Monday, March 11, 2013

It Could Be Worse . . .

 In my opinion, until you have a child you are mostly selfish. Especially in my case.

I never wanted to be sick, hurting, etc.   But ever since I had Mason, if he had a cold, I would wish I would instead.  If he hurt himself, I wished I would be the one hurting instead.

Two weeks ago I noticed Mason had a rash.  It mostly was his back and sides.

We thought maybe it was a few things.  He had gotten new clothes and we didn't wash them before he wore them.  (Even though we had done that since he was around 9 months old).  We also had tried a different detergent.   Thinking he might be having a reaction, we switched back.

After a week I called the doctor and they said if it doesn't get better call back in a week.  Especially if he isn't sick because viruses are what usually cause rashes.

Week two arrives.   I finally make the doctors appointment.   I wasn't really worried because it was just a rash.  He was a bit itchy but didn't seem to bother him too much.

The doctor looked him over and *bragging moment* called him the perfect patient because he sat still and was friendly.   Finally he says, "do you want the good news or the bad news?"

I said "both"

Well the good news, it's not a big deal.

  He has a manageable skin problem...eczema.

The bad news? 

He will have it his whole life and it may eventually lead to asthma.

At first I was OK.  The doctor told us it was a hassle (himself and his children have it) but it wasn't life threatening.

Obviously that is good news.  I mean he has to put on special lotion every day and if he has flare ups put on a steroid lotion.

Then I get to the car and it hits me.

He will have it his whole life.

Will he get picked on?   Will girls think it's gross?  Will it affect his confidence?

And then I started crying.   I was/am so thankful it wasn't worse.  But I don't want my child to suffer.  I don't want him getting picked on.   Someone looking at him strange because he has this rash for a chunk of his life.  Thinking they might catch it or think he's gross. 

I wish it would have happened to me.  I can handle it.  But what if he can't.   

It may seem so trivial, but we all know how cruel and truthful kids can be...and then teenagers?   I don't even want to think about it.

Snuggling with his Sesame Street friends.

Playing with toys that were once mine.

Right now I had to vent/share my feelings.   I know it could be worse and thank the heavens all the time it isn't.   I will try not to show my worry to him.  But I just hope and pray it won't even be a problem.   


Renee said...

Oh you poor thing!! And poor Mason, although you're right, it will likely bother you more than him for now. I hope it stays more on the mild side with only minor flare ups and doesn't affect him too much!

Sarah said...

Poor guy :( I'm glad it's not bothering him too much right now. I've recently discovered that mommy worry is the worst kind. Try to stay positive. If he sees that you're okay, hopefully he'll be okay too :)

Suze said...

Aw Mason!! He is so cute, surely no one could pick on him right?

But seriously, even though it could be worse, I think you're totally justified in feeling that way. I have a friend with eczema and she deals with it well. I wouldn't have even known if she hadn't told me. So I hope that he has the same experience!

jessica renee said...

Look at that sweet face!! I hate that he has it and I can imagine how you feel, wishing you could take it away. Hopefully it won't be so bad and since he will have had it his whole life, he'll be used to it and I'm sure it will barely phase him at all. You're a good mama :)

Katie said...

You are such a wonderful Mommy Miranda! Hopefully the eczema will be able to stay under control. Mason is to cute to be picked on. Seriously, he is going to be a heart breaker ;)

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

I had eczema when I was younger, but I grew out of it. It was really bad, but my doctor said most people do grow out of it. Aveno lotion worked best for mine! And when it itched, I would always pat it, not scratch it, so it wouldnt bleed when I scratched it raw. Hopefully Mason will grow out of his too!

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