Monday, June 2, 2014

Where do I even begin again? How about Hi!

Hi and Welcome back!

I've had this blog for years now and I took such a long time off, it's a little weird to start up again.   I think the new design will me it feels less busy and I love how it just feels like a brand new blog.

I know I haven't gained new followers but maybe who I am or what I write about has been lost in the time I have spent away from here.  So I thought I would kind of do another introduction.

Of course you get the little "about me" blurb on my sidebar and I have the "about me" page, but that needs a serious update as well.   There are the most common things about me like I am married, live in Wisconsin, and am a stay at home mom to a FOUR (ahhhh- can't believe he's 4) year old boy named Mason.

So now that I have refreshed your memory that way, today and tomorrow I am visiting past posts that actually talk about me and more about who I am.  Before that though, I included 2 pictures of Mason.  No longer a baby or toddler but a boy...a kid...a child who started going to school.   Time sure does go by fast.

Mason & his iPod.  This boy is obsessed with music.  Literally obsessed.

Here are posts from the past that are pretty much short and random but for sure capture me.  Many of them weird :)

250 words about me

10 random facts about me

Even more random facts

And even more facts


Renee said...

Your back!!!! Hiiiii!! Wow Mason has grown! He's such a handsome dude!! Looking forward to reading your thoughts again! :)

Susan S. said...

Welcome back!

Nichole @ said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Awwwh Mason is so cute!

Glad to see ya back!

Anonymous said...
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Brittany said...

Welcome back :) I like your new design.

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