Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Always An Awkward Thursday

Like I have said before, when I participate in Awkward and Awesome Thursday I always have an abundance of Awkward.  But in some ways I look at some Awkward things as pretty awesome too.  

***Like this song we used to sing when I was studying abroad in Germany.

"Frühlings Pause in meiner Hose, Aprikose Soße ist auch da."

Translation:  Spring Break in my pants, apricot sauce is also there.    

Doesn't flow too well in English but it is very fun to sing.  I promise.

I bring this up now because one my friends from Germany brought it to our attention again and it has been stuck in my head ever since.  

Just in case you needed a visual.

***Hearing this on the news made me laugh so hard.  

A deer being chased by a dog ran into a window at the first college I attended,  University of Wisconsin Stout.  It ran around the building then eventually went out some automatic doors.  The funniest thing about it though?  A guy being interviewed said this...with a straight face.

Keep your dogs on a leash so they don't chase deer into buildings.

I will keep that in mind.  
I mean if it weren't for deer chasing I wouldn't even have a leash for my dog.

Read more about it here.  And photo of damage below.

 Lately I have been hearing/seeing crazy things involving animals. This was a recent status of mine.

  That same night on my way home I see a deer walking on the sidewalk in a residential area.  Like a human.  I thought I was hallucinating!  

Finally, I have a little contest for you.  I want to see if you can guess what the sound in the video is.
  I call it a contest but I can almost guarantee you, you won't figure it out.  But when I reveal tomorrow what it is and you go back and listen to it again, you WILL laugh like crazy.  You can't not (hello double negative.)  Just ask Katie...but don't spoil it for anyone else lady!

So there it is...another awkward Thursday.  I beg of you to guess what the video is of, then I will also say what other people guessed.  FYI ... it's nothing gross (aka sexual).

Happy Thursday Lovies!!!.  


Alana Christine said...

haha. Such an awkward week! I wish I could watch the video but I'm at work : (

Wine and Summer said...

Haha! How funny about the deer! I would die if I saw that.

Katie said...

I won't say anything about the video even though every time I hear it I laugh out loud! And onlly WI...

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