Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Tattoo & Vacation

Hello:   Well first things first...Starting Sunday I'm off on vacation.   I'll let this conversation from "Modern Family" tell you where I'm going.

Cameron : Maybe we should go away. You know, go someplace to heal.
Mitchell : Where?
Cameron : Well, someplace with a vibrant theater scene... Top-notch restaurants... The jewel of Missouri's white river.
Mitchell : We're not going to Branson.

Well actually...I am.  Mason & I are joining my parents at their timeshare.   Besides the neighboring Minnesota, this will be Mason's first trip out of the state.

Since I will be gone I will only be posting twice next week.   But actually it won't be me...Guss will be guest posting.   And it will give you a clear look at our very weird relationship.


However before that I have to share this. When I started the "Everyday in May"  challenge (which I did fail) I was most excited for this topic.   Awhile a go I mentioned on instagram and here I got my third tattoo.   

So the subject:  React to the term "letting go".

I actually got his tattoo a month before I even saw this but knew it would be the perfect time to finally show you what I got.

* Below is a picture of my tattoo.  It is on the side of my right foot.   I hate hate feet.   I'm not super grossed out by them but really, who needs to see your feet?  Not me.   But I had to show an example...

(Also I need to get it touched up.  Since the text was so thin, when it was healing/scabbing (ew) over it lost some of the letters...thankfully touch ups are free) 

Now finally the reason why I got it:

A few years a go I was in therapy, mostly for my worrying and co-dependency.   One of the most vivid things I remember from these sessions were letting go.   

My therapist walks in and throws a pillow on the floor.   She proceeds to tell me the pillow is her problems.   I can listen to it, feel for her, but when the conversation is over, do I pick it up?  Or just leave her problems there sitting on the floor.

Previously I was always picking that pillow up,   carrying someone else's problems with me.  Having that visual really made me realize, I can't do that.  I need to let go.

Let it all go...everyone else's feelings and problems.  I have enough of my own, I need to let go of what other people are throwing my way.

It is some of the best advice I have ever gotten and that is why it is now permanently on my body.   A message I need to remember and believe in.


Renee said...

LOVE your tattoo!! And it's sooooo true!! Looking forward to reading your 'guest posts'! Have an Awesome time away!!

Meghan said...

I hope you have an awesome trip! And I love the tattoo. Letting go is so difficult, but it's cool that you have that constant reminder!

Suze said...

MIRANDA. Branson is the most magical place. I freaking love it! We were down really close to there last weekend. And I think we're going down there again soon. Have a marvelous time! Will you drive through St. Louis to get there? If so, wave hi to me :)

Love your tattoo but even more, the meaning. Beautiful.

Lisa said...

Love it! Simple but has so much meaning!

Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

I love this post, and your tatto! Such beautiful script.

I've had to learn to let go also, and it's tough. But I feel more overall relaxed!

jessica said...

I love your tattoo and especially love the meaning behind it!! I feel like you and I have so much in common when it comes to those kinds of issues. I truly need to learn how to let go too but that's gonna take some time and major hard work on my end. lol :)

Brittany said...

I have been to Branson once, it was so fun!! Have a great trip!

And I love your tattoo :)

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