Friday, August 31, 2012

Frugal Friday Yo*

Should we start this Friday off with a little TMI?  
Yes, I think so. 
So since I have entered my 'Womanly Years', I have had phases of horrible cramps and phases of nothing.  Well these last 2 months have been horrible.
Last night?  Oh My Gosling!  Horrible.  I was laying in bed moaning like a woman in labor. After awhile (hoping that the Ibuprofen would eventually kick in) all I wanted was a heating pad.  Well we don't own one.  So I went to the shower, laid down, and shot the water at my stomach for a good 15 minutes.
Some may call it crazy, I call it being resourceful.  And it worked.  Ta Da!!!

Anyways, that is not why we are here today.  So breathe a sigh of relief I am not talking about Frugal Finds on lady products.  But now that I say it, it probably wouldn't be that bad to save some money on things like that...
Ok, now I am just getting off track.

The other day I ventured (it's always a venture with a child in tow) to Target and a few other places and find some awesome clearance stuff.  I just had to share.

1. love these appetizer plates (a buck a pop)
2. I'm a little obsessed with these Salt & Pepper shakers.  I think they will just be decorative.
3. It's a outdoor utensil holder but I think you can literally put anything in there like art supplies or makeup.
4. Colorful cups.  58 cents each.
Picked up some nail polish: all four cost a total of 4 bucks.  Also wanted to try out their mineral makeup.  I like Bare Escentuals but this is like $30 cheaper!

This actually came from Kohl's a week ago. $5. And what toddler doesn't look cute in a hoodie?

I don't know why but I am in love with that sweater.  I have seen it a few times at Target and finally bought it.  I can see Mason wearing at Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Maybe even layered over the other shirt.

And finally. I got all of these clothes for under $15.  They came from 'Once Upon A Child'.  A goodwill for children if you will.  Out of these 6 pieces of clothing I got Nike shorts and a Ralph Lauren (!!!) shirt for ONE DOLLAR EACH.  Sorry but that just makes my week if not month! 

So there ya go.  My clearance and sale finds.  Now I am going off to celebrate Labor Day weekend with my family.  Have a great one and come back soon now ya hear!!!

P.S.  Something else that helps with cramps?


Trish said...

Stop getting me worked up with your clearance finds. I'm trying not to shop, since we're probably moving soon. But it's killing me. I want to buy everything with a red sticker :(

Alana Christine said...

Great finds! Now I want to go shopping!!

Janna Renee said...

I have a clay heating pack that you just heat up in the microwave and it is fabulous! I think that it is great in a pinch and way cheaper. Great finds girl!!

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