Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Home - No Place Like It

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Katie's Link up. 

My Favorite Things About Home

* warning somewhat bad language below (way below) *

see here

Town I currently reside in:

The free zoo that also has a Christmas light village.
The river and Phoenix Park where the farmer's market is.
The college I graduated from.  
Home of the 2 time Grammy winning band Bon Iver.  (we got a shout out in their acceptance speech as well)

My actual home:

I actually own it.  I can do whatever

I want with it.  Come back tomorrow for

 the Christmas decorations (which I 

accidentally said was coming today)


We have some of the best sports fans ever (Milwaukee Brewers, Badgers, & the Packers)

I have read many books from football players and they all praise Lambeau field for being one of the best.  Especially for fans.

The Midwest if a very polite, down to earth place to live.

We stay away from many natural disasters!   That what happens when you are smack dab in the middle of your country.

That's it.  Hope I kept you somewhat entertained. :)


Alana Christine said...

Wow, those pictures are really pretty! Not what I pictured at all.

Katie said...

So true about natural disasters!

Wine and Summer said...

Those ecards are hilarious!

Adrienne said...

What?! Free zoo? That's awesome! Our zoo does a light thing too, but it's definitely not free! That's okay- they've got to feed the animals, right?

I'm very entertained :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

It's so pretty! As an ignorant SoCal girl I think of snow when I think of Wisconsin...and the Packers lol!

Katie said...

Bon Iver! How awesome!

Also totally jealous of your free zoo and your lack of natural disasters! As an East Coast girl, I would LOVE to not have to deal with those!

Thanks for linking up :)

Holly said...

(I thought I already commented on this and I guess I didn't...sorry!!!)

That's so cool that Bon Iver is from your town!

Wisconsin seems like a pretty nice place to live :)

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