Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cutest Lion Ever

So as Momma (that would be me) was checking off something on her bucket list (more coming on that Friday) Mason went trick or treating for the first time.

  I'm not a huge Halloween person, I actually hate trick or treating.  So his costume was last minute so he could go with my sister and her sons, while Mom & Dad stood in line for over an hour.

  We went to Once Upon a Child and found a lion costume for $4.80 and it was 50% off.  So for less than 3 bucks Mason had a super cute costume!  And we are getting our monies worth, Mason has been wearing his costume this whole past weekend.   

After seeing how freaken adorable he was in his costume and the roars he yelled, I may have to change my mind.  Maybe.   

But I'm not a horrible mom, I promise, he can always go with friends or family.  

Here are two videos of him roaring.  Cuteness overload.  The first video he did good, but the second he got kinda of sick of it but Dad was really into.

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