Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Creepy & New

So this is a repeat of somewhat.  I posted this back in September but I know many of you haven't seen it. (click link to see a few more.)

My family (mostly my dad & I) love going to antique malls and stores.  I love just walking around looking at all the stuff and buying a few things.

Some of it is awesome.

Some of it is ridiculously expensive.

Some of it is just plain creepy.  (See below)

One year ago my parents, Guss, and I went to Branson, Missouri and checked out some of these places.  I decided to show you some of the weird, and creepy.  Some of these items I can't believe anyone would want to buy.  

I'm sorry but Barbie is looking a bit slutty.
I'm mostly posting this one because I use to have bears like this in my room when I was little.  Anyone else recognize them?
Someone must really love corn.
This seemed interesting but it cost over $200!!!  I want to know who buys that!
Creepy.   Makes me think of 'Goosebumps' from R.L. Stine...anyone else?
This is one of the most terrifying things I think I have ever seen.  Creepy dolls and then held together by a rubber band that looks like it has already killed Grandpa?  No thank you.

Well anyways, today is my second day and my first day alone at my new "mini-job".  Since I was 4 till the 8th grade I was in dance.   I had to take Ballet and Jazz but I always loved (and was good at) Tap.   Well the studio is in my hometown and then one 25 minutes away.  (45 minutes from my town now).  They needed someone to work the desk on Thursdays (my mom works the hometown one) so I agreed.  I get paid (including mileage) and it is only a few Thursdays a month.  Not too shabby.  And it gets me out of my house for a bit.  I just hate driving all that way.  

Hope it all goes smoothly!!!

P.S.  I don't really like doing a lot of promoting but just thought I would throw it out again that I have a facebook page.   So if you want to 'like' it...I will not stop you.  



Mallory Musing said...

Yikes those dolls are really creepy and the bears and the corn are hysterical.

Alana Christine said...

lol. Very creepy!! I hope that job works out!!

Lisa said...

omg thats barbie really???>!?!

Katie said...

Barbie is a slut! I mean really?!
Plus those old man and vantriliqust (sp?) things are freaky looking!!

Trish said...

That baby looks quite satisfied that gramps kicked the bucket. I don't trust her.

Asha said...

I can't believe the stuff people come up with! The Barbie is shocking and I can't believe the grandpa/kid dolls...creepy!

p.s. - I had those bears growing up as well

Rachel said...

This is the reason my husband and I love going through antique stores! In Walmart or stores at the mall, you always pretty much know what stuff will be there...but antique stores will throw all kinds of crazy stuff at you! Some of it's really cool...other things are just odd. But always interesting! We go to antique stores all the time, sometimes I think we're secretly old people.

Allie said...

HAHA the slutty barbie and corn collection are the best

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