Monday, April 1, 2013

Flashback to my Bump

This week on the blog is Baby "no-I'm-not-pregnant-in-honor-of-Mason's-birthday" Week! whew.

* warning - a few of these weeks posts are quite lengthy * 

I didn't have this blog when I was pregnant so I never got to show updates or bump pics.  So since Mason is turning 3 (picture me crying in a corner) Friday, I figured I would share some things.

The first blog I ever had was for my pregnancy but it was for family.  If you really like this kind of stuff you can read all the posts here.

Alright here we go....

I have seen this a lot on people's blogs (changed to fit me) -

Maternity clothes? I loved maternity

 clothes.  Maternity jeans?  best thing 

ever.  I won't lie, I used them till up to

 a year after having Mason.  they are 

sweats that look like jeans.

Stretch marks? Oh yeah.  I'm not one

 of those fortunate ones.   My sister 

during her 2nd pregnancy finally got

 some and isn't half bad as the ones I

 have now.  Bitch.

Sleep? Sucked.  I had to pee

 constantly.  I would literally go to the

 bathroom, walk out and turn around

 and walk right back in.   At one point I

 slept in a recliner.   It was horrible.

Miss anything? Totally missed

 drinking.  Not going to lie.

Movement? Loved it at first...and then

 since he was HUGE I thought he was

 going to bust out of my stomach.

Food cravings? Non-pregnant?   I lean

 toward salty 


 sugar, sugar.  Cookies, Ice Cream,

 Cinnamon Rolls.

Anything making you queasy or

 sick? First trimester I barely ate at all.

Nothing sounded good.  Then the things

 I still can't eat after having Mason?

  Sun-dried tomatoes.   They still make

 me nausea. 

Labor Signs? I had maybe one or two

 Braxton Hicks...other than that I never

 had labor signs.

Wedding rings on or off? Off. I didn't

 want to risk them being cut off so I

 nixed them second trimester.

Mood? Exhausted and clingy.  I am not 

a cuddle person but while pregnant I

 drove Guss crazy by clinging to him.


Some important notes of my pregnancy.

* Gestational diabetes.  Not going to sucks.  Especially if you are

  pregnant girl who craves sweets.  

* Around 36 weeks we discovered Mason was breech.    We were offered an external version but opted out.  I heard it was super painful and not even guaranteed.   And (as you will read in my birth story) he was too big anyways.

* We had three names ready to go - Emerson, Weston, and Mason.    I still love Emerson and always have and I didn't like the nickname Wes.

Now, some bump pictures

 17 Weeks

 19 Week ultrasound.  He looks like a kangaroo!

 22 Weeks

 26 Weeks

 32 Weeks - totally popped.

 35 Weeks

38 Weeks

39 Weeks.  The morning he was born.

Things I don't miss about being pregnant:  * hormones * constipation * horrible acid in the throat * the diabetes * tired * out of breath easy * gigantic boobs * not being able to drink or eat certain things.

Things I miss: * his (non-painful) movements * ultrasounds/heartbeat * people being nice to me (helping you and giving you exceptions) * before the diabetes, eating what I wanted.

Tomorrow...Birth Story Part I.    Mine is a bit unique because I had a scheduled C-Section.   Come back!   :)


Anuverma said...
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Smith Diano said...
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Kasey said...

Cuuute belly pics! Weston was our boy name! :-)

jessica renee said...

I love love this post!!! It's so cool to go back and see where that cute boy started ;) Coming from an already big boobed girl, the big boobs of pregnancy are pretty bad. Oh, the pain. I don't miss that either. ha Can't wait to read the birth story!!

Mason's Mama said...

I like this idea – baby week!! Your baby bump was so cute!!

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