Monday, September 9, 2013

The Best Season Has Begun. ...


It's only the first game.

The refs suck.

It's only the first game.

Ok.   I'm done.


Anyways.    If you haven't been around here for awhile...I love football especially the Green Bay Packers.  See here and here.

Kristine had this little link-up for today and since I love football like her - but not the Seahawks ...sorry Kristine - I love you :)  I thought I would do the same.  

Also Leeann has this great link-up for Mondays that I thought I would participate in....Even though she is a Saints fan...(not as bad a Vikings fan.)

I think all I really want to do is talk about the Packers vs San Francisco 49ers game.   

We (the Packers of course) were so close.   We played like crap (not going to lie) and we have no running game but we made this game as close as it could be.    I hope next time to be more interesting about the Packers in this link-up, but I love moping and wallowing in my sadness. 

 Also...Clay Matthews did do some good damage.  He may have girly hair but he's got the arms of a manly man :)

I know it's not Christmas but I like it.

So until then...Go Pack Go...Beat the Bengals next next week and the Redskins next week (oops) and let's pretend this didn't happen.

That is my sad, sad gossip for the Monday morning but my support for the Pack.  Please don't let me down this year.


Katie said...

They actually play the redskins next Sunday ;) That ecard cracks me up! Was it wrong that I was happy Clay hit Kapernick?!

Kristine said...

Thanks for linking up! I've still gotta get a link on my button... I'm a little unprepared... Oops? Haha.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

HAHAHAHAH I love it! Thanks for the shout out and linking up!

I think that was a shit call on Matthews. He was already in motion. Unfortunately I didn't see it live. I just really dislike the 49ers.

Claire said...

How much do you hate me if I say that as a Brit I've always thought American football players a bit wussy as it seems as though they play rugby but with helmets and padding... sorry!!

As a Scottish football (soccer) fan I can empathize with the moping and wallowing in sadness though ;-)

traci's mixed bag said...

ha ha I actually just posted about not caring about football. Lord knows, I've tried. If I did love Football the Packers would be one of the teams I'd root for. I love so many Packers fans.

Rachel said...

My team lost this weekend too :( Its only 1 game, its only 1 game (repeat) I found you through the football link up! Have a nice week!

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