Monday, April 1, 2013

Birth Story Part one'ish

...I accidentally added 'y' to 'part' to make it party.  Ha.

So this part of the birth story is actually not the birth.   My story starts around 36 weeks.

My 36 week appointment was a two-parter.   First we met a with a maternity counselor to go over our birth plan and take the Group B Strep (that one is sooo not fun).   

She asked about bathing the baby after birth, Guss cutting the cord, pain medication, etc.   Then she examined my belly.  

Two minutes later we were in the Ultrasound room.  Since I had Gestational Diabetes I got one more ultrasound than I should.  The only high point of that situation.  We were excited to see our baby boy moving around again but after 30 seconds she got a little quiet.   Then she tells us, looks like your baby is upside down! 

The last hour with the maternity counselor went out the window, totally wasted time.   

The surprising thing?  I wasn't shocked.  It actually all made sense now.   I never imagined my self having a vaginal birth.  I just never did.   And then I started to realize...that's why I only felt movements on my right side.   Duh.  That is why I am peeing every 5 minutes.  He is literally sitting on my bladder.  

The doctor told us that the baby was actually frank breech, not the most common breech/upside down position.   Here are 2 creepy pictures of what that means. (and if you really want to freak yourself out google frank breech and look at the pictures)

Our doctor gave us the option...external version or c-section?  Thankfully he gave us a few days to think about it so I could figure things out.

External version?  Extremely painful.  They literally move your baby, using their hands, on the outside of your body.  Plus, it's a 50/50 chance the baby could move back, 50/50 it wouldn't work, and I would have to be admitted because it can force labor. thank you.

So we scheduled our c-section.  And that part comes tomorrow, including how I spent my last day knowing it was my last day before having a baby.

Also some random notes on the this post.

* A great thing about having a breech baby...never having to get internal exams in the later weeks of pregnancy.

* I believe I was given the diabetes because Mason was breech.  If I didn't have it, I wouldn't have had that extra ultrasound.  My doctor admitted he couldn't tell he was breech and neither did the maternity counselor 5 minutes before that ultrasound. 

* I thought of if I had lived in older times.   I don't think I would have survived labor having had trying to give birth to a frank breech baby.   

Good times.   :)


Renee said...

Crap that looks like it could've been painful!!! (and yeah, then there's the whole fatal part!) I'm loving this recap your doing!!

Kasey said...

I think I would have opted for a c-section too! Yikes.

But yay for no internal checks. I had one this week and OMG, I could do without. Also, it made me question how I will ever handle labor and delivery. haha!

Can't wait to read the rest! I love birth stories. ;-)

jessica renee said...

oh my gosh I've never even heard of frank breech! It's crazy to think about having had him like that in the old days. Scary thought!! And yes, yay for no internal checks. I think I only had one actually and that was enough to last me. Also, crazy that you said you never saw yourself having a vaginal birth. I didn't either! I knew it's "probably" what I'd have to do but I wasn't mentally prepared to actually do it - good thing I ended up with a C-section I guess. ha

Mason's Mama said...

Haha, totally something I would do (adding the Y to part). I love reading birth stories. Thank you for sharing yours!! I’ve never heard of “Frank Breech” but best believe I googled it after reading your post. Wow!

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