Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grammys - A Bit Late

The Grammys this year I think turned out pretty good.  (Except that hideous Chris Brown performance - which caused this disgusting thing on twitter)

However the Grammys were especially awesome for people who live in a medium-sized (it's medium for WI) town in Wisconsin.  Because the indie-rock band Bon Iver won two Grammys!  One for Best New Artist where Justin Vernon (the lead singer) made an awkward speech.  But it was still awesome.  Because then halfway through he thanked the town I live in!  (We also graduated from the same University)  Anyways...I know a lot of people haven't heard of them and it was somewhat of an upset but I like it!  Below, if you are interested, is the speech. 

Ok a quick run down of some performance:

Beach Boys/Maroon 5/Foster the People:  I actually loved this but that's because I grew up watching Full House and Uncle Jesse played with the Beach I love oldies.

Taylor Swift:  Her performance made my husband say these exact words "Dammit Taylor, you're making me think you're hot"...he's a weirdo, I know.

Bruno Mars:  I thought it was a good performance...And his hairstyle always cracks me up.

Adele:  I of course loved it and was happy it wasn't horrible after her throat surgery but did anyone else think she sang in a lower key or just lower overall?  It just seemed different.  

Jennifer Hudson:  While she did an awesome job of covering Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You", I believe no one will ever sing it better than Whitney herself.

...And one more thing about the lady of the night - Adele.  I think she totally deserved all her Grammys.  Her album and voice are amazing.  The thing is I really liked other people who were nominated.  And I couldn't help but think when they found out they were nominated against Adele, they were like "shit".  Because they knew they were going to lose.  And sure enough they did.  

Worst Dressed
Robyn:  I can't stand those shoes...
Nicki Minaj:  i feel like she was trying to hard to be weird
Fergie:  To tell you the truth, if it wouldn't have been see through and just had an orange lining it might have been really cool.  But ew.
Adele:  Maybe just because I have a major girl crush on her but I think this a beautiful simple dress.  I agree with some people who say she could dress younger, but this dress isn't bad at all.
Katy Perry:  I actually love this dress.  It is definitely a dress I think only Katy Perry could pull off though.  And I might not be in the majority here, but I actually like the blue hair.  She can pull it off.  (However I wasn't a fan of the crimped/frizzy style from her performance)
So there you have it.  Do you agree with my dress choices?  But the biggest question I really want to know from you...have you ever heard of Bon Iver?  Do you think they deserved Best New Artist?

P.S.  Friday is the Fridge Link Up  -  It will be fun :)


Katie said...

I thought Katy Perry looked good in this dress as well! Also I liked the dress that Adele wore when she accepted he award :)

Alana Christine said...

I love Adele--she definitely deserved everything!
Katy Perry looked great!
I can't believe Carrie didn't make the best dressed look, though!

Monica said...

I agree Katy Perry looked great with the hair and that dress! Ooh gosh I bet people were definitely down when they found out they were up against her!

Recently Roached said...

I love Bon Iver, but yeah... awkward speech.
And NM is a nut job who needs to know that Gaga already happened. I think KP is so pretty, I wish she wouldn't dye her hair such insane colors.

Barbie said...

As other people have said, NM, is trying way to hard to be weird, and it's just annoying. I think Adele deserved all of the awards she got. (Hi she can actually sing!) As for Bon Iver...I love his music, his speech was clearly awkward, but I think he deserved it. A good song from him I recommend is Skinny Love, if you ever get the chance to listen :)

LC said...

Nicki is just beyond crazy! Her whole look & performance was weird! lol

Cheyla Marie said...

I love Adele!! But who doesn't? I've never heard of Bon Ivor, but that's pretty cool they're from your town!!

Mallory said...

I loved the Beach Boys performance too. I especially loved the Foster the People cover part of it.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i def. think adele was best dressed, too!

and i had no idea you lived in eau claire! one of my best friends, erica, is from there. i texted her during justin vernon's acceptance speech.

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