Thursday, March 1, 2012

Really ? ! (With Miranda and...)

...Miranda.  So yeah it's just me.  But I am taking my own twist of "Really? With Seth & Amy" on SNL Weekend Update.

Really Revenge?  You aren't coming back until April?!  How can you do this to me?

Really TV in General?  why do you do this?  Why do you take breaks like this?  Or have one new episode then two weeks off?  That is what the summer is for!!! if you think this will get more viewers you are just piss us off (however you do win in the fact i won't stop watching.)  I mean really?!

Really Mason?  Your idea of getting better from a cold is to be a Tornado of Destruction?  You are lucky you are the cutest kid in the world.

Really Girls on American Idol?  Compared to the guys you are looking pretty weak.  You need to represent!!!

Really? "Modern Family"?  Oh, wait...your episode was pretty damn awesome last night.  You are free to go.

Really Brain?!   Do you think you could ever win at "Friends With Words" ?  THINK!

And speaking of Saturday Night Live

Really? Lindsey Lohan as your next host? How about you quit having Justin Timberlake be a special guest in just a few skits and just have him host the damn thing 7 times a season?

And that has been "Really!?!  With...Just Me"....what made you say Really recently?


Kasey said...

haha I love this idea!!

I'm so PISSED about Revenge. I'm going to have to re-watch it just to feel caught up. Uggh!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I totally pictured Seth & Amy saying it!!! Too bad I don't watch any of those shows so I can't share in being upset with you!!!

Monica said...

Love this! I just complained about ALWAYS losing words with friends...drives me nuts!

Alana Christine said...

bahahaha. I LOVE this!! Please do it more often!

Barbie said...

So I'm watching Revenge right now (DVR) and now I'm pissed that this is the last one I get to see for a month...wth?!

Katie said...

Agh I love the SNL 'Really' of this post! Really, Really...haha so I watched the girls perform on American Idol last night and I was not impressed at all! Also, Modern Family was hilarious! I wonder if my Dad felt that way growing up?! hehe

Kodie said...

YES Justin needs to be on SNL ASAP! That's the only time I'll watch a full episode. Is it sad that I'll probably watch Lindsey Lohan host in the hopes that it's a total train wreck?

Haven't seen Revenge yet...I'm off to watch it now :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh totally agree about Revenge & TV in general. It bugs me so much that there are so many LONG breaks (like Glee, or Grey's!). I'd rather have 10 straight weeks of new episodes, and then a longer break in between seasons. Who's with me?!

Keep Shining,

Nikki said...

I 'really' like this idea. I don't watch SNL so you're completely original to me.

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