Friday, March 16, 2012

* Nails & The Weekend *

Today I am back and linking up for the second time with 

Tara and Vicki.  

This week I tried these colors:

Essie "Bobbing for Baubles"
OPI "Servin' Up Sparkle"

So...i love the colors.  (was just going to do an accent nail with the sparkle but it was a little boring).  Anyways as you can tell by my bang-up paint job I am awesome at applying nail polish. (sarcasm) Actually I still consider myself a newbie, and if you saw my left hand you would think i asked my almost 2 year old to apply it.  It's sad.  Really sad.   

So real quick, do you any of you have any tips for taking pictures of your nails?  My camera I guess sucks.  It is either unfocused or blinding.  I finally got some 'eh' pics in the bathroom.  

Well I'm off for the weekend (because I haven't been slacking enough around here) and hope you all have a super-duper-great-fantastic weekend.  And  a great St. Patrick's day. (because I am proudly Irish)  I think my husband and I will actually go out for dinner...the last time we went out for St. Patrick's day, I was pregnant but still offered green beer and saw a college student throw up said beer on a bar floor.  (yes I was in a bar while pregnant).   Ok....that's enough.


Asha said...
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Asha said...

Love the colors, especially the glitter topcoat :) And I think you're nails actually came out great! I stink at painting nails and have even had my hubby do them for me because I am THAT bad, ha!

Alana Christine said...

Better than being at a bar with your baby! hahahaha
Sweet Home Alabama, anyone?

tara said...

love that glitter!

Katie said...

got that same color but I haven't used it yet! Looks really good on ya! I suck at painting my nails but it's cheaper then going to get them done!

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