Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Excuses...And a Swap

So I know, I have no excuse for not being around for so long.  Except just having so many trips, house a mess, and ya know...some other stuff.  So today I am here to share some of the my goodies form a swap I participated in.    Also a note about some games I play. * See Below*  

Nail Polish Swap

I was matched up with Mellie and I love what she sent me!
Some cute nail stuff (and makeup bag).
Sally Hansen Rock Star Pink and Essie Big Spender.  I love these!  The glitter matches perfectly with the pink color.

So this is just a PSA to a few of you who may play some games with me. In a week I will be deleting "Scramble With Friends", "Draw Something", and "Family Feud".  I feel like I have wasted too much time on some games that I don't find that fun anymore and I need to let them go. Time with my son, reading, or all around relaxing is just more important.

Oh yeah and I finally started "Fifty Shades of Grey".   Can you say late to the party?


Nikki said...

NOOOO!!!! Not Scramble with Friends!!!! UGH who else will ever beat me? You're one of the only ones who keep me on my toes!

Katie said...

What do you think of 50 shades so far? do you like it? I'm so sad that your not going to be playing draw something anymore! I have the longest record going with you! I understand it can get repetitive though! I really like the little bag your swap partner sent!

Beth said...

I just stared 50 Shades as well. We can be fashionably late together!

Haybaby102 said...

I read somewhere that if you put glitter between two coats of a solid, the glitter makes it look marbled. Thought you could try it out and let me know!

Asha said...

I started 50 shades a couple months ago but never found the time to finish reading the last book so we will probably find out the ending at the same time haha! And I love the goodies you got!

p.s. - I've already had to let those games go and it was only hard the first week, after that you are too busy to think about them :)

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