Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's get it going ...

So if you consider your week to start on Sunday like the calendar does, then mine has started out eh/ok.

My problem?  I go to bed way too late and hate the mornings.  So this is the actual conversation with my husband yesterday morning.
Guss:  Are you getting up?
Me:  Shut up.
Guss: Are you?
Me:  Shut up.
Guss: Are you still tired?
Me: Shut up.
(Did I mention that I am not a morning person?)

As annoying as he was my wonderful husband let me sleep till....3 PM!!!  OK I'm sure that sounds super lazy to you people but that is heaven.  Of course then the whole thing bites me the butt because I have to be up with  Mason Monday morning but it was glorious at the time.

Then the Packers lost.  That is all I will say about that.  Come talk to me Thursday about them.
Also my son has become a talking machine.  Now I don't know if any of you know this but his vocabulary hasn't been very good.  He is actually behind for a 2 year old.  The only words he would say is Mama, Dada, Bapa (Grandpa), Kitty, Baby, Hiya, and Bye.

Literally the past 3 days he has added this words to his vocabulary plus started copying us.  *Uh Oh...see below* 
- Shovel
- Shoe
- Key
- Purse
- Bread
- Hair
- Please
- Thank You
- Why
- Who
- What
- And unfortunately when the Packers were losing yesterday my husband said S**t.  And Mason repeated him a few times.  Awesome.

He can also identify the letters T & Y and make noises like a cow, sheep, pig and duck.  Except when he quacks he sounds like he is hocking a lugie.

...To say I'm shocked is a complete understatement.  All along people said he didn't talk just because he didn't want to and one day he would just start sprouting words...and that's what he is doing

Oh and he is also obsessed with music.  I was playing songpop (play with me mlco5775) and I guessed Train's song "Drive By" in 1 second.  Mason did soon as he heard the beat he started singing the song.


So to prove what kind of town I come from I had posted this status awhile ago.

And yesterday?  They had drive your tractor to Church day.  Yes.  I am serious.

And finally.  My boy (hope he doesn't mind that I call him that) Phillip Phillips is doing good.  His song "Home"  is/was featured on...
- American Family Insurance commercial
- Olympics.  The song for the Gymnastics team.
- And the movie trailer "Trouble With The Curve" starring Clint Eastwood, Justin Timberlake, and Amy Adams.

That's it.  Riveting stuff right there.

Have a great Monday lovies!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah I was upset the Packers lost too! I love the song "Home"! SO catchy!

Jessica Renee said...

Your son is such a cutie!! and I love that he loves music too :)

oh and I'm having a blast playing you on Song Pop. I'm ADDICTED!! ha

Alana Christine said...

He is getting so big!!

kyna... said...

Oh, I love seeing his adorable face!!
♥ Kyna

Kasey said...

My church had the Bring Your Tractor To Church day. ;-)

Trish said...

That's pretty much the conversation we have most mornings too. But he usually does it by shouting from the next room because he's afraid of Morning Trish.

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