Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yes, It is all about me!

I am linking up with my favorite Domesticated Hygienist Kasey for the second go'round of "It's All About Me"

Well I know last time I did some random questions that I stole from Kasey.  But today I am doing some other randoms.  Most of them odd randoms.  So here we go.  Don't judge. :)

- I like the smell of skunk.  Don't get me wrong...I don't want to smell like one!  But I don't cringe when I smell it.
- I am terrified of car washes
- If I could have any job in the world, I would work with trees.  I don't know what I would do with them but I just love looking and learning about trees.
- I bought my first Golden Retriever without telling my fiance (now husband)
- When we decided to get a second dog (another Golden Retriever) we went to a farm and I realized it was the same place we got our first one.  Turns our they are actual half brother and sister.  It was a nice surprise.
- I had to wear headgear for a year.  Thankfully I only had to do it after to school.
- I never really liked my sisters until they left for college.  Now we are good friends.
- I have never had detention/got sent to the principles office in my life.
- I used to have my very own horse.  I lived in town but my parents had friends who had horses.  She was an Arabian and was named Dancer.
- I worked at McDonald's (ending up as a manager) for 7 years
- I don't like even numbers
- I can't spend the night alone. I need another adult in the house.
- I was originally going to be a Police Officer
- When I was pregnant the Swine Flue/H1N1 peaked.  I got the H1N1 shot and a girl at my work said by doing so I was giving my son autism.  And it was like smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day.
- My son was frank breech, that is why I needed a c-section.  While some pregnant ladies complained their unborn baby was using their bladder as a punching bag, my son was actually sitting on it!  His toes were by his head (which on the ultrasound he liked to suck). I didn't find this out till I was 36 weeks pregnant.

Now my two most embarrassing randoms:
- I used a night light till I was 13.  My sisters made me (really) watch Freddy Kruger and It (with the scary clown) when I was younger and it took me forever to get over it!
- I still call my parents mommy and daddy (or daddie as my dad spells it)  I know it is weird but I just never got out of the habit.


Sonya Marie said...

Hahahahah I LOVED this post!!!! That's so awesome! I too, call my parents mommy and daddy. I also got the H1N1 shot. woops :) And golden retrievers are THE dog to have :D

Kasey said...

- I have never had detention/got sent to the principles office in my life.

HA! I can't say that! I practically had detention every day in HS because I had study hall 1st hour and was late every day. :-P Really? It's just study hall.

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