Friday, September 20, 2013

It's Still Summer Here at AT

First world problem?   Taking a blogging break during the summer means a crap ton of summer posts to post in the fall.  Not a big deal except I really miss Summer now.   

You always want what you can't have...

My (non-alcohol drinking) Captain Morgan

 I thought I could be "Planty" (that's like being crafty, right?) this summer.   This first plant we got is actually special to us.   Guss got one of these from a friend/family member when his dad passed.   But then Bailey was in his puppy age hechewed it up.   I knew how upset it made Guss because my parents actually still have a plant from my Grandpa's funeral in 1994 and know what it means to them, and how upset they would be if it got ruined. 

Then it was time do actually plant some food products.  It looked so White Trash but I loved growing things.  (We had radishes, onions, cilantro, and other herbs)   Fall update - I didn't know when they are "done" so they all sat too long.  Boo.   Next year.

Then this plant was only $.99 and it is called Buttered Popcorn because of how it looks while it is blooming.

Closer up.

 Finally I bought these 3 separate flower plants (L, R & top) and put them in a free planter Guss won at work.  These are my favorite.

Then of course we had some family time this summer.  My sister and her daughters came to visit.  Juliana & Madeleine.

Obsessed with this baby  (who is no longer a baby).   She is seriously one of the cutest, funniest babies in the world.   

And my baby!

Happy Weekend Lovies!   Thanks for putting up with my summer updates!


Monica said...

I have so many posts to do from the summer glad I am not the only one who is just not getting around to that stuff

Trish said...

I've just given up completely on ever trying to be up to date on anything. You should see the baby book. I think I put his name in it.

lori said...

I am so behind on my blogging, too! Since carter was born, he seems to take up all of my time! :)

Love your plants, my green thumb is pretty non existent!

Mason's Mama said...

Cutest little Captain Morgan ever!

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