Monday, December 31, 2012

Are you from the Midwest? ...and other updates.


I blog here.  

Hard to imagine right? 

 Anyways I have been MIA, but who hasn't.  Besides Christmas, my husband turned the big 3-0 Saturday.  And even though it wasn't my birthday, I still had a major headache to commemorate. 

So, most important thing I have to say to you today?

Do you live in the Midwest?   Then this get together is just for you. *Cue cheesy Google images*

I myself am from Wisconsin, however those get togethers that we have tried to plan have been major fails.  So Suze & I came up with this brilliant (if I may say so) idea.  
How about the Midwest?  *note:  we do not discriminate, if you aren't living in the Midwest and want to come, go for it*.   

The plan?   Around June 2013.  The place?  Chicago.   We figure this is the most central we could get.  Soon I will be making a facebook page to keep everyone updated.  Today is mostly for these reasons:  * put the idea in your head * plan ahead * tell your fellow Midwest bloggers *give us ideas.

If you are from/love Chicago give us your recommendations.  Where should we go, what should we do?  I think this would be a fun/collaborative idea.   


Other things.

I won the awesome giveaway from Leeann at Join the Gossip.  Happy 5th Blogiversary!  Check her out, she's the best.

Now, what's to come?

* Wings - I am on the search for the best Chicken wings ever.  And I need your help.

* Gallery Wall - I have a big 'ol blank wall.  And I'm going to make it beautiful.

* Christmas Decorations - Yah I may have forgot some in my other post.  Plus a DIY.

* So much more Awkward and Awesome coming your way.

* A possible music/iPod playlist link-up.

* My bucket list that I promised 2 months ago. (I have a huge thing crossed off)

2013 resolutions, exceptions I think the word resolution sets you up for failure.  So we will say "Changes for 2013".   Less demanding.

I missed you all and hope you all had a great Holiday and have a great New Year's Eve!!!

P.S.   If you don't follow me in these awesome places, you might want to.  But I'm biased.

Instagram: @mlco5775

*Note:  I'm not going to lie, I wrote this at midnight, after my beloved Green Bay Packers lost, and I may have had a bit too much alcohol.  Just keeping it real people.  So please disregard things that don't make sense, at the time I thought it did.*


Kimberly H said...

I think the Midwest Get Together would be awesome!! I really hope that I can attend! :)

lil desiqua said...

Woohoo! Can't wait for all the new things to come, especially the Bucket List and playlist link up! Hope the Midwest Meet-Up goes great! Happy New Year's Eve!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the idea of meeting up with my Midwesties!!! I've been to Chicago, but its been a while. I'll have to rejog my memory for ideas!!! :)

Monica said...

Just emailed you back about this but its such a great idea! Also being from Chicago I am happy to offer ideas of a good place to do it!

Amy said...

That would be so much fun! :) Hopefully, I will be able to make it! Gallery walls are so much fun!

Nancy Bandzuch said...

Hard to say I will be able to be there for sure, but I'd love to attend. I'm your newest follower and also a midwesterner (Minneapolis). I'd love to connect in person, or at least in blog! Here's where I blog:

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