Friday, September 6, 2013

FF Overlap and a Spicy Stefon

Apparently I always feel the need to tell you guys that I watch "Family Feud" a lot.

Well it has finally happened...

   I have watched so much, I have began an overlap.  I have seen all (except current season) Steve Harvey FF's.    Not gonna lie...I'm sad about it.

 Recently "Dancing with the Stars
released their new cast.   I know these aren't A-List Celebs but I'm liking a few of these people.   I'll be rooting for Leah Remini, Bill Engvall, of course Valerie Harper, and Elizabeth Berkley (aka Jesse Spano).  

I will be saying a big fat NO to Snooki.  Ewww.

Anywhoodle...A few more things.    This is my first time using GIFS.  I don't know why but I am in love with GIFS.   You capture so much more than a picture!   And they make me laugh.

This one is just for you Katie!

Also how I feel with the anticipation of the Packers first regular season game.

So....Have a Stefon Spicy weekend filled with football and fun.   I shall be back soon to do a fun little football link-up with Kristine.

Love all around.


Meghan said...

OMG! Jessie Spano??? I LOVE HER!

Suze said...

I gotta tell you, I knew very few DWTS "stars" this season, but you better believe I'll be yelling BILL BILL BILL BILL when Mr. Nye is out there.

Also I love gifs.

Nichole said...

HAHHA, I love Stefan!

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