Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where I Share Some Obscure Songs That Bring Back Memories

Hello ya'll.   Today is a subject I   I'm not a singer (except for those 5 years in choir) and I don't play any instruments but music is still important to me.  

So, 5 songs that speak to you or bring back memories.  I of course just didn't choose 5 and I have some obscure songs for you to enjoy :)

This song reminds me of my childhood.   My parents had what we call now "oldies" cassette tapes and whenever I heard this song I would run and hide because I was embarrassed.   Mostly because the lyrics go "Come on down Miranda...".  and in my weird child brain this embarrassed me.  Now I love it because their aren't many songs with my name in it.


Around the time I was 13 and 14 I was friends with a girl who my parents didn't really think was a good influence.  She moved back to her hometown and I would visit her...however this town, kind of dangerous.  That was the first time I drank alcohol (shhh don't tell my parents) and I was subjected to a lot of things a girl my age should never have to.  However I do have good memories and my friend and I would dance around the living room singing this "new" song. 

Ok this literally came out around the time I was graduating.   And it was a big hit...and even though it is super cheesy it does make a little sad.

So over the years Guss & I had some "us" songs.   Some embarrassing ones (cough - Mandy Moore I wanna be with you - cough)   But this was our wedding song.   Kind of a weird song for your first dance but I have always loved it and spoke to me.

Another random song...if you listen to techno then you might have heard of this song.   When I studied abroad in Germany, in the clubs they would play American music and then a ton of techno.   This one became big in our small group of students and we would "Put our hands up"  all over Europe...below is us in Prague. (surprisingly none of us are from Detroit)

I've shared this song a bunch but when I think about having a son, this definitely speaks to me.

And finally this is a general song for "carrying on".   I love Fun. and their lyrics and I am super excited to see them in concert in June!!!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love me some Skynard!

Suze said...

OH man, that Vitamin C song brings back lots of memories for sure.

And I am loving Carry On.

Katie said...

Yeah for fun! Can't wait!

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