Friday, December 14, 2012

My Decorations - Christmas Exploded

 Linking up for the last day with Katie & Holly.

Home for the Holidays.

Let's just get right to it.  These are some really piss-poor photos.  Thank you iPhone.  

Each picture has it's own description.  It details the good and the sad.  (See drunk Christmas tree below.)

Our sad sad tree.  Half the lights are out.  And Guss says out tree is drunk.  (Notice the leaning) We bought all the ornaments and lights when we were (even poorer) newlyweds after Christmas.  It needs some upgrading.  But I still love like it.

Below is Jim Gaffigan talking about Holiday Tradiations.  The first part is just about Christmas but the whole thing is hilarious.   

Our awesome Ikea bookcase.   3 rows taken up by a monster named Mason.   I get the top shelf, the one he can't touch.  (BTW - excuse that glass of wine and those wall decorations are gonna go.  They were there pre-Ikea-awesomeness.)

Vase full of ornaments, JOY from the Target dollar spot, and plates turned decorations from Target.  

On the left is actually a Christmas card that is framed, and the one on the right is ripped from a magazine.  (tip from Young House Love)

Blurry but cute.  Our stockings.  From top Guss, mine, & Mason's. 
Above the TV.  (funny story I just typed above the law?  um what subconscious?) The clock is always set at 6 o'clock.  It was a wedding gift that just won't stay working.  But I love it.  (and yes that is a Packer Santa)

Decoration courtesy of Katie.

Favorite decoration?  Christmas lights.  I am so sappy that I actually almost cried when all the lights and tree were on.  Ah, I'm so sensitive.

There ya go folks.  Next year I hope to go even bigger and better! But for this year it will do, and it's ours.   

See you next week?   Promise.


Wine and Summer said...

Drunk tree?? Love it! Your decorations look great!

Katie said...

I love the Christmas card framed, cute idea! The lights on around the door frames is a so cool! Merry Christmas bcf! See you Monday!

Abbey said...

ha. love the glass of wine. :)

Abbey said...

oh, and the drunk tree. LOVE that jim gaffigan skit!

Katie said...

I love your decor, and the drunk tree! Last year we had a drunk tree too, so I have learned to appreciate them. haha I get teary eyed at the lights too, love some twinkly lights!

Thanks for linking up with us this week!

Beth Lane said...

I love the Packers Santa! We have a Steelers one and an Eagles one that sit on either side of our TV stand. I can appreciate the drunk tree, we hada drunk angel until we jury rigged her to the tree.

Suze said...

I love all the lights! And your drunk tree. :)

Carly Ann said...

I always get really happy when I turn the lights off in the house and it's just christmas lights all over... it makes me tear up too :)

Holly said...

I love the print outs and all your stockings!! And I also love when all the lights are off and just the Christmas lights are on :)

Thanks for linking up!!!

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