Thursday, November 29, 2012


Scrambled thoughts, not eggs.  Even though I am hungry now.


* Jessica Simpson pregnant again?  
 Oh no, what about her million dollar contract with Weight Watchers?
  Big Deal.  She's a person. 
 She can get pregnant again if she wants, even before losing all the weight from the first time. *gasp*
  Or maybe it is all just a rumor.
This is obviously not her now.  

* Anyone watch X Factor? 
 So I really like the all-girl group Fifth Harmony, however I'm skeptical.  In today's world I don't see an all girl group making it.  They are really good but anyone remember P. Diddy and Making the Band?   I liked Danity Kane but that did not last long.

* Dancing with the Stars.  
I am so happy Melissa won.  I love Shawn Johnson but come on, we needed a new champion and Melissa definitely earned it.

Weight Watchers.  
Yeah I did it.  
Now if only I could actually get used to keeping track of everything that I eat and drink.  Ugh.

Baby Fever.  
My cousin just had a baby girl, Lily, the other day.   And Mason is almost 3.  That itch has started again.  However I really want to lose some weight before I try and get pregnant.   I had Gestational Diabetes with Mason and I know it will be coming with the next pregnancy so I need to try and get healthier for my sake and the baby's. 

* My son.
He has actually been liking to go to time-out lately.  He thinks it's a fun game.  Help me.

* Power ball?  
I didn't win.

And finally, 

* I wish I was taking a nap right now.

--- I'm Out. ---


Renee said...

Omygosh i wish we'd won our powerball, then i remembered we didn't even buy a ticket this time! I love that your taking the time to consider your health and (future)bubbys health before getting pregnant but it's so flippen hard when you see the lil squish monsters and get to snuggle! (damn them!lol)I cried over x factor the one time i watched it so i refuse to watch any of those shows anymore!!lol

Alana Christine said...

Surely she isn't pregnant again already!
Yay for Weight Watchers! You'll get used to it, I promise!

Holly said...

I'm dying to know if the Jessica Simpson rumor is true or not. Good for her if it is :)

And I sooo have baby fever too. Ugh. But I know it's just not quite time yet!

Kalie said...

I agree, I wish I was taking a nap right now too, sounds much better than work. And good luck with weight watchers!

Katie said...

I have baby fever too, as if you didn't know that. lol. IF JS is pregos I say good for her, and I hope she doesn't lose all the baby weight because then it would show that she really is just like other women in that fact!

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