am taking care of my son and my cousin's baby I can't rewrite it till tonight.  So, yah.  Sorry...I'm going to go mentally kick blogger in it's shins.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bachelors (and not just the show)

Ok - so today's post was going to be about my adventures in carpet cleaning.  Exciting, no?  But that I will save for tomorrow.  After watching last night's "The Bachelor" and hearing a friend's (from High School) story, I thought I would post about Bachelor parties as well.

First.  'The Bachelor'.  Sorry if you don't watch - this part might bore you.  So last night a girl from a previous season Shawntel (a funeral director) came back to try and have a chance with this season's Bachelor.  Of course that is a little weird and I wouldn't be surprised if the producers had a hand in it, but the way the girls reacted drove me crazy. 
- This one girl kept saying "you don't know him!" and another girl said "I'm going to get dumped for some girl he has known 3 minutes".  Well truthfully it was said they had talked times before he became the Bachelor...so obviously she knew him.
- Some girl called her creepy because she was a funeral director.  Ok, probably to most that is creepy but you know what?  Someone has to do it...and it is her job.  When you grow up in a family business like that - it probably isn't creepy to you.
- The girls kept saying it was unfair.  Well you know what? If this was the real world, at any time a girl could come in and try and date your guy.  Love really isn't a game.  (Like that cliche?) 
- And the biggest thing that bothered me?  One of the girls was saying "He doesn't want Brad's (previous Bachelor) dumpster trash."  Well you know what ladies?  You are trying to date (and unrealistically get engaged to) a guy who was on a previous season.  So he is technically Ashley's trash.  

Finally about 'The Bachelor'?  That Courtney girl (the model) - her face doesn't seem to move to me.  She has a constant duck face.  

Onto the Bachelor party story.  I just need to know how ya'll would feel/react if your husband/significant other did this.  I know for a fact my husband has never been to a strip club.  I have once in the Czech Republic (story for another day) and Guss doesn't even have friends that go there.  To tell you the truth...it would probably bother me a little but after this story I definitely don't want him going to one.

So a girl I went to High School with, her sister was getting married.  So her husband was naturally invited to the Bachelor party.  Well this Bachelor party was at a Strip Club (big surprise right?).  Well afterwards she found out what happened and has been upset ever since.  

Apparently all the guys that went chipped in $20.  They were taken to a big shower room and they were each given 2 minutes to loofah/scrub this stripper.  That's it.  They spend over 100 bucks scrubbing some girl up.  This actually disgusts me.  If you have a wife/fiance/girlfriend...how about you don't waste the 20 buck, you go home, romance your whatever and soap her up for free!  The thing that also bothered me is that he said it was awesome. Really?  That's sad.  And it makes you that stereotypical guy.  Truthfully if my husband did that and thought it was awesome...I would think 'who is this guy?'

Hate this shirt. 

What do you think about strip clubs?  Or I suppose a club where strippers get washed (ew)?  Do you watch 'The Bachelor'?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Awkward (plus a late Award)

So a long long time ago (or early December), Kaycie from here, posted an Awkward Quiz thingy.  So I took the liberty of copying her (and she got this from someone else).  I thought this one was really fun.

1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?
Well my parents call me 'Toots' or 'Tootsie' and my oldest sister for some reason calls me "Bananakins" or "Bananers".  They are all very embarrassing and I can't believe I shared them.

2. What's a weird habit of yours? 
I have so many...I have OCD so I am always doing something strange.  (story for another day)

3. What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you're alone?
Any Britney Spears song.  They are just hard not to dance and sing to!

4. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
People who don't hold the door for you when you walk in after them.  They are jerks.

5. What's one of your nervous habits?
I shake my leg (I do that all the time but it gets worse when I'm nervous) and  I sweat.  Gross.

6. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Ever since Mason was born I sleep on the side closest to the door, but before he came along and whenever we travel I make Guss sleep on the outside.  In case someone comes in :)

7. What was your first stuffed animal & it's name?
A teddy bear that I got when I was 2.  My parents said I went straight to it and I still own it.  Now Mason plays/snuggles with it.  Oh and his name is Theodore.  (Teddy for short)

8. What's the drink you ALWAYS order at Starbucks?
The majority drink is a Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato extra Hot.

9. What's the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?
Always wash your face before bed.  I really need to do this...but I am so tired by the end of the night I don't.  I need to save my skin!

10. Which way do you face in the shower?
If I am standing - with my back to the water.  But I am a total weirdo and sit down often in the shower.  I know it's weird but I don't really like baths and showers are when I relax.  So i sit. :)

11. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
Um no.  haha

12. What's your favorite 'comfort food'/food that's 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?
French Fries and Pasta...so bad.

13. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say? 
'Good Lord' (and roll my eyes), and 'Seriously?'...i tend to say that when Mason has done something bad.

14. Time to sleep - what are you wearing?
Truthfully?  Nothing...I can't stand wearing anything while I sleep.  Only time I do is when we have guests.  Of course I know eventually, I will have to start wearing something as Mason (and future children) get older.

 Also back in December the lovely Alison from The Life of Two Sokools gave me this award!  I have never been given this award before so I was thrilled!  Thanks Alison! :)

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