Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never Ever EVER ...

Linking up today with Neely's one day link-up:

I would never ever EVER say...

Let me mow the lawn

I can sing better than you.

no, no...one glass of wine is fine.

Coffee?  disgusting!

Oh yay!  More snow!!!

Let me get that poopy diaper.

Sure, I don't need Internet on my phone.   

Let's get rid of the TV!!!

I want 5 kids!

More chocolate!

I would love to give a speech!

... I am sure there are a bunch more I would never say but I'm just getting over a stomach virus (thank you Guss & Mason) so I'm more lazy than usual.   Anyways have a great Tuesday!   And I'm excited to read other people "never ever evers" 


Amanda said...

Haha!! I'm a terrible singer, so I definitely agree with you on that one!

Suze said...

Fun link up!

I agree with most of those. Especially the lawn. Unfortunately my husband feels the same way...

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