Friday, November 30, 2012

Sometimes you just need coffee...and a break.

Insomnia, Short Break, Cleaning.

This post talks about all of these things.  Riveting stuff I tell ya.

I'm not going to be posting next week but I will still be reading all of ya'll's (i can't believe that's a word) blogs.  

Lately I have been neglecting my home.  Sure I have been picking up, doing laundry, etc but deep cleaning hasn't been going on.  My shower is well...let's just say it needs to be cleaned before my son catches some kind of fungus mold disease.  Ok well it's really not that bad but my mom is not impressed.  
I couldn't help myself.

And my basement and closets are all places to store junk.  So in order to be a better housewife (yah right) I need to clean that crap up.  

And insomnia.  Oh man has it been horrible lately.  Last night I went to bed at 12:15 and literally tossed and turned for 2 hours before I fell asleep.  Like some people I don't like getting up and trying to watch TV or read to fall asleep because that just seems like starting the process all over.  This is what my night last night looked like.

- Lay in bed.
- Try and get comfortable
- Ouch.  What the hell?  Yep just rolled over on a goldfish cracker.
- Ally (the dog) starts to have a dream, throw shirt at her.
- Try counting from 100 to 1.
- Trying counting in German from 100 to 1.
- Almost there when my husband starts snoring loudly.  Awesome.
- Try a relaxing technique where I am laying on in inter-tube in the water, slowly rocking back and forth.
- Start to think:  what if there's a shark? what if I drift too far away and no one can save me?  what if I fall in the water and drown?  Yep, that's my weird way to thinking.

Finally somewhere in there I fell asleep.   Ugh.  One thing I am going to try doing is not playing a game on my iPad before I go to bed.  And actually try reading a book...not on a tablet.

Wish me luck.

P.S.  I'm really not a big fan about talking about potty training (no weird pictures of my son on the toilet here) however I have to brag just a teeny bit.  Today Mason told me he had to use the bathroom (and usually he just tells us after he has went in his diaper) but he hadn't and so we took him to the place of business and he did both!  It's so weird the things that get you excited about after you have a kid.   

P.P.S.  I will be back the following week for a really fun link-up!  Check it out below.  I actually did a lot of decorations this year and so excited to show them off!


Holly said...

Love the Maroney reference haha

Trish said...

I've been neglecting my house too. You should see the bathroom floor. I don't go in there unless I have socks on.

Carly Ann said...

I have had the worst insomnia lately too! I tend to fall asleep fairly quickly, but then wake up and hour later and toss and turn. And then wake up 2 hours before my alarm goes off and not be able to get comfortable again until right before I have to get up, so annoying!!!

Mason's Mama said...

You are not alone, friend! My house has been neglected too. It's hard with a toddler that comes behind you and spills juice on your freshly cleaned floors. ha!

Suze said...

My house has been neglected a little bit too... tis the season!

Hope your break is productive. Will miss you!

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