Sunday, August 18, 2013

We Will Return You To Your Regular Scheduled Programming ...

... In September.

I know...what a long ass break.   But I really took control of this summer and did stuff.

We went to the beach, fair, park, swimming pool, parties, etc.

I would return this week but I'm off to babysit my nieces for a week.  And watching a 3 year old (Mason) and a 2 year old AND a 1 year...I think I will busy.


However...a few things I have learned this past 2 months.

1) Kinky blue tastes pretty amazing.   But will make you cry if you have too much.

2) Do not give Rumplemintz to my

 husband.  Or he will be *cough* puking

 *cough* for for a few hours.

3) Do not.  I repeat DO NOT try to get lucky, in a car, in a bar parking lot.  This is not my experience but my observation.  We regular folk don't need to"things" in your foggy car as we mosey on past.  Ew.

Peace lovies. 

I miss this.


Nichole said...

Haha, all very smart life lessons, my friend.

Katie said...

Good because I miss reading your daily blogs!

Monica said...

haha love rumplemintz!!

Meghan said...

Hahahahahaha! I love this post!

Kristine said...

Hey girly! I miss catching up on your blog!! I'm trying to start a link up for the football season and I figured a diehard football fan as yourself would be down! Let me know! It starts on Sunday!

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