Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Attack of the Bath

This summer we did what dogs fear of.   Gave them a bath.  Do you know any pets that like baths?  They look so pitiful and sad.  It breaks your heart.  But also makes you laugh because they are so dramatic.

Ally:  Please help me.
No really.  Why aren't you  helping me?
Brother's turn.  Bailey:  I will look at you, but I don't like you right now.
Please adopt us.  We want parents who won't bathe us.  We are so unhappy today.
What a sad life my dogs lead.  How dare we clean them.  Do your pets hate baths?  Or are they the minority that likes them?  If so, please do tell.  I'm curious about them.  My dogs (golden retrievers who are supposed to be duck hunters hate getting wet passed their legs).  What a bunch of weirdos. 


Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

I get those same looks! Bow's isn't too bad but Sammy looks like she is dangling off a cliff ready to fall

Beth said...

My dog used to love getting baths but lately I have to carry his 80 lb butt into the tub.

Cole said...

I have a 50/50 split in my house. The short haired dogs LOVE baths. The long haired dogs shoot me looks that could kill....you know, if I wasn't bribing them with carrots or biscuits.

Katie said...

Lol so cute. Both my dogs are the minority. They are freaks and like baths. They go nuts afterwards though and run laps!

Anonymous said...

LOL my parents dog Gizzmo runs and hides when we say bath. Cute post!

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