Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What did they DO to you? (4) A Love, A Kate, & A Jolie.

So awhile ago I started a series called "What did they DO to you?"  It's pretty much the horror that is Hollywood today.  Here are my other posts (here, here & here) which are
singers, actors/actresses, etc.  

*note:  I do feel bad for these people.   I'm sure they have a lot of pressure to look good or young, but in the end they are just making it worse*

Today the 3 women I focused on were Courtney Love, whom has been up front mostly about plastic surgery & drug use.  Then Kate Bosworth & Angelina Jolie and their weight fluctuation.   I am not by anyways saying they had an eating disorder, however they had dramatic weight changes.   Perhaps stress, illness, etc.  I can imagine the pressure on these actors/actresses to lose weight or be a certain size.

*all images courtesy of google*

Courtney Love
mostly known for being a rocker and being married to Kurt Cobain

Kate Bosworth
movie star, and I mostly know her from "Blue Crush" - actually a pretty decent movie

Angelina Jolie
no explanation really needed about who this is, right?
 Tomb Raider

Anybody that comes to mind when you think about Hollywood & what had happened to them? 

*Peace & Eat A Cheeseburger*
(or boca-burger if you prefer)


Nichole said...

Haha, "or Boca burger if you prefer"

Trish said...

I really try not to make weight an issue, because I feel like people are entitled to be whatever damn size they feel like. Having said that, it's really hard to see those pictures of obviously healthy women and then see the pictures where they practically look like skeletons. I have a hard time believing it's comfortable living in a way that would give you that kind of body. Seriously, cheeseburgers, pronto.

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