Monday, December 10, 2012

There Is No Place Like Home For The Holidays - Tomah.

Linking up today (and all week) with Holly.  I love holiday link-ups and this one is definitely a great idea!
Today? Where I come from.

It's a bit late in the day to post but we got 12 inches of snow last night.  So today consisted of snow blowing, shoveling, and playing with Mason in the snow.  He gave himself a lot of face washes but other than that he loved it.   He got really upset when it was time to go in even though his face was as red as a cherry and freezing.

Well Today I am talking about my hometown Tomah, WI. Population about 9,000.  I had lived there since I was born till I was 18. 
 The town was named after Chief Tomah so we have quite a big Native American community.   When I was in High School we were the Indians, however people (surprisingly not very many Native Americans) were against it so after I graduated they became the Timberwolves.  :P   
Our movie theater is called Ho Chunk Cinema (which also didn't come around till after I was gone) and we have a casino.  

Downtown.  Home of a bunch of  bars and the best Chinese restaurant ever.  Really.

VA Medical Center.  My parents both worked here.  My mom was a nurse and my dad a pharmacist tech.

The one and only High School.   I graduated with a class of around 290 people.

I took this on Instagram awhile back.  In my opinion this is the best feature of Tomah.  Lake Tomah. (creative name isn't it)   We lived a block from it and it's my favorite part of Tomah. 

Our biggest store?  Walmart.  However we do have a Maurice's.   And the places my friends and I hung out at the most?  McDonald's.  I worked there for 7 years and most of my friends did too.  Even when we weren't working we always ended up there.  We were super cool like that.  And also there is nowhere else to go in Tomah.

In my opinion Tomah is a great place to grow up in, but not to live in forever.  However I enjoy going home and that is where I will be for most of the Christmas Holiday.  



WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I've been by Tomah many times! My husband once met someone there to buy something off the internet - the guy drove from Madison and he drove down from here. LOL

Katie said...

It looks so beautiful! Especially that lake view...gorgeous!

Thanks for linking up with us! :)

Kimberly H said...

One of my friends just got a summer job working at a law firm in Tomah! She's really excited but a little bit nervous about moving to the other side of the state :) Looks like a lovely little town though!

Holly said...

Beautiful park and lake!!! And can I come visit to go to the Chinese restaurant with you??

Thanks for linking up, Miranda!

Jamie said...

Looks like a beautiful town!

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