Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well Well Well ...

I was thinking about starting this post off with one of those cutesy things about being gone so long like...

"is this thing on?"

"remember me?"

"oh hey i used to blog here."

Then I decided against it.   Kinda.

Updates on my life: 

- Mason was Batman for Halloween.   I actually used a 6-9 month costume for $5 and cut out pieces for him to wear over his jacket (cape is on the back).  The mask was $2.    Not too bad.

- I went to a Monday Night Packers game.  We lost but it was pretty awesome and I got to go with my BCF Katie.

- Right now Mason is sick (he missed school today and Tuesday) and I am afraid he has given it to me.   I'm thinking healthy thoughts.

- We had our first snow yesterday.   We meet again bastard.

- And probably the biggest thing that has happened to me is that I got a job.   It's only the weekends about 4am-7:30am.     Yeah I know...crazy   

- And this is the part where I promise I'll be back soon.    I don't like that kind of pressure but I do want to be.   I still read all the blogs and comment but when it comes to writing my own I get lazy.  I really hate it because like I have said a MILLION time before, I have so many drafts in my folder.   I actually have things to write, they just aren't finished.     Ugh.    Problems.  



Brittany said...

Woo hoo congrats on the job :)

Suze said...

Wow that's awesome hours- I'm being serious. I would love to work early mornings and that's it! Congrats on the job.

I love Mason's Halloween picture. So cute!

Nichole said...

LOL @ "We meet again bastard"...meanwhile in Florida...we're sweating to death! Hope you're not getting sick!

Anonymous said...

Mason was a very cute Batman!

I've always wanted to go to a Packers game! Maybe I can convince my dad to take me to one.. :)

I totally get you...I'm too lazy to blog myself most of the gets in the way & well honestly I don't have much of a life, but yeah. I'm glad you gave us an update. Hopefully the sickness in your fam will pass!

Ugh snow. I'm not ready for that yet!

Carly Ann said...

Um, yeah. I kind of ignored my blog like it is some sort of plant being left to die. But I've failed miserably at reading other peoples blogs too, so I'm trying to catch up on everything.

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