Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 1 (F)

Day 1: A picture of yourself with 10 facts
Me in Dresden, Germany

1. I come from an all girl family besides my dad

2. I have been to a taping of 'The Jay Leno Show' and 'That 70's Show'...more on that later

3. I studied German in Germany for about 4 months..i love German but I like to say the German language doesn't like me

4. I hate jerseys and sportswear in pink/pastel colors/rhinestones

5. I love art history and one day would love to work in a museum

6. I can read a book in a few hours...being a fast reader runs in my family

7. I quote Jim Gaffigan (if you haven't heard of him PLEASE look him up) and 'Friends' in daily conversation...mostly inside jokes with my husband

8. I am addicted to TV...there is so many shows I love (such as 'Jeopardy' which I view as my source of information) and I really can't wait for September just so I can watch new shows and watch football (which i love soooooooooo much)...and an extra fact: I am very annoying at watch TV and movies with because I am constantly making comments

9. I changed my major 7 times in college (some of them...psychology, graphic design, advertising, German, art)

10. I have a mind that moves a mile a minute...even if I am sitting still my mind is thinking about what I should be doing or what to do hardly rests


Kasey said...

that's a really nice picture of you!

I love Jim Gaffigan too. he is hilarious!

Miranda said...

thank you! and i could listen to Jim Gaffigan everyday...we saw him in Red Wing, MN when I was pregnant and we are seeing him in the Twin Cities in excited!

Kristine said...

Ah, here I am thinking I follow your blog and come to find out, I don't! #ImABadFriend :/ Um, I totally agree with #4... makes me vom.

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