Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pool League Anyone?

So what does one do when they have never played pool (sober) and know literally nothing about it?   (I even forgot what it meant to 'scratch' was).   

You join a pool league.   Yes, that's right, I am in a pool league.    

I actually was roped into it.  My friend Mandy mentioned being in it, and I kind of shot down the idea because I have never played.  Well "be a sub then".  "Ok" I say.   

Fast froward 1 1/2 months later...Oh hey Miranda, our pool league starts the 26th.  

Me - "     .....................  . Oooook."

So here I am, about to go play pool for the second time ever on a team.   I will say I am either a somewhat good player that didn't know it, or I had beginners luck.  We are second in the league and we won 6 out of 10 games last week.   

So now I am trying to learn terminology like "kitchen", "english" "double railed/s?" 

Now I ask, any pool players out there?  Tips?   I mean the other teams I play against bring their own sticks/cues whatever.    One even lit up last week.    They mean business.   

And I just hope I don't embarrass myself.

*Now I'm debating adding a picture.   Just to make this post more interesting....hmmm let me go see"

This speaks the truth.

* Peace & Pool *


Anonymous said...

That's awesome you're in a pool league! The closest I've ever played a game was online lol. My dad has a table at my grandmas but usually we just rolled the balls in the pockets.

Good luck in the league. Sounds like you're off to a good start!

Meghan said...

That sounds like a ton of fun! I have zero tips, unfortunately, but there used to be a pool hall in our town growing up where we'd hang out in high school - mostly to meet boys:)

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