Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Finally...My take

I am way behind the times but I finally finished the 50 Shades trilogy.  It only took me 3 days, because once I get addicted I can't stop.  

Let's get right into it...

*I do love the love story, if you keep reading you really get into it
* The evolution of Christian Grey.  Love it.

* Repetitive phrases (my sex, inner goddess, and the worst?  wanton -  i always think of Chinese food)
*It was set in Washington but you could tell it was written by an English person.  Not that that is horrible but you could tell by use of language (like using cinema instead of movie)

*Random Note: The second book is by far my favorite.*

Like everyone else I have ideas of who should play these characters in the movies.  However I have no idea how they are going to make a movie about these books that won't be rated NC-17.

Anastasia Steele: I see her being played by someone who can appear plain but also be multi-dimensional and beautiful.  (also has no qualms about nudity)

Anne Hathaway - my number one pick. I love her.
Natalie Portman
Emily Blunt

 Christian Grey: I see him being played by someone who is majorly good looking (duh!)  but even if you dislike someone you can see how people find them attractive.  I mean Christian Grey makes women blush just by being in their presence.
Liam Hemsworth
James Scott - I know hardly anyone would know him but he is EJ on "Days of our Lives".  The reason I love him as Grey is because I have seen him play a despairing character and a 'better-than-you' type character and he totally pulls it off.
Colin Egglesfield
 Honorable Mention:  Ryan Gosling, I didn't add his picture because I am sure everyone knows what he looks like, but I just don't know if he would be cast.

And finally I heard someone say this would be a good fit for Mrs. Robinson and I sooooo agree.
Kim Cattrall

NO:  Ryan Pattinson or Kristen Stewart  PLEASE NO!
Lucy Hale - I actually love her Pretty Little Liars but I just can't see her bringing the depth that Anastasia needs.

So...tell me.  Who do you want to play Christian, Anastasia, or any other character?  Do you agree with my picks or think I'm bat-sh*t-crazy??? :)

Laters (I just had to) Lovies.


Alana Christine said...

It took me awhile to give and read them, but I loved them. The movie would have to be rated R, I'd imagine. lol.
I think Anne or Natalie would be perfect! I vote Liam, Colin, or Channing for Christian. Couldn't agree more with Kim for Mrs. Robinson!!

Nichole said...

For whatever reason I can't get into three...everyone tells me it gets good but so far I;m kinda over all the sexy ish, lol. BUT I would love if Anne Hathaway played Ana and Colin Egglesfield--Holy Hell he would be perfect! Those eyes get me every time

kyna... said...

I STILL haven't read any of those books! I don't know what it is, but I just don't have time to read these days! I know I've missed out on some great reads though...50 shades of grey being one of them!
♥ Kyna

Monica said...

I love your picks! I saw a trailer(pretty sure it was fake) and the girl from gilmore girls played Anastasia...kinda liked that

McFisch said...

Ooo love your picks! I could totally see Anne Hathaway in the role and any of those guys are just fine with me ;)

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