Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You have it all wrong SongPop . . .

First off I gotta be cheesy.  I love y'all and you really make me feel like I have some great friends/readers out there.

    I love blogging in the sense I get to pour my heart out...and if someone comments or responds, it makes it that much better.

  Today I plan on getting caught up on emails so if you have commented recently and I haven't reciprocated or responded....don't worry.


By now I am sure most of you have heard of SongPop.   I really love to play because I love all kinds of music and I actually know a lot of it.   

Recently they added this feature of showing the town you live in to get you better connected with people around you.    

However...in these 4 instances (and probably more to come), they couldn't be more wrong about where I am located.

So close...I live one state over.

They kept it in the Midwest at least.

Um, nope.  Not even close.

And when I thought they couldn't get any further away. 

*I only blurred out one person's city because the other's either didn't show it or were completely wrong as well*

The only explanation I could have was that I talked/played games with a few people I met through blogging that live around those areas.   

 It's very entertaining though...I always tell my husband the next day what city I was in supposedly.    

Oh & come back tomorrow because Katie & myself have a Favorite Things giveaway !!!


Suze said...

My Song Pop does this too! And I get Witchita all the time. Maybe they have a thing for Witchita? It makes me concerned that people think I'm living a lie. :)

jessica renee said...

You're making me miss Song Pop. haha I used to lay in bed with V and she would laugh at all the sounds the app made. I should probably just start playing again ;)

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